Is LootBear Legit? [LootBear Review and Code] | TGG

Is LootBear Legit? [LootBear Review and Code]

Is LootBear a safe platform to trade CS:GO related items? We have reviewed it already to help you!
Is LootBear Legit? [LootBear Review and Code]

Is LootBear Safe To Use?

LootBear is 100% a safe and legit website for buying/selling CS:GO skins. They are most famous for renting, where you can borrow skins and use them in-game for however long you wish.

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5/ 5

Lootbear's unique renting system is cool but we do not recommend the site as a marketplace where you can buy and sell skins.

User Experience
4/ 5
4/ 5
Payment Options
5/ 5
Item Variability
5/ 5
2/ 5
2/ 5
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Loot Bear Promo Code

Before you decide to start buying or renting from LootBear, take advantage of this promo code we have offered - “TGGLOOT” - Which provides a 10 day free trial to rent any skins you want for free.

This offer allows you to experience the uniqueness of LootBear and if it is something that you would enjoy for the future without having to pay expensive fees.

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Reputation (3/5)

Although LootBear is trusted by many Youtubers and gamers, it is definitely not the number one pick. The popularity is just not as high, it has also been decreasing in value over time due to the lack of reliability when it comes to rentals.

Even though renting is LootBears most popular feature, buying and selling is also extremely preferred among gamers. Lootbear just doesn't have the flow of trading that other more successful markets have, such as SkinPort or Dmarket thus bringing their reputation ultimately lower than average.

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Price (2/5)

When it comes to purchasing a skin, the prices can definitely be a bit higher than some other competing markets.

For instance we tested and compared to competing markets such as and and the prices were way cheaper and worth more value than in LootBear. To add, LootBear has a 3% buy-fee and a 10% Crypto buy-fee, while other marketplaces have 0%.

Renting is pretty expensive through this site, especially if you decide you do not like this feature. They make you commit to months or even a year of subscription, which can become frustrating if you are unsure of the idea of renting.

If you are renting out your skins on LootBear, you will only receive a 3% profit to your investments. So if you rent an item worth 100 on the market you will get 3 a month (if it is even rented for that long).

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Item Variability (2/5)

The items available in LootBear can be very valuable and expensive, but have a very limited quantity when it comes to cheaper and more common items. Nonetheless, it can be a good place to look for some valuable items to add to your inventory.

We have tested and searched for different options of skins on LootBear compared to other competitors, and this website has a decent amount of variety, but low source of inventory. Since buying and selling isn't their main business model, this is expected to be the case.

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User Experience (2/5)

LootBear has a very attractive UI. We have tested it ourselves and it is easy to sign up, but has a very complex navigation for buying so it is overwhelming to view.

The only step you need to take to create the account is username and password.

Here you see they put your cart of purchase above what you are searching, with no way of finalizing order easily.

According to what we experienced, instead of trying really hard to make the website different to be unique, they could make this much less complicated for a simple transaction.

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Customer Support (3/5)

We have tested the Support Service on LootBear and we waited for a response within 3 hours (as they promised under 2 hours).

While you wait they will send a Bot to assist, which defeats the purpose of connecting with a live agent, but if it is a simple problem it could help much quicker. They only respond during the weekdays, and rarely on the weekends. There have been multiple reviews in which people have complained about the support, in not fixing issues or taking a long time to respond (as we experienced as well).

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Payment Options (3/5)

LootBear is a little tricky when it comes to payment options. It is not allowed to use prepaid cards, and they will decline using your card if it does not match their policies. It could cause some issues, which is why taking two points from 5 would make sense in this situation.

With this, the only payout option is Paypal if you are trying to sell or rent out your skins. But, if you are looking into purchasing, the options are much more broad. Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ethereum or even Litecoin can be used as payment methods.

One thing to keep in mind though as you can see they charge a 3% processing fee for purchases, and a 10% Crypto fee (making most payment options really not worth it).

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Although LootBear is not the best buy/sell marketplace for skins (with a 3% buy-fee), it stands out with its unique rental business model.

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