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Is Luckbox Legit [LuckBox Esports Review]

We tested Luckbox and can confidently say that it's a legit esports betting sites, with great promotions and bonus codes.

Updated on Dec 25, 2022
Is Luckbox Legit [LuckBox Esports Review]

Is Luckbox Legit?

Luckbox is an entirely safe esports bookmaker. It’s associated with Real Luck Group Ltd, which is a business founded in the US.

Luckbox also fully legally, and it has a legitimate gambling license. Moreover, the website comes with a Valid Padlock (SSL) which means that all the communication between the server and your computer will be encrypted.

Luckbox has not yet gained as much popularity as its competitors, but this is also because it is relatively new on the market, plus it does not have any additional gambling features such as a typical online casino; it’s just a bookmaker.

But, is it “just” a bookmaker, or maybe Luckbox is actually much more than that, and we can expect it to grow bigger in the esports betting market? Be sure to check out the rest of our review to see what we think about it!

4 / 5

Luckbox is a growing eSports betting platform that is worth considering when planning your next bet.

Reputation & Safety
4 / 5
Odds & Betting Features
3.5 / 5
Bonus Offer
5 / 5
User Experience
4.5 / 5
3 / 5
Deposits & Withdrawals
4 / 5

Reputation & Safety (4/5)

As we mentioned, Luckbox is a reasonably new esports betting site on the market, and not many users have commented on it online. It has fairly low website traffic, few ratings on Trustpilot, and most of the internet reviews seem unreliable. However, the real ones all seemed to be satisfied. 

Luckbox Reputation

For now, it is difficult for us to speak for other users, but we quite like the site, and we do not see any reasons to believe that it is unsafe. When we betted on it, everything worked smoothly and it felt much safer than NoxWin.


Odds & Betting Features (3.5/5)

Again, Luckbox is pretty fresh to the esports betting market, so the odds are not very attractive due to low popularity. There are other sites with a better offer, including Rivalry, Marathonbet, BetOnline, and Midnite.

Luckbox Odds

You can find the most interesting and best odds in the CSGO section, but that's not surprising - after all, it's the esports title that has the most prominent past when it comes to betting. And its Halo section wasn't disappointing either.

But when it comes to other games, we are a bit disappointed, especially in League of Legends and Dota. Sure, they cover all the essential eSports events, but you'll often find better odds eSports betting platforms with a larger user base. 

However, we really like the live betting feature and think it is done exactly the way it should be. Still, it would be much better if the site had slightly more users to make the process even more intense and give us the excitement we want to have when we bet on our favorite team.


Bonus Offer (5/5)

Luckbox offers a welcome bonus that allows you to double your first deposit. All you need to do to claim it is enter the code "GLHF" before your first deposit

Luckbox Bonus Terms

Note that the maximum amount we can get in this bonus is €100. Not many esports betting platforms opt for such an extreme bonus, and maybe this is what will help the site gather some users. This is a very attractive bonus, and we can't give a rating other than 5/5.


User Experience (4.5/5)

The first thing that caught our eye is the long registration process where we have to provide a lot of private information, such as our exact home address and phone number, but still, it's probably due to legal regulations rather than bad intentions. 

Luckbox UI

There is no option to sign in via social media or Steam; email is the only register option available. However, we have to admit that Luckbox meets most of the standards we expect from a betting site. The user interface is super clear, and most features are available right at hand. It's hard to get lost there, and this modern design makes the website very pleasant to use. One minus is the lack of a mobile app, but as far as we know, they're working on it. 

All in all, Luckbox offers a solid user experience that cam compare with the likes of


Customer Support (3/5)

Luckbox customer support is not working as well as claims. They supposedly have a live chat, but it's hard to get an answer on it. After a long wait, the site redirects you to write an email with your query, to which we also had to wait for a little over 24 hours. 

Luckbox Support

So, we don't like it, and that's something we'll take away 2 rating points for. Luckily, they have a pretty extensive FAQ section that is actually very well done and should help you solve most of your problems. Luckbox still does some things right, but it's not quite at the level of LOOT.BET, Dafabet, or BetCoin.


Deposits & Withdrawals (4/5)

Luckbox supports a total of 12 payment options, and actually, the only thing missing there is PayPal (we know it’s very difficult to get PayPal as a betting site) like CSGORoll, 10bet, or CSGO500.

They may not be G2A Pay standards, like on BitSkins, but it still looks pretty good. We like that they support PaySafeCard, especially since it is a popular payment method among the gaming community. It is worth mentioning that the deposit to Luckbox is almost instant, whereas, for a withdrawal, we have to wait up to a few days, which is also a slight minus.


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