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Is Midnite Legit? [Midnite Esports Review]

We tested, reviewed, and found the best promotions and Bonus Codes for Midnite!
Is Midnite Legit? [Midnite Esports Review]

Is Midnite Legit?

Midnite is a completely legit sports and esports bookmaker and a strong project that is here to stay. Here are four reasons why we can confidently say that Midnite is a legit bookie:

  • Midnite is operated by Dribble Media Limited (a legit business in the United Kingdom).
  • Midnite is licenced and regulated by the Gambling Commission (licence number 42647).
  • The site has been operating since 2019.
  • According to similarweb, Midnite has over 45k monthly visits.

4.3 / 5

Midnite is an excellent online esports bookmaker that won’t leave any esports bettor disappointed.

Bonus & Promotions
3.5 / 5
Reputation & Safety
5 / 5
Odds & Betting Features
4.5 / 5
User Experience
4.5 / 5
4 / 5
Deposits & Withdrawal
4 / 5

If you're wondering whether Midnite is legit, our answer is a resounding YES. Although a relatively new name in the esports betting scene, this bookie has quickly gained serious traction and is by many standards one of the best esports bookies available.

The people behind the project clearly know what esports bettors want and provide all that with utmost professionalism. But besides the quality of the service Midnite can provide, it's also a respected brand in the esports world.

Midnite Royal Ravens.

It holds a highly reputable Gambling Commission betting licence and is the official sponsor of the Call of Duty league franchise, London Royal Ravens. Moreover, some of the brands which invested in Midnite include Makers Fund, VENREX, RAINE, and even Betfair. We will go into more detail about Midnite and why we believe this is a great esports bookie, but to kick off our review, we can confidently say that Midnite is a perfectly legit esports bookmaker!


Welcome Bonus and the Best Promo Codes

Midnite has a welcome bonus ready for all new users in the form of "Bet £20 Get £20", which works as it sounds. All new users are eligible for the £20 free betting funds if they deposit at least £20 and use the money to bet on an accumulator with at least four legs and a minimum odds of 3.0.

Midnite welcome bonus.

It's as easy as that, with no string attached. You don't even need a code since the bonus instantly gets credited to your betting account. It's also worth noting that the bonus also works with EUR (€) and USD ($), and you can access it by visiting Midnite via our link below!


Midnite Bonus & Promotions (3.5/5)

Midnite's welcome bonus is solid, but it's nothing new, as many esports betting sites provide the same. We wouldn't even say it's very good due to its requirements, but it's still decent enough for it to get a pass.

Mindite promotions.

Unfortunately, the welcome bonus is also the only bonus you can expect to get from Midnite. We could not find any other bonuses or promotions during our testing, which was very disappointing, especially knowing that there were big esports tournaments running at the time, and most other esports bookies had special offers for them.

As an esports bookie, Midnite should have done a much better job providing more bonuses and promotions for its users, and there is no excuse for it not to do it. So if you're after an esports bookmaker that can offer you a great rewards program, ThunderPick might be a better choice.

That said, we have to talk about Midnite's CashMode.


Midnite's CashMode is an innovative product that creates challenges for gamers to compete in and win cash prizes, which you can then use for betting on the site. It provides a unique experience for esports fans and is definitely a nice addition, proving that Midnite is more than just an esports bookmaker but a hub for gamers.

Midnite CashMode.

The idea behind CashMode is simple – Midnite gives players a space to add an extra challenge to their favourite game and have a chance to win prizes. On the site, you will find a number of challenges you must complete, and if you're successful, you can earn free betting money on the site. Basically, you're getting free money for being good at playing the game you like and there is no RNG involved – it's all about your individual skill.

Midnite challengers.

Currently, Midnite is offering challenges for Call of Duty: Warzone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends. But it plans to expand the offer further to cover more games and esports titles.

CashMode is perfect for anyone who wants to have a shot at winning something while playing their favourite game and even those highly-competitive gamers who want to test their skills against one another. It's a great addition, and it does add a bit more value to your betting experience, but it definitely doesn't compensate for the lack of other bonuses and promotions. Still, since it's a unique project, it will bump our rating up a bit higher.


Reputation & Safety (5/5)

Midnite has a very mixed reputation if you look at the online review sites. It's rated at 3.7/5, which is still pretty decent, but it's not great, so we have to touch on it a bit.

Midnite rating.

Midnite has solid reviews for the most part, with people stating they like this esports bookie and that they have no issues using it. The negative reviews on the site, on the other side, are mostly people complaining they did not get the advertised welcome bonus. Note that these negative reviews are old and have been made shortly after Midnite started operating – so our best guess is that Mdinte was having issues with the system at the time.

Since the initial reports of customers not getting their welcome bonus, we have found none that would complain about the same thing, meaning Midnite has fixed the issue that is holding its overall rating down. So by looking at only the most recent online reviews, most are either five-star or four-star ratings.

Despite its somewhat mixed online reviews, Midnite has a solid reputation in the esports world and in the gambling industry. It's an official sponsor of the London Royal Ravens and has received investments from prominent businesses, including VENREX, RAINE, Makers Fund, and even the world's largest online betting exchange, Betfair.

Midnite licence.

Moreover, the company behind Midnite, Dribble Media Limited, is licenced and regulated in Great Britain by the UK Gambling Commission (no.42647). That alone is enough to recognise Midnite as a legitimate and safe esports bookmaker, largely because the UK Gambling Commission is one of the most reputable gambling licencing authorities globally, with a no-nonsense approach to online gambling.

Getting licenced by the UK Gambling Commission is tough, and if a bookie manages to keep ahold of the licence, it's a strong testament to the quality of its service, which has to be of the very highest industry standard.

If an esports bookie owns the UK Gambling Commission, that's reason enough for us to give it our stamp of approval. But there are far more reasons as to why we consider Midnite a legal and safe bookmaker.


Esports Markets and Odds & Betting Features (4.5/5)

Midnite's offer of esports betting markets is very solid and is as good as you would expect from a bookie that advertises itself as an esports betting site. It covers all of the most popular esports titles, including CS:GO, LoL, CoD, Dota 2, Valorant. Rocket League. Rainbow Six, Overwatch, StarCraft, Halo, Wild Rift, and even FIFA and NBA2k.

Midnite esports.

With such an offer, Midnite trumps most other esports betting sites, and the only other esports bookie we could find with an offer as good is Rivalry, which says a lot. Moreover, Midnite also has a very generous selection of different bet types you can use to bet on your favourite games. Midnite has it all, from moneyline, handicaps,  totals, and even promotion bets.

Even the offered betting odds are very competitive and much better than most other esports betting sites. For example, in comparison to 1Bet, Midnite has substantially better odds across all esports titles, while its odds proved to be very similar to that of Buff.Bet.

Midnite live betting.

Live betting is also available on Midnite, and the offer of in-play is surprisingly good. Unfortunately, there are no live streams of the games, which is highly disappointing. Since Midnite does not have live streaming options available, we can't give it a five-star rating, but since its offer is nothing short of excellent in all other departments, we will only deduct half a point.


CS:GO Betting

If you're a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive bettor, you won't be disappointed with Midnite. This esports bookie does a great job covering all CS:GO tournaments and matches and does so surprisingly well.

Midnite CS:GO.

Not only are there enough tournaments to bet on, but the offer of betting markets on individual matches is nothing short of excellent. Admittedly, matches played in some minor Tier-3 tournaments will have fewer betting options, yet even those will have enough for you to bet on whatever you want.

All in all, Midnite is a great esports bookie for any CS:GO fans and those who want to bet on it.


Dota 2 Betting

Just like Midnite's coverage of CS:GO, the Dota 2 offer is superb. During our testing, we couldn't find a single Dota 2 tournament missing from the list of available betting markets and we don't have any complaints about the available bet types either.

Midnite Dota 2.

Admittedly, we couldn't find any proposition bets on Dota 2, which is not great, but the most popular bet types are all available, and the quality of the odds is very good, so we can let the lack of props slide.


LoL Betting

We have nothing bad to say about betting on League of Legends at Midnite. This esports bookie covers all major and minor LoL tournaments and has available odds on all matches you could ever desire.

Midnite LoL.

Some academy leagues from minor leagues might be missing, but realistically, how many people bet on those, and furthermore, how many other esports bookies actually provide odds for those leagues? Instead of quantity, Midnite focuses on quality which comes in form of competitive odds and deep betting markets.

So is Midnite's offer of LoL perfect? No. But it's excellent nonetheless.

It's important to note that even though we have only touched on CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2, Midnite covers way more esports titles - including  CoD, Valorant. Rocket League. Rainbow Six, Overwatch, StarCraft, Halo, Wild Rift, FIFA, and NBA2k, rounding up a list of all popular esports titles.


User Experience (4.5/5)

The user experience on Midnite is as close to perfect as it can get. The website works surprisingly fast and is responsive and stable. Moreover, it's well-designed, clean and very simple to use.

Midnite site.

Midnite has no special features that would make it stand out from the rest, and that's completely fine. This is an esports betting site, and it does what you would expect from one – it allows you to bet on esports fast and efficiently, and that's all you can ask from it.

As mentioned above, Midnite does not provide live streaming options, but there's an asterisk to that. Even though you won't be able to find live streams on the desktop website, you can watch live games via a mobile betting device, which Midnite has available for iOS and Android devices.

Midnite mobile app.

We tested the app, and we must say that we were impressed. The mobile app shares many similarities to the desktop site, mainly its simplicity and ease of use, and it wouldn't be too far from the truth to say that perhaps betting on Midnite via the app might even improve your experience. But to each their own.

All in all, Midnite is an excellent betting site that will provide you with everything you could wish in an esports bookie. But since it is missing live streams on the desktop site, we are deducting half a point.


Customer Support (4/5)

Midnite has done a fine job setting up its customer support, offering four different ways for you to contact its agents – either via email, Twitter, Discord, or by using the live chat feature available on the site. We must note, however, that live chat does not work during the weekend and is not available 24 hours a day.

Midnite customer support.

That is somewhat disappointing, but we have found that the Discord server is active 24/7, so you can always leave your question there and get an answer from another user or any of the Discord support agents.

Having 24/7 customer support available has become an industry-standard, so we can’t give Midnite a high rating for its customer support department without it. But besides that, we have not found anything that we didn’t like. The support agents respond quickly and with accurate and professional answers, and that’s all you can wish for.


Deposits & Withdrawal Options (4/5)

Midnite has a solid banking department, allowing you to efficiently, fast, and safely move your money from and into your betting account. But unfortunately, it does now have as many deposit/withdrawal options as we would have liked to see.

During our testing, we have found only five different payment methods in VISA/MasterCard, PayPal, Trustly, Skrill, and NETELLER. Admittedly, those five are the most commonly used banking options among esports bettors, but it never hurts to have a bit more options.

Midnite banking.

On a more positive note, there are no transaction fees for any deposit/withdrawal options, the minimum limits are also fairly low (£/$/€5), and all deposits are instant. Withdrawal processing time may vary, but all withdrawals except for Trustly (24 hours) take a maximum of two hours.

Keeping with the theme "quality over quantity", Midnite has a solid banking department but without many banking options. Unfortunately, we would like to see more banking methods to give Midnite a higher rating, so we'll settle for 4/5 due to its speed, safety, and low limits.


If you’re looking for an excellent esports bookie that does what you would expect from an esports betting site while keeping it simple and light, Midnite is the site for you. We would recommend Midnite to anyone who wants to bet on esports, but remember that while betting can be fun, it can quickly become an addiction, so keep it within reason.
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