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Is MMOGAH Legit [MMOGAH Review]

We tested and reviewed MMOGAH to see if it's any good for your next gold shopping? Look into our review to find out!

Updated on Dec 25, 2022
Is MMOGAH Legit [MMOGAH Review]

Is MMOGAH Legit?

MMOGAH (not to be confused with MMOGA) is a legit platform and one of the most popular gold sellers out there. It has been running since 2006 and has gathered the approval of gamers from around the world (mainly due to attractive WoW gold prices). One important note is that you cannot confuse MMOGAH with MMOGA, as they’re two completely different websites. Make sure that you always use the correct URL, which is

4.5 / 5

MMOGAH is the place where you can buy World of Warcraft Gold, FIFA Coins, FFXIV Gil, or any kind of game currency for a reasonable price.

4 / 5
4 / 5
Item Variability
4 / 5
User Experience
4.5 / 5
5 / 5
Payment Methods
5 / 5

MMOGAH comes with a valid Padlock (SSL) which means that the communication between the browser and the server will be totally encrypted.


And if we look at MMOGAH's website traffic, considering how niche the site is, they boast an incredible number of monthly visitors. You can also find multiple threads on Reddit (like this one) that confirm MMOGAH's authenticity. 

Moreover, we tested the site, and the transaction went smoothly, and we received our in-game item

So, now that we know that MMOGAH is a safe and legit marketplace let’s find out if it’s worth using.


MMOGAH Coupon Code

The most popular coupon we found is the code "MMOGAH3" which gives you a discount of 3% on all products, and you can use it up to 3 times. However, MMOGAH theoretically offers more attractive coupon codes (up to 10%) for activities such as writing a review on Trustpilot and recording a video on YouTube; read more on their website. All you have to do to claim any of these MMOGAH coupon codes is:

  1. Create an account on MMOGAH.
  2. Select the product you want to buy and press the yellow "Buy now" button.
  3. Scroll to the bottom to get to the “Coupon” section.MMOGAH Coupon Code
  1. Enter your discount code and click "Apply"
  2. Done! Now just finish your transaction and enjoy the discount.


Reputation (4/5)

MMOGAH has an excellent reputation, primarily for its helpful customer service and instant transactions. Just look at its score on Trustpilot and the way MMOGAH handles poor reviews. The customer service representatives try to clear up any misunderstandings through prompt responses. 

MMOGAH Reputation

It's not that easy to create and maintain such a good reputation for over 15 years of operation, especially considering how many sites actually try to do the same thing as MMOGAH. So, if they manage to succeed, it must indicate that they are consistent in what they do and do it well. We have to give a little minus 0.5 because the reviews are a little inflated in our opinion because they get reviewed for a discount.


Prices (4/5)

To be honest, the prices on MMOGAH are pretty standard.  However, you should pay special attention to WoW Classic Gold, which has some attractive offers at the time of writing this article, and that’s what people often mention in their MMOGAH reviews. 

mmogah pricing

So, it's not the worst, but there are no fireworks either. However, it's relatively rare to find gold or other game items here above regular market prices — they're usually either average or somewhat lower. Keep in mind that for most payment options, you’ll pay an additional 5%.


Okay, so it might be worth being a buyer on MMOGAH, but what about being a seller? Well, it's not too bad as sellers are only charged a 10% fee, which is pretty standard. And of course, they only pay that 10% if the item is sold at all. 


Item Variability (4/5)

And when it comes to the item variability aspect.... well, it depends on what game we are talking about. The main reason MMOGAH is so popular is the game currencies, where the most popular are World of Warcraft gold and PoE orbs. However, it absolutely doesn't stop there! We can also purchase various game items, gold, player accounts, and services such as boosting (aka power leveling). 


The availability of all of these things is dependent on two aspects — the popularity of the particular game and market demands

For example, you will have no problem finding products for a popular game like League of Legends, but when it comes to more niche games (like Kronos or Warmane), well, it might not be so easy. Its item availability can easily compare to G2G or Z2U.


User Experience (4.5/5)

It's hard to get lost on MMOGAH. The user interface is incredibly clear, and the categorization system makes it easy to find the item we are looking for. We also did not encounter any lag while testing the website. The transaction process is also pretty straightforward; what we really like about MMOGAH is that you can often check the estimated waiting time for our purchased item or service.

MMOGAH Registration

Okay, but one thing we don’t like is that you have to provide your phone number during the registration process, and you can't go through it without doing so (regardless of the registration method). 

It may not be as big as sending your ID, but it's still annoying. Another thing to keep in mind when planning your MMOGAH shopping is that the minimum order value is $0.91.


Customer Service (5/5)

Customer support is probably the strongest part of MMOGAH. Let's be honest; customer support is an often neglected concern for gold selling websites. However, we have to admit that here MMOGAH provides top-quality service. 

They have a ticket system that works like... live chat. Seriously, they reply so fast, even faster than Bandit.CampBuffMarket, and ironically much faster than CSGOFast. And these are no bots; MMOGAH’s customer support is handled by real people.


Moreover, MMOGAH boasts an extensive FAQ section - similar to HellCase - with many articles that can help you solve your problem. But no wonder! During 15 years of the website's operation, users must have encountered some issues, and MMOGAH customer service must have found a solution for each of them. 

So they did, and that's why MMOGAH has managed to maintain such a good reputation all these years


Payment Methods (5/5)

MMOGAH supports G2A, a modern payment gateway that supports over 250 payment options. Credit card transactions, PayPal (Like Eneba, CSGORoll, RL.Exchange, and G2A), AliPay, Skrill, Wire Transfers, Crypto; basically anything you can imagine. 

MMOGAH Payment Options

However, note that each of these payment methods has a fee associated with it, which is essential to keep in mind when calculating the final price of your desired product.


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