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Is OffGamers Legit? [OffGamers Review]

We have tested and reviewed OffGamers thoroughly as a legitimate website!

Updated on Dec 27, 2022
Is OffGamers Legit? [OffGamers Review]

Is OffGamers Legit?

Yes, OffGamers is a legitimate online game store for PC Game and CD Keys, and Vouchers. They have been known to have store credit and digital gift cards like the google play gift card with great ways of payment methods. They also have some great deals on games and vouchers that many gamers trust and use. Some reasons we know that OffGamers is legit:

  • Gamers have used and reviewed OffGamers for buying game keys often from them
  • They are constantly updating their website and have a lot of buying traffic
  • OffGamers Global Pte. Ltd has been a long-standing company since 2004 in Singapore.

Check out the comments section on this reddit post for more info on Offgamers.

4.2 / 5

Online marketplace for game keys and vouchers

4 / 5
4 / 5
Item Variebility
4 / 5
User Experience
2 / 5
3 / 5
Payment Options
4 / 5

Reputation (4/5)

Although some have had a hard time navigating the website, OffGamers has been a popular pick among gamers. We have also tested game keys on this website, and they are 100% legitimate. Many gamers who have run into issues with OffGamers are usually struggling to simply check their email spam or are using a card that is not accepted. 

OffGamers Review

Since OffGamers is lacking on improved front-end visuals and marketing, most US gamers are skeptical of using OffGamers as opposed to European Gamers. Rest assured; all gamers are able to purchase from OffGamers. There have been many from the US who have also relied on it as a great place for cheap prices. 


Prices (4/5)

Prices for OffGamers are actually pretty decent for an online game store. Compared to its competitors, Lightfall + Annual Pass is offered as low as $68 which is actually one of the lowest offers for this specific game key. Compared to other websites like Green Man Gaming at $83 or G2A at $110.

OffGamers Review

Other than this, there are many different games that you can find for under $2 to add or try to your account. This is a great way to add games to your PC or console to give your Steam more worth or simply just want some small games to play (or even fun big games for really cheap!). 

Be cautious though, as, with any other online games store, some PC game CD Keys can be fraudulent. For further assistance in how to avoid scam site issues, contact their customer support team would be beneficial.


Item Variability (4/5)

Overall, OffGamers has a very large item variability making it one of the most popular globally used game stores. With well over 11,000 items for Game Keys, players also have the ability to purchase Game Cards and Mobile gaming offers for Google Play card or even iTunes in addition to in-game currency for PUBG Mobile.

OffGamers Review

We have found a few great options through OffGamers that other competing sites do not offer. Such as mobile and Google Play cards and Vouchers that are simply not offered on other websites such as Kinguin or Green Man Gaming


User Experience (2/5)

The OffGamers website is extremely frustrating to navigate. There are a lot of options that are not very well explained or made for users' ease of purchase. Many users have also experienced a frustrating amount of effort to complete the purchasing process. 

OffGamers Review

From our experience, there are many other websites that will make the users' experience much easier and quicker. Although most game key websites do require a lot of steps, OffGamers specifically is frustrating to navigate, and purchase. This would make sense why some even may consider the website with the scam sites, but they are simply an old experienced third party. 


Support (3/5)

We tested the support, and it took them around 5 minutes to respond. Opposed to other reviews from players who have actually struggled to get in touch with customer support. We are not sure why, but there have been frustrating problems with a lack of support. 

OffGamers Review

Payment Options (4/5)

OffGamers has many different payment methods giving it a fantastic review and one of the most positive highlights. A payment method that is most credible is Visa or even MasterCard are some of the top used cards for purchase. There are a few other options as well, as being a globally accepted website, this is essential. 

OffGamers Review

Overall, OffGamers is a great option to purchase games for cheap, although website navigation can be definitely improved. 


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