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Is a PlayStation Visa Credit Card Worth It? [PlayStation Card Review]

We have tested the Playstation Visa Credit Card and can tell you if it is worth getting!

Published on Nov 28, 2022
Is a PlayStation Visa Credit Card Worth It? [PlayStation Card Review]

Is a PlayStation Visa Credit Card Worth It?

For PlayStation gamers, the PlayStation Visa Credit Card can be worth it for its high reward rate for games. Although, it does have high transfer fees and no help with everyday expenses. The card is useful only for specific purchases of Sony products or in-game purchases. Reasons why we would not choose the PlayStation Visa Credit Card:

  • The card is only available for PlayStation players
  • High Credit Score with no intro APR percentage.
  • a 3% Foreign Fee
  • Extremely hard to earn intro rewards.
  • Unreliable bank affiliation with Comenity Bank
Card Available

Annual Fee

APRPoints Per $1
PlayStation Visa Credit0%26.99%5

PlayStation Credit
3 / 5

Rewards program for Sony tech and gaming features through credit card transactions

3 / 5
3 / 5
4 / 5
Reputation Among Gamers
2 / 5

Rewards (3/5)

Rewards are only available for Sony and PlayStation products. Meaning to redeem points is very limited to the rewards that are available. When it comes to the Sony rewards catalog online, there are a few items you can purchase such as:

  • Hardware
  • Games
  • PlayStation Online Store
  • PlayStation Plus Membership
  • Movies
  • Music
PlayStation Card Review

The most positives about this credit card are the number of points per $1. You earn 5 points per $1 spent, which gives you a higher chance to redeem points for larger products. The cash advance option though is not really worth it in our opinion (charging 5% if anything below $10). As well as there are plenty of gaming debit cards where you do not need to rely on a credit score and can make Sony purchases as well. 

PlayStation Card Review

Something that the PlayStation Visa Credit Card offers that most other cards do not is the ability to earn three times the amount of points using the card to pay internet and cable bills. For credit scores, internet and cable bills are extremely important, so make sure to not miss payments with this option. 

PlayStation Card Review

As a rewards credit card, the PlayStation Visa Credit Card is very limited. This could be great for gamers, but only for those with Sony purchases in mind would make the most profit. 


Fees (3/5)

Since there is no annual fee, the PlayStation Visa Credit Card seems like a good option for those who are looking to get their first credit card. Since this credit card is only available for specific purchases and only puts more rewards towards a handful of items, this helps not overspend for everyday things. Although, keep in mind all of the cash advance fees and purchase fees.

PlayStation Card Review

A frustration some users have had is their credit score. You must have at least a credit score of 670, along with an annual salary that supports owning a credit card. Some have had a lowered credit score using this card due to the bank not transferring funds correctly. Some have even experienced accounts being shut down for no reason. 

PlayStation Card Review

There is also a fee of $41 of any kind of overdue fee after 29 days. So, although there are no annual fees, you could end up in a lot of debt if you are not cautious on how you use this rewards credit card. Balance transfers for cash rewards can also come with a high fee, depending on your credit score.

PlayStation Card Review


Features (4/5)

The PlayStation Visa Credit Card has a few great features that can be used by the user. One of the best options is a mobile Sony Rewards App. This app allows users to have the ability to access their Card information and rewards instantly. A feature that all Credit Card users should make sure they have access to. 

PlayStation Card Review

Account opening is also quite easy for even new Credit Card holders. There have been many who had an account opening authorization with only a 624-credit score. A few other features for the PlayStation Credit Card are:

  • Personalized Card Design. Allowing users to design their credit cards from their favorite PlayStation video games. 
  • Earn Free Games. If you can complete the requirements of spending over $500, you could earn $75 in games. 
  • Temporary Shopping Pass. Once approved, Sony will send a temporary shopping pass to allow users to instantly start online shopping to gain rewards or make Sony purchases.

Overall, the features are useful and could be beneficial. As the Credit Card functions as really any other Credit Card option, these features make it feel specific for gamers.


Reputation Among Gamers (2/5)

Gamers have not had the best experience with this Credit Card. Not because of PlayStation, but more because of the bank associated. The bank, Comenity, has made a lot of mistakes on accounts, which has affected many users who were looking forward to using the card more often. Some have claimed they have not even received their rewards after completing purchases, which is a major problem. 

PlayStation Card Review

For young gamers, this credit card could put you into early credit problems, so it is wise to look into other card options that still benefit rewards to gaming and technology. There have been many reviews even through Reddit that have shown a lot of issues with having a credit card for only one console type. 

PlayStation Card Review


The PlayStation Visa Credit Card is great for gamers who are looking to have some Sony purchase discounts, although could be harmful to your credit score. 

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