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Is the Razer Credit Card Legit? [Razer Card Review]

Razer is a favored brand among many gamers, but is their credit card legit? We have reviewed it for you!

Updated on Dec 04, 2022
Is the Razer Credit Card Legit? [Razer Card Review]

Is Razer Credit Card Legit?

Yes, the Razer Credit Card is a legitimate card for gamers to make purchases and gain rewards for Razer products and other gaming items. We have tested the Razer cards use and everything you need to know about the Razer credit card. Reasons we know the Razer Credit Card is legit:

  • Razer is the #1 most favored and trusted website for gaming gear, computers, keyboards, and much more. 
  • Razer Inc. is located in the United States and Singapore, with headquarters located in Shanghai. 
  • Great user experience and reviews from those who use the Razer Credit Card. 
  • From what we have experienced, the Razer card is a great way to earn rewards!

If you want to get other good opinions on the Razer Credit Card, be sure to check out this video as well!

Card AvailableAnnual FeesPoints Per $1
Razer CardN/A5
Razer Card
2.8 / 5

Rewards Card for discounts on Razer products

Reputation Among Gamers
4 / 5
4 / 5
3 / 5
3 / 5
Razer Card Review

Reputation Among Gamers (4/5)

When it comes to those who have used the Razer Card, there have been many great reviews on the features and how the card works. Many who have used the card in Beta have spoken up about how great the Razer card allowed them to earn more for every dollar spent. 

Razer Card Review

One downside to the Razer Card was that Razer gold purchases were already in motion before the premium Razer card even existed. Razer gear though could still be purchased through the virtual card by purchasing Razer gold and using the gold for the payments. This way gamers can earn as they spend, not only with Razor silver but also with percent back through the premium card

Rewards (4/5)

As far as rewards go, The Razer Card can only redeem points within the Razer shop. Granted, Razer has top-notch technology and gear that any gamer leans their eyes too. Most of which are expensive and having a discount is like giving candy to children. Although, if you were seeking to redeem rewards otherwise, this card is not for you.

Razer Card Review

Gamers will receive up to 5% cash back per $100 spent, which is a pretty great and reasonable trade. Since the card beta though was only in Singapore, we were not able to see USD actually used for experimentation. 

Compared to other gamer cards like BuffPay, the Razer Card gives more valuable rewards to redeem. Considering Razer products are on the higher-end side, this is very beneficial for anyone looking to get a good deal. Although if you are looking into more variety of other brands or products, try BuffPay or UGami.

Fees (3/5)

Razer's unique gamified rewards card is considered as a prepaid card, unlike most credit cards that are postpaid with major credit score issues. With prepaid, gamers can load the amount of money they desire directly onto the Razer Card from their bank account. This not only benefits the gamer but also Razer to have fewer reliability issues. Not to mention making the card more available internationally. 

Razer Card Review

Razer has not disclaimed any transaction or direct deposit fees, which causes concern and is a bit frustrating since this is a very important part of understanding all of the fees compared to rewards given. 

Features (3/5)

The Razer Card had many different features that made it extremely exciting to use among all gamers. Below is a list of all features the Razer Black Card features:

  • Light-Up Razer logo on the physical card from Visa
  • Contactless Payments
  • Razer Pay App
  • Used for everyday transactions
  • Year long cashback features
  • Prepaid card
  • Digital paymentsRazer Card Review

These are all great features for a prepaid card, and we really like how this sounds, although unknowing of all of the fees that Razer may add, we cannot guarantee that these great features will hold up. 

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