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Is RL.Exchange Legit? [RLExchange Review] + Code

We tested to see if it's a legit place to buy/sell rocket league items. We searched for the best discount code for You included!

Updated on Dec 20, 2022
Is RL.Exchange Legit? [RLExchange Review] + Code

Is RL Exchange Legit?

RL Exchange is a fully legit Rocket League trading platform for anyone looking to buy Rocket League items. Here is a quick rundown on why we are so sure about it:

  1. It's a legally registered business in Estonia named Monuvo OU
  2. Operation since 2020 with very good reviews
  3. It has been recommended by numerous YouTubers and content creators
  4. Transparent answers to our business questions
  5. Everything worked out smoothly during our tests
  6. They are active on social media


We also can't forget about their profile on Trustpilot, which today has thousands of positive reviews, and that's not so easy to collect in such a niche game like Rocket League in just a year. And here is the money we got from RL.Exchange selling a lot of our items:

RL.Exchange received payment

You can also buy Rocket League Exchange gift cards on Kinguin. Normally Kinguin wouldn't accept services that are scamming people in their store. Plus, the site is built by the same people who are behind SkinCashier. (which is a well-known CS:GO site).

RL.Exchange Review

RL Exchange Promo Codes

While we're on the subject of prices at which you can buy Rocket League items, they can be even lower! Simply enter promo code "TGG" after choosing the item you want to buy to get an extra 3% off! It may not seem like much, but it can save you a good amount of money on larger purchases on RL Exchange market (for example if you intend to buy the gold rush).

RL Exchange Promo Codes

No matter if you are a player buying Rocket League credits, decals, exotic wheels, antennas, blueprints, black market items or any tradeable items that are usable in game. The code "TGG" will get you a nice solid discount.


RL.Exchange is one of the largest Rocket League trading platforms out there today whether you're looking to buy Rocket League credits or any other in-game item. They became popular during the Spooky Season when players searched for a place to trade their Golden Pumpkins

Let's get started with the full review and let's first take a look at the...

Reputation (5/5) 

RL.Exchange is probably the most trusted marketplace out of all Rocket League trading websites (except Rocket League Garage, but they are quite different). 

We've already mentioned the great score on Trustpilot, where they collected thousands of reviews in just a year, and topped it off with accolades from many well-known content creators like DualView and Dylbobz

rl exchange trustworthy transaction

Its competitors (like SkinPort, Gameflip, Lolga or even aoeah) don't have as good PR in the Rocket League trading community. Even on Reddit, there are many posts where users share their experiences with the site, and they are pretty much only positive, largely due to buyer's protection, secure transactions and other features RL.Exchange has to provide a safe experience.

RL Exchange Legit

So, once again, is RL.Exchange a safe website to trade and buy Rocket League stuff at? Absolutely.


Prices (5/5)

As for the prices, RL.Exchange truly shines with some of the lowest prices we've seen. It may be the reason some people might think it's not legit — it's just looking too good to be true, compared any other Rocket League trading platform. Just look for yourself:

RL. Exchange Prices

Moreover, RL.Exchange there's zero cost for different payment options, as some of its competitors (ex. Aoeah). It can make users confused since RL items and RL credits in the store are cheaper but then, boom, you get a 5% extra fee at the checkout page and your order is suddenly more expensive. With all that combined, we can’t give any other rating than 5/5.

Is RL.Exchange the best place to get the best prices for your RL items?

Most of the time, yes. However, if you really want to make sure to get the top prices for your RL items you can compare the price list of your tradeable items on the checkout page to different platforms like Eldorado, G2G, PlayerAuctions, Z2U, or IGVault. Most of the time we saw the lowest prices on RL.Exchange. Especially with our creator code ("TGG") where you get an additional discount…


Item Variability (5/5)

As for Item Variability, again — it's excellent! Different platforms have different offers, but on RL.Exchange you can purchase every type of item you would find in the store's library — from Goal Explosion to Rocket Boots to Rocket League Credits, and Black Market Decals, literally everything. However, when a specific item is missing, RL.Exchange just looks for it, and if you happen to have it, you can trade with their bots and get some good money. 

trading offer from RL.Exchange item

And they cover all the fees for it! Well, once again, it seems too good to be true, but it is true. It is also worth mentioning that item variability on RL.Exchange is doing surprisingly well for the Xbox platform, which is not so evident on other trading websites/marketplaces.

A slight downside is the fact that there is only a selected amount of items you can sell on the website. So you will have to trade them first if you want to get rid of other items.


User Experience (5/5)

Whether you use Steam, Xbox, Epic Games, or PlayStation — you shouldn’t find any trouble trading your items as RL.Exchange supports all of these platforms, and on each of them the site works equally well. 

User Interface is very clear, and compared to other Rocket League marketplaces, this site has undoubtedly the most premium design. When you make an order, you will receive it in about 16 hours. Sure, in a world where we are all used to instant deliveries, this may not sound so attractive. However, you have a safe product for a reasonable price, and you can also check the status of your order anytime

RL Exchange User Experience

And in case you have any doubts or are worried about waiting too long, you can always reach out to their 24/7 support. 


How to trade your items on RL Exchange?

If you want to be able to trade and buy Rocket League items at all, you’ll either have to own the game on Epic Games or other platform before it went free to play (September 2020) or purchase 500 RL credits in the in-game store with the selected rocket league account, which is much lower than the Rocket League price.

RL Exchange How To Trade

If you got that done, just click on "Sell" located on the tab at the top of the site (or go here). Once you have selected the right battle car skins to trade and provided all the information, you will receive an in-game trade offer in your trading inventory you must click on the accept button. And yes, that's it; just accept the in-game trade offer - pretty straightforward trading process, right? Moreover, the items will appear in your trading inventory quickly!

rl exchange trustworthy transaction

We need to add that the only payment methods you can choose for selling your items are PayPal and Bitcoin. Also, you can't sell items that you bought on the Rocket League game item shop, but that doesn't take away from the great trading process.


Support (5/5)

Right, this is an excellent time to talk a little more about their support. In our opinion, this is how every support should work! As we mentioned above, they work 24/7, and real human beings, not bots, are in charge of them. Simply open the chat by clicking on the button on the right side and you will get your answers almost immediately! Moreover, you will also get a copy of the whole conversation in your email. In fact, their support is one of the main reasons why users rate this site so well.


Payment Options (5/5)

There are virtually all payment methods available on RL.Exchange and everyone will find something for themselves. Regardless of the platform or country you live in, you can pay with:

  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • PrePaid Cards
  • Netteler
  • Skrill
  • RL.Exchange Balance
  • Bitcoin
  • G2A Balance
  • PaySafeCard

But that's not all! Brazil, Germany, and Poland also have additional payment methods. These are:

  • Boleto (Brazil)
  • Klarna (Germany)
  • Trustly (Germany)
  • Przelewy24 (Poland)
  • Blik (Poland)

There is virtually nothing missing here, and it's tempting to give it a 6/5 rating.


All in all, we recommend RL.Exchange as a buying, selling marketplace to upgrade the look of your battle car no matter if you are on XBOX, Playstation, Wii, Nintento Switch or on PC (Steam or Epic Games). The rl exchange market has nothing to do with a scam.

Is RL Exchange Legit?

RL Exchange is a fully legit Rocket League trading platform for anyone looking to buy Rocket League items. Here is a quick rundown on why we are so sure about it:

  • It's a legally registered business in Estonia named Monuvo OU (Estonian company)
  • Operation since 2020 with very good reviews
  • It has been recommended by numerous YouTubers and content creators
  • Transparent answers to our business questions
  • Everything worked out smoothly during our tests
  • They are active on social media
5 / 5

RL.Exchange is the best marketplace to buy and sell your Rocket League Items. It is a legit and safe website with a great user interface, the best prices and a helpful support.

5 / 5
5 / 5
Item Variability
5 / 5
User Experience
5 / 5
5 / 5
Payment Options
5 / 5
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