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Server Pro Hosting Review [Tested]

Consider Server Pro for your game server hosting needs. We have tested and reviewed it for you.
Server Pro Hosting Review [Tested]

Is Server Pro Legit?

Server Pro is a legitimate hosting company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, as evidenced by sites like TrustPilot, it is definitely a legitimate company that exists and provides real hosting services for many games.

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5/ 5

Server Pro offers reliable and affordable game hosting plans.

User Experience & Ease of Setup
4/ 5
4/ 5
3/ 5
Features & Performance
4/ 5
Server Pro's Reputation Amongst Gamers
3/ 5
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User Experience and Ease of Setup (4/5)

One of the standout features of Server Pro is its user-friendly website and control panel. The website is minimalistic and easy to navigate, with all the necessary information clearly displayed on the home page. The control panel is similarly intuitive, with options for customizing and managing servers, as well as installing plugins and mods with ease. Additionally, the control panel offers a choice between light and dark themes, and users can even sign up using their Facebook accounts. Server Pro, one of the best Minecraft hosting services, has many advantages and privileges over other many hosting companies.

We had a very enjoyable time on our Minecraft server, which we rented from Server Pro for testing and everything from setting up to managing our server was extremely simple and painless. After trying out Vanilla Minecraft, we started installing various plugins and mods on our server and the whole process was incredibly easy thanks to auto-installable mod packs.

Server Pro also offers a range of features that make it easy to manage and maintain servers. The multi-admin feature allows users to share control of their servers with friends or partners, making it easier to manage servers as a team. Users can also easily change maps or worlds on their servers with just a few clicks, and the control panel is ready to support any mod or plugin users might want to use. If users need more resources for their servers, they can easily upgrade their disk space, memory, or CPU through the control panel, and the company even has a scheduler that can run commands at any time the user desires.

In addition to these features, Server Pro also offers advanced security measures like anti-DDOS protection and daily backups (available with premium plans) to keep servers safe and secure. The company also has a powerful console that gives users full control of their servers, and a server page that allows users to share information about their servers with friends.

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Pricing (4/5)

Server Pro offers a range of hosting plans to suit different needs and budgets. The free plan includes limited features and allows users to compete with up to 10 players simultaneously, with 1 GB of RAM and 5 GB of NVME SSD disk space. If users want to expand the player range, they can upgrade to a premium or pro plan, which includes additional features like ad-free hosting, instant support, and advanced security measures like dedicated IPs and MySQL servers.

One potential downside of Server Pro is that the free plan only allows users to choose two locations from the nine available data centers. Additionally, the company does not offer an uptime guarantee, so users may experience downtime from time to time. However, considering the affordable prices and wide range of features offered by Server Pro, the performance and uptime the company provide is satisfactory overall.

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Support (3/5)

In terms of customer support, Server pro offers few options for getting help. The company has a comprehensive knowledge base that contains a wealth of information on a wide range of topics, but it only has a ticket-based support system which is not convenient. It would be much better if there was also a Live Chat feature. There is a Discord server, not for support, but you can get help from other people on the server.

When we sent a ticket to test the support, we received a response within a very short time, which is a rare feature in a customer support team that uses a ticket system. Customer support was extremely helpful and patiently respond to all our questions.

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Features and Performance (4/5)

Server Pro offers several different hosting options, including VPS Gaming hosting, and normal VPS hosting. Normal VPS is the most affordable option, and it is ideal for small websites or those with low traffic. With this budget VPS option, multiple websites are hosted on the same server, which helps to keep costs down.

VPS hosting offers more resources and control than shared hosting, and it is ideal for medium-sized websites or those with moderate traffic. Finally, VPS Gaming server hosting is the most expensive option, but it is also the most powerful. This option is ideal for large websites or those with high traffic, as it provides a dedicated server just for your website, or as the name indicates you can host your game server in this Virtual Private Server.

One of the key benefits of using Server Pro is the company's commitment to security and reliability. The company uses top-of-the-line hardware and software to ensure that its servers are always running smoothly, and it also has a team of experts on hand to help with any issues that may arise.

Our server with unlimited slots hosted from Server Pro was extremely stable and performant for the few hours we played, and we were able to customize our server as we also had server file access.

Server Pro is one of the very few companies where you can get a free Minecraft server with this performance, you may want to try the free plan and then consider switching to paid plans because basically the free plan does not provide much RAM, so it is unlikely to be a very performant experience.

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Server Pro's Reputation Amongst Gamers (3/5)

Although Server Pro does not have as high a reputation as a Nitrado or G-Portal yet has a good reputation amongst gamers. The company offers game server hosting options, and many gamers have reported positive experiences with the service. The company's servers are generally stable and have low latency, which is important for gaming. Additionally, the company's support team is knowledgeable about the needs of gamers and is able to assist with any issues that may arise.

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In summary, Server Pro is a hosting company that offers affordable and reliable game hosting services for popular games like Minecraft, Rust, GTA: FiveM, Valheim, DayZ, and Team Fortress 2.
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