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Is Skinport Legit? [Skinport Review]

Is Skinport a safe in-game item marketplace? We tested it for You!

Updated on Dec 27, 2022
Is Skinport Legit? [Skinport Review]

Is Skinport legit?

Skinport is a legit and safe skin marketplace for CS:GO, Rust, TF2 and Dota 2 items. We didn’t notice any issues during our transactions. Everything went smoothly, and all purchases were instantaneous. Skinport is also whitelisted independently by the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Reddit Community.

4.4 / 5

Skinport is a legit CS:GO skin buy and sell site with a 0% buy-fee, 5-star average user reviews, a wide variety of payment options and is endorsed by top streamers.

5 / 5
5 / 5
Item Variability
5 / 5
User Experience
5 / 5
5 / 5
Payment Options
5 / 5

Moreover, it is a legal company registered in Germany named Skinport GmbH, founded by Tristan Milla. It has been around since 2019.

Furthermore, numerous other reviewers and streamers share our opinion. Popular Streamers such as “Diddle” and “TDM_Heyzeus” have featured and recommended Skinport in the past. 

It has overwhelmingly positive reviews on sites such as Trustpilot and Reddit. This, combined with the fact that it has millions of visitors each month, tells the full story about its reputation and reliability. is a completely legit platform, and it also worked well in our tests. Here is a payout we received from them back in the days when they had PayPal as a payment method:

Skinport Trustworthy Payout Proof

We didn’t find any suspicious activity during our use, and the buying and selling process is excellent. So if you're looking to buy or sell CSGO, Rust, Dota 2, or Team Fortress 2 skins, Skinport is the place to do it!

Skinport Code & Discounts

There aren't any Skinport Codes for a free bonus you can find online, so don't try to waste your time with that. The ability to add “” to the Steam name in order to reduce Skinport fees to 5% was removed because of steam marketplace guidelines. 

Everyone now pays a 0% fee when buying a skin (which is top-notch in the skin trading community). You will get a really good deal, even without a promo code.


Reputation (5/5)

Skinport is by far one of the best sites within its niche. It has an amazing reputation with streamers, regular gamers, and other companies.

Unlike some other sites within this niche, Skinport has a massive social media following and credibility. The company is very transparent in all its dealings, and it has been in the business since 2016 (with Skincay and Skinbay). It has nothing to do with a scam which explains why there are little to no negative reviews of Skinport online.

Just be sure to go to the right URL and not a fake one. A lot of scam sites try to imitate Skinport's skin marketplace. This button is gonna lead you to the right site:


Prices (5/5)

If you're looking for a platform for selling skins, you can't go wrong with Skinport. It has a fairly low selling fee of 12%, which can go all the way down to 6% for more expensive items, so it definitely pays to use it for selling skins and in-game items. 

If you're looking to sell CSGO skins or sell items from any other game, know that the fee is similar to that of other websites where you can sell skins for real money. It is way lower than the official Steam Marketplace fee, which has a 15% commission.

Buyers don’t pay anything when making a transaction. In other words, you can easily buy skins or whatever you need without having to compensate for it. The prices of skins on Skinport are generally better than on its legit competitors like DMarket or TradeitGG.

Skinport Review Prices

It can be a little more costly to sell items and your skins; however, you can rest assured that your in-game items will be safe, and you will receive your money.

We also like that the Skinport bot also considers stickers, float/wear for the weapon you want to buy/sell. We know it's standard these days, but they were one of the first with this feature, and it definitely helps when deciding which skins on Skinport you'll buy.

wear stickers considered in Skinports prices

Are Skinport’s prices better compared to the competition? Normally, yes – however, that's impossible to generalize (obviously, prices are better than on the steam community market).

Like all skin marketplaces, it's always a good idea for you to compare the prices. Go to similar sites like Skinwallet, Skinbaron,, BitSkins, Skins.Cash or Skincashier and see how much money they offer you for the Dota 2 or CSGO items you want to sell or how much real money you pay for the items you want to purchase. Like this, you will always get the best deal for your Dota 2, TF2 or CSGO items.


Item Variability (5/5)

Skinport has a wide variety of items available for players. In fact, it is categorized as one of the top marketplaces in terms of skin variability, so if you're looking for affordable skins, look no further. You can access the vast selection of in-game skins and items with just a few clicks!

many skins on skinport

Skinport has an excellent variety of items, even better than BuffMarket and many of its competitors.


User Experience (5/5)

We had a great experience using the platform. Transactions are smooth and straightforward, and you get a lot of information beforehand. An interesting thing about the platform is that you can exchange cosmetics from various games. 

For example, you can sell the old CSGO skins and use that to buy skins from other games or Dota 2 in-game items. Skinport has a mild, dark color scheme that is easy on the eyes. Payments are simple to execute, and you will get your money much faster than if you were to trade with some other website.

Skinport has one of the best inventories for skins. Whether we’re talking about CS:GO or some other game, a player has an enormous number of cosmetics at their disposal. So if you're looking to sell or buy CSGO skins, Skinport is the place to do it.

The platform can be utilized even by people who have no prior experience. For example, here are quick and easy steps that will allow you to perform transactions: 

  1. Create a Skinport account.
  2. Create a Steam account and make your Steam inventory public.
  3. Make sure to add the right trade URL.
  4. Proceed by clicking on the button "sell" on Skinport website and choose all the cosmetics.
  5. Now, you can either go with Skinport’s price suggestion, or you can put the price on your own.
  6. Find the payment method that suits you.
  7. When all of that is over, you will get a trade offer via Steam that you have to accept.
Skinport Buying Process

It is worth noting that you need to activate Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator 15 days before making any transactions. And make sure that you use the right trade URL.

If you wish to buy CSGO skins or other items on Skinport market, here is what you need to do:

  1. Create a Skinport account.
  2. Create a Steam account and make your Steam inventory public.
  3. Add all cosmetics you wish to purchase from the Skinport market to the shopping cart.
  4. Go to the checkout and pay for the order.
  5. All the skins will be sent directly to your Steam account.

Keep in mind that some of the Dota or CS:GO skins will be locked, and you won’t be able to access them immediately.


Support (5/5)

There are a few ways to contact Skinport - you can rely on emails and Discord. The support team is rather quick, and you will get your answer relatively quickly.

skinport support

If you go with email, you will need to create a ticket beforehand. While this is not an official method of contacting the company, you can also try and message them via social media. They are pretty active, and someone will always respond.


Payment Options / Cashout Options Available (5/5)

There are 11 different real money payment/cashout options available for the users depending on the amount of money and the origin country. Among others, you can utilize Visa, MasterCard, and so on.

Most people nowadays prefer virtual payment providers as they are some of the quickest methods. However, if you’re using Visa or Mastercard, they are also very safe and reliable solutions. 

skinport paypal klarna credit card giropay

The available payment methods vary based on your country of origin. This might affect availability, method, procedure, duration, as well as terms and conditions when purchasing skins with real money.


Is Skinport Safe To Use?

Not only is Skinport safe to use, but it is one of the best-protected platforms within this niche. Multi-factor authentication is required as well as verifying your account. For more, there is also Cloudflare that gives protection against DOS (denial-on service) attacks. Just make sure that you land on the right website by clicking on this button:


All in all, if you wish to make a skin transaction, your items and money will be safe with Skinport. It is our favourite marketplace amongst all CSGO Skin Marketplaces.
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