Skinwallet Review | Legit | Code | Alternatives

We check if Skinwallet is safe, compare alternative CS:GO trading sites and offer promo codes to get You the best deal possible!

Skinwallet Review | Legit | Code | Alternatives

Is Skinwallet legit?

Skinwallet is a trusted and legit platform and it has been around since 2017 which is enough time to know if the platform is a scam or not. We have had a great experience using them to sell or buy our CS:GO skins. It also has tons of great reviews on the Steam Community and the TrustPilot. We have tested the platform and we didn’t find anything wrong with it.


Skinwallet Coupon Code

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Selling & Buying experience

Skinwallet offers players two different hubs: one for buying skins and the other to sell skins. The platform supports the following games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Team Fortress.

Skinwallet Review

Both buying and selling experiences are good. The dashboard is clean and you can easily connect your steam account with their site.

Which payment options does Skinwallet have?

Skinwallet uses the PAYEER payment system which supports multiple payment options. It supports the VISA, MasterCard, Qiwi, Yandex Money, and many more.

Is Skinwallet safe to use?

Skinwallet’s official website has a valid Padlock (SSL) which means that the communication between the browser and the webserver will be totally encrypted. No one will be able to eavesdrop on the connection.

Skinwallet Review

Moreover, the site has implemented multiple security measures such as account verification. Moreover, the payment systems they use have advanced security measures in place to keep your money safe during transactions.

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Refund policy

The Refund Policy is a very important factor which plays an important role in decision making. When it comes to Refund Policy, Skinwallet doesn’t have a clear policy. However, the website has some details about the Refunds in bits and pieces.In Terms of Service, the company clearly states that “There is no possibility to return the skins you sold”. It is clear that you can’t get the sold items back. However, there is no information available on whether you can get back the deposited money or not.

User interface

Skinwallet comes with a dark theme that looks pleasant to the eyes and it also doesn’t cause a lot of strain. The website also has a modern look and it is well optimized. Skinwallet has a great user interface and it is pretty easy to use in our experience.

Skinwallet Review

Best way to reach the customer support

Skinwallet offers email-based customer support and you can contact them at They are also pretty responsive on Twitter & TrustPilot and you can use these forums to get quick support. When you are logged in you can also use their live chat support function.

Final Thoughts

Skinwallet is a trusted and legit platform and there is no doubt about it. We also tested the platform and we didn’t find anything wrong with it. It also has hundreds of positive reviews on Steam Community and TrustPilot which is a good thing. We recommend you to check our complete list of our best CS:GO Skin buying sites and best Skin selling sites if you want to know other alternatives.

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