Swap.gg Review | Legit | Promo Code | Alternatives | TGG

Swap.gg Review | Legit | Promo Code | Alternatives

We tested and reviewed Swap.gg to see if this site is safe and found the best exclusive promo codes for YOU!

Updated on Dec 27, 2022
Swap.gg Review | Legit | Promo Code | Alternatives

Is Swap.gg Legit?

Swap.gg is a legit CSGO skin trading website. The platform is white-listed by the CSGO trading community on Reddit

This subreddit has some strict rules. Only sites are posted on there if they meet certain requirements and are checked by the moderators. Indeed, SWAPGG has got a good reputation among the skins trading community in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and is often used by popular streamers in their live streams. There are thousands of skin trades that have been done on Swap.gg.

4 / 5

Swap GG is a CS:GO skin buy, sell and trading website that is legit, offers 24/7 support and has a wide variety of payment methods. Be sure to check them out.


Buying and Selling Experience

In order to use Swap.gg, you have to sign in via a Steam account. And make sure that your inventory settings are set to public. It will show your inventory skins on the website to the left. You can then select skins and trade them off with other skins, including Dota 2 and Rust skins.

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Payment Methods

You can add funds to your account by PayPal (like on BitSkins), VISA, Bitcoin, and 200+ payment methods. This makes it easy to access for all.


Refund Policy

The refund policy of Swap.gg, as per their terms of service says that items are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled.

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User Interface

Swap.gg has got one of the easiest user interfaces, where you can get your skins traded easily without any issues or difficulties, and makes it fun with other functionalities available on the website. Some of the skins are instantly withdrawable, which means they are sent directly to your steam inventory, where you can equip them and you are ready to go. However, other skins are available within seven days after the trade. Swap.gg use bots to send trade offers, which makes it fast and less problematic.

Inventory Size

Swap.gg has a vast inventory where every type of skin is available. From rarest to common, expensive to cheap, Swap.gg has it all. So that you can have your favorite skin.

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How to reach the support

If you have encountered any problem, Swap.gg has 24/7 customer support with about a 30 minutes response rate and is answered by real staff instead of bots via their support system on the website, [email protected], or via Twitter.

Final Thoughts

Swap.gg has got overall excellent customer feedback among the other skin trading websites. Keeping all the reviews and feedback of customers in mind, Swap.gg is a trusted and legit site for skin trading. So if you want to trade, buy csgo items or sell your CS:GO, Rust, Dota 2,  or Team Fortress 2 skins, we recommend you to give it a try!


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