Is Legit? [Tradeit Review] + Coupon Code

Is a safe platform to buy, sell and trade your CSGO items at? We tested it for You!

Is it really so safe and easy to trade your items there? And if so — is worth it? We’ve reviewed and tested this site from every possible angle to find that out for You! We also have an exclusive promo code (Code: "TGG") with a nice 10% discount for You!

Is legit? is a legit and safe marketplace to trade, buy and sell your in-game items. Here is why we are so sure about that:

  • It worked excellent during our tests
  • it has been continuously operating since 2017
  • It’s registered as a legitimate business in the United States named LLC.
  • Good customer review overall

It’s definitely not a scam. 


It has pretty good website traffic and a decent user score on TrustPilot. The most common reason people consider to be a scam is that their trading bots are vulnerable to Steam server lags, which sometimes prevents completing a trade, resulting in losing an item. But honestly, this is the case on all such websites, more or less. 

trading experience on tradeit

So, if you want to trade safely on, first check if there are any problems with Steam servers; and if there are none, you should be good.

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Reputation (5/5)

As of now, there have been over 35 million transactions made on, and the site itself has been promoted by multiple YouTube content creators who decided to trade items worth thousands of dollars (like IgorFOX). 

Traedeit IGORFOX old layout

Like we’ve mentioned before, has nothing to do with a scam, it’s fully legit, and it’s also confirmed by thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot.

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Prices (5/5)

Prices on are similar to those on the Steam Market. However, the selection is much more extensive than on Steam, especially for CSGO rare special items

The significant part is that you can also inspect all the items in-game, so if you're concerned about patterns or stickers, may prove to be an excellent marketplace for you to use.

show legitness of tradeitgg

Are the prices competitive compared to their competition? That's impossible to generalize (obviously, prices are better than on the steam community market). Like all in-game item marketplaces, it's always a good idea to compare the prices. Go to similar sites like Skinport, skinwallet, skinbaron,, BitSkins or skincashier and see how much money they offer you for the skins you want to sell or how much money you pay for the item you want to purchase.

Like this you will always get the best deal for your dota skin, tf2 items or CS:GO skins. With the discount of our promo code "TGG", chances are high that tradeitgg offers the best deal.

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Item Variability (5/5)

Tradeit's store boasts high item variability in its offer, especially when it comes to all kinds of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items.

As for Dota 2, Rust 2, and Team Fortress players; well, it’s obviously worse, but compared to other online markets, it’s still not that bad. may not be the place to buy the cheapest items; prices are just not worth it, and you’ll be better buying them on the Steam Marketplace. 

tradeitgg new interface

However, if you are a person who cares about the most premium skins and rare patterns for CSGO, Dota 2, Rust, and Team Fortress, there is a good chance you will find them there. 

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User Experience (4/5)

Tradeit has recently introduced a new design to their website, and it is somewhat glitchy, especially when it comes to account management. However, you can always go back to the old version of Tradeit by clicking on your avatar in the top-right corner. 

We honestly like the new design and see great potential, but we're not giving a 5/5 yet while there are still bugs and minor lags. 

New Layout tradeitgg

Even if you’re a new user and haven’t got much experience with online marketplaces, you are unlikely to have much trouble buying or selling items. As for the buying process itself, we have to say that everything works surprisingly smooth, and the trade offer comes literally in seconds!

tradeitgg bot trading offer

The stuff you decide to buy should appear in your Steam inventory in a few minutes without any problems.

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Support (2/5)

Unfortunately, customer support is not Tradeit's strongest feature, and it doesn’t have a good reputation. When we tried to contact their live support, we were informed that they will be available tomorrow. And unfortunately, the next day, that information is still there.

Tradeit GG Support

Second of all, there was quite a controversy last year regarding users who lost their skins due to the Steam maintenance that affected the functionality of Tradeit bots.

Here's one Reddit post where Neon (a small CSGO YouTuber) talked about how hard it was for him to contact Tradeit’s support to claim his $20,000 skins. With all that being said, we can't rate it too high right now, but hopefully, they'll work on it (especially since the website is experiencing some account management lags).

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Payment Options (4/5)

Tradeit GG Payment

Tradeit offers a wide range of payment methods but unfortunately does not support PayPal which is a considerable drawback. Overall, we thought we'd give it 3/5, but it's worth noting that you can get up to a 35% bonus on your first purchase, depending on which payment method you choose. 

And that's a lot. Actually, no other marketplace offers such big money bonuses (even not DMarket), and a credit card will also be a suitable payment option for many of you. This works not only for the purchase process itself but also when adding cash to your account balance. That said, it's a 4/5, although that lack of PayPal hurts.

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All in all we can recommend TradeIt.GG as a CS:GO, Dota 2 and Rust 2 marketplace.