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Is UGami Legit? [Full UGami Review]

We have tested the UGami Cards and have reviewed its worth!

Published on Nov 28, 2022
Is UGami Legit? [Full UGami Review]

Is UGami Legit?

UGami is 100% a legitimate gaming credit card company that offers gamers secured Debit or Credit Card purchasing options. 

UGami Review

A few reasons why we believe UGami is legit:

  • UGami is a partnered member of the FDIC and was Founded in the USA.
  • UGami is sponsored by a Federally Insured Financial Institution, a trusted banking business known as Blue Ridge Bank.
  • UGami is trusted by thousands of gamers. By which a lot of gamers have reviewed the use of UGami for their own personal use.

Is UGami Worth It?

UGami Review

With how easy it is to sign up, and the rewards involved, we believe this card is worth giving a chance. Although, we would only recommend the most basic, so you know whether or not it is worth trying as well. A few reasons we believe UGami is worth using:

  • You can use the card anywhere either digitally or physically
  • You earn points no matter what you spend money on
  • You earn points every day even if you are not purchasing anything
  • Fees are low and products are vast to choose from.

UGami is definitely worth looking into if you are trying to avoid also hidden fees and larger companies with higher buyer risks. 

Card AvailableAnnual FeeAPRPoints Per $1
UGami Debit$0.000%1
UGami Boosted Debit$95.88 + Federal Tax0%


UGami CreditN/AN/AN/A
2.6 / 5

Fintech Company for purchase rewards and gaming discounts

3 / 5
3 / 5
4 / 5
Reputation Among Gamers
3 / 5

Rewards (3/5)

Depending on your card of choice, the rewards of the UGami Debit Card opposed to the Boosted Debit Card are different. Each $1.00 spent is 1 point. Meaning, if you spend $400 on a gaming chair, you only get 400 points. Every 1,000 points are also roughly $2.00 to spend on sold products.  For how expensive gaming products are nowadays, $2.00 is not sufficient for such a large purchase

UGami Review

Compared to other gaming card companies like BuffPay which triples your points earned for each dollar, UGami has a pretty expensive layout. If you want to earn points similar to BuffPay but through UGami, you will need to have the UGami Boosted Debit, which is an extra $7.99 a month. Or play the extra reward point games UGami provides, which is a gamble. 


Fees (3/5)

Although the UGami Credit Card fees are not released yet, the featured Boosted Debit Card in our opinion is extremely overpriced for what you receive. Unless you spend most of your free time purchasing featured items and gaining points, paying $7.99 a month takes away the whole achievement of earning points to not spend money. 

UGami Review

As a gamer, we need the most rewards for each purchase. The UGami Debit Card would be great for those who want to make everyday purchases with a debit card. Although, since gamer debit cards are a newer creation within Fintech, there could be some liability issues. 

UGami Review

Overall, the best option for UGami is to go for the basic Debit Card option, where you do not need to spend extra fees. Along with this, you can get some great discounts. One discount is better than none, as some say. 


Features (4/5)

The UGami Store feature is extremely impressive. You have the ability to purchase anything from computer parts to gaming chairs. You can choose to purchase with currency or points, and anything bought with currency can be beneficial to add points to your account. 

UGami Review

Along with this, UGami offers daily points to add to your account. In a unique feature as they call "Spinning Wheel". This feature allows users to have the ability to earn extra points from 10 points to 4,000. We tested it and we ended up with 20, so it is definitely worth attempting daily. 

UGami Review

There are some other great features UGami includes as well to make users always engaging in their products. Giving UGami even bigger marketing popularity. No to mention a few other features such as:

  • Ugami ATM Finder
  • Direct Deposit
  • Weekly and Monthly Streaks
  • UGami Credit Card (2023)
  • Online Store
  • UGami App


Reputation Among Gamers (3/5)

Although UGami features a lot of different option that could be extremely useful worldwide, UGami is unfortunately only available in the United States. Meaning, using the UGami card is only profitable and usable within the US and sponsored stores. Gamers within the US are more and more starting to use UGami, although, that does not make its reputation better. 

UGami Review

Among US gamers, UGami is definitely deemed useful and many use it for purchasing to gain some discounts. But anyone from outside of the US have no voice in the matter, making it hard to depict all that UGami is capable of. We have yet to see how the reputation will flow once UGami is available to other countries. 


Overall, UGami Cards are useful for gamers looking for a great discount but charge large fees for average rewards. 

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