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Is vLoot Legit? [vLoot Review] + Code

We tested the vLoot Offer Wall section for you and searched for the best referral codes.
Is vLoot Legit? [vLoot Review] + Code

Is vLoot Legit?

vLoot (and its offer walls) is a safe and legit offer wall or get-paid-to sites. You may know vLoot from their operation as a giveaway website, and it's still functioning that way. However, they have recently expanded their business to offer walls, although both sites legally operate on similar principles.

4.2 / 5

vLoot is a safe alternative to other popular offer wall websites, and we expect it to grow in the upcoming time.

Payout Options
4 / 5
4 / 5
Coin Exchange Rate
4.5 / 5
Methods For Earning Money Available
4 / 5
User Experience
4.5 / 5

Vloot is associated with a legitimate business registered in Berlin, Germany, and has gathered thousands of users with an excellent reputation over the years (just look at their Trustpilot profile). 

With that said, we don't expect such a big brand to risk its reputation by firing up a scammy offer wall website, as users would no longer feel safe using their services. Speaking of safety, Vloot runs on a valid Padlock (SSL) which means that the communication between the browser and the web server will be totally encrypted. 

Are Vloot Offer Walls Safe

vLoot Best Referral Codes

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How To Access vLoot Offer Walls?

To access vLoot offer walls, all you have to do is go to or click on the banner in the bottom-right corner of their giveaway website. 

How To Acess Vloot Offer Walls

Always make sure that is your actual website address, as they’re already some scam websites that try to impersonate Vloot offer walls. 


Payout Options (4/5)

vLoot features quite unconventional withdrawal methods for an offer wall website, but honestly, we like them. For example, you can withdraw your vLoot funds in the form of a Discord Nitro subscription (which no other offer wall website features at the moment), CS:GO skins, and random Steam Keys. The amount of gift cards available is simply amazing and meets the highest standards when it comes to that matter for gamers.

Vloot Payout Options

Note that there’s no option to withdraw real money on vLoot – no PayPal, Skrill, or Visa support. And that’s a big minus, for which we’re going to steal 2 points from our rating. However, remember that we’re gamers, and we spend our money on stuff like skins, games, gift cards, so vLoot’s offer is still super attractive, in our opinion (like Freecash). Moreover, from what we know, vLoot is planning to cover some of the most popular real money payment methods in the future, and that’s a good thing!  

If Visa and PayPal withdrawals were available today, we would give vLoot offer walls a good 4/5 rating in that matter.


Reputation (4/5)

vLoot’s offer wall website has been working for too short a time to build any kind of reliable reputation. However, itself has been operating since 2017 and is one of the most popular giveaway websites out there. It has managed to garner countless positive reviews on Trustpilot, plus it's trusted by apps like Trend Micro that check the safety of a website based on diverse factors. 

But again, that's for the giveaway part of the website, but as our review is about offer walls, we have to steal 1 rating point; it's just too early to talk about any reputation.


Coin Exchange Rate (4.5/5)

When it comes to coin exchange rates, vLoot operates on a very straightforward system; you have coins for which you can buy specific rewards. And, of course, the vision of collecting 60 thousand coins to unlock a $50 gift card may be a bit daunting. 

However, it’s unnecessary, as you can easily earn 2 thousand coins in a few minutes for doing really basic tasks (download an app, complete a survey, play a game with friends, etc.). 

Vloot Surveys

There are also no limits when it comes to earning money on vLoot, so getting that $50 gift card in one day shouldn't be much of a problem if you grind.


Methods For Earning Money Available (4/5)

vLoot is currently working with five big survey providers (which is less that CSGOPoints, but still solid). The one we recommend the most is aye-T studios (besides RevU), where you can get up to 30k vLoot coins in 1-2 tasks without much effort. But honestly, the other two are also good, and the offer is pretty extensive; you'll easily find something to do

At the time of writing this article, we don't know if any other offer wall website besides Freecash has such a high-quality offer as vLoot, and looking at how fresh this website is, it's quite impressive.


User Experience (4.5/5)

We're really pleased with how straightforward vLoot’s user interface is. Everything is clear right from the start; the registration process itself takes no more than a minute and is simple, even if you have not used this type of site before. Moreover, offer wall websites are often associated with some strange pop-up ads and chaotic website organization, but this is not the case with Vloot. 

We also have to appreciate the fact that we get daily free rewards for just using the site, and this happens very rarely on such sites. 

Support (5/5)

But what if, despite straightforward website design and legit offer walls, you encounter a problem? Then feel free to contact their support! vLoot offers a contact via e-mail ([email protected]) that we tested, and we can’t say a single bad word about it. 

We got our answer really fast, but most of all, we're satisfied that you could see the vLoot employee's commitment to our problem, which gave us extra confidence that we weren't dealing with some bot. Idle-Empire's and's customer support is just as good as that of Gain.GG, which says a lot.


Overall, we think that vLoot is a very good alternative to other popular offer walls such as Idle-Empire or Clickloot. Even though the website is relatively new on the market, it still has quite a few features that can be super attractive for gamers specifically. We can't wait to watch vLoot Offer Walls grow!
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