Is Vulkanbet Legit? [Vulkanbet Esports Review] | TGG

Is Vulkanbet Legit? [Vulkanbet Esports Review]

We found the best Bonus Codes, reviewed, and tested Vulkanbet, one of the most respected esports betting sites.
Is Vulkanbet Legit? [Vulkanbet Esports Review]

Is Vulkanbet Legit?

Vulkanbet is a legit esports betting site and one of the best online bookies for any esports bettor. Here are four reasons why we believe Vulkanbet is a legit bookie:

  • Vulkanbet is operated by Maxent Limited (a legit business in Malta)
  • Vulkanbet holds a Gaming Service licence granted by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2C/210/2011)
  • Vulkanbet has been operating since 2015
  • It is an official sponsor of Gambit Esports, a prominent esports organisation

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5/ 5

Vulkanbet is a solid esports betting site with great features but no available welcome bonus.

Bonus & Promotions
4/ 5
Reputation & Safety
4/ 5
Odds & Betting Features
5/ 5
User Experience
4.5/ 5
4/ 5
Deposits & Withdrawal
4/ 5
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Vulkanbet is a well-known name in the esports betting world and the esports world in general. It's the official sponsor of Gambit Esports and has previously held esports tournaments for Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, namely the Vulkan Fight Series.

With such a reputation, it's highly unlikely for Vuilkanbet to be a scam website, and you can definitely be sure that Vulkanbet is nothing less than a legit esports bookie, knowing that it holds a licence from the Malta Gaming Authority – one of the strictest and most reputable online gambling licencing institutions.

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Welcome Bonus And The Best Promo Codes

Many online review sites will tell you that Vulkanbet offers a welcome bonus and that there is a bonus code you can use. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

We contacted Vulkanbet customer support to inquire about any welcome bonuses and bonus codes and got informed that Vulkanbet does not have a welcome bonus nor a welcome bonus code that you can use.

Note that Vulkanbet might offer a welcome bonus in the future, but there is no bonus code available currently, nor is there any welcome bonus for new customers.

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Vulkanbet Bonus & Promotions (1/5)

Vulkanbet does not have any welcome bonuses currently, nor could we find any promotions on this site, which was definitely a letdown. This is possibly one of the rare esports betting sites that don't offer any added promotions to its users, which is both strange and very disappointing. Granted, there are online esports betting sites that offer some promotions but not a single one for esports bettors.

Unfortunately, that leaves us with no other choice but to give it a one-star rating.

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Reputation & Safety (4/5)

Vulkanbet is a well-known name in the esports betting industry, but its reputation is not that good. Vulkanbet averages a 2.8/5 rating on online review sites, suggesting this is a decent esports bookie but not a good one.

Vulkanbet review.

The negative reviews on Vulkanbet claimed everything from not being able to withdraw money to the site working slow and some claiming that they couldn't find their favourite games to bet on. We will explore further if any of those claims are actually accurate, but we can confirm that Vulkanbet is not viewed as one of the top esports bookies by its users.

Vulkanbet licence.

That said, Vulkanbet is a safe bookmaker, and we can confidently say that knowing that it is licenced by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2C/210/2011), one of the most trustworthy online gambling licencing institutions. Moreover, Vulkanbet is owned by Maxent Limited, which operates reputable online casino sites, including GoSlotty and SlottyVegas, so there are not many reasons to believe Vulkanbet is here to scam anyone.

If we draw a line, Vulkanbet is an online esports betting site with an iffy reputation among bettors but is actually a safe bookmaker with one of the best betting licences you can get. We would give it a five-star rating, but its reputation brings our rating down to four.

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Esports Markets and Odds & Betting Features (5/5)

Vulkanbet advertises itself as an esports betting site and does a lot to establish itself as one - by hosting esports tournaments and securing sponsorship deals with prominent esports organisations. Moreover, it does a good job offering esports betting markets.

Vulkanbet esports.

On Vulkanbet, you will be able to bet on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, FIFA, Fortnite, NBA2k, Call of Duty, KOG, Rainbow Six, and Valorant. Realistically, the only esports we found missing was Rocket League, but even that was because there were no Rocket League tournaments running at the time of our review.

Vulkanbet esports offer.

We also tested the quality of the odds and compared it to Rivalry and found that the odds offered on Vulkanbet were extremely close and, in some cases, even better. So as far as the dods quality is concerned, Vulkanbet has it!

With a good selection of esports betting markets and good odds, Vulkanbet has everything you could wish for in an esports betting site. So the previous negative review about how someone couldn't find games to bet on is either false or the person has a very specific taste in what he wants to bet on. Admittedly, Vulkanbet does not cover any mobile esports games, but we can look past that.

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CS:GO Betting

If you want to bet on CS:GO and want to have access to as many betting markets as possible, Vulkan is the bookie for you. During our testing, we found that Vulkanbet covers all major and minor CS:GO leagues – from ESL Pro League to minor regional competitions, for which it deserves a huge thumbs up.

Vulkanbet CS:GO.

Moreover, it has a vast selection of bet types you can use – from moneyline, handicaps, map betting, totals, and even proposition and head-to-head betting. That, on top of very competitive odds, makes Vulkanbet an excellent site for anyone looking to bet on CS:GO!

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League of Legends Betting

Vulkanbet does many things right, and offering League of Legends betting is definitely one of them. On Vulkanbet, you will be able to bet on all LoL leagues – from LCS, LCK, LPL and LEC, to second-division, regional leagues and all international tournaments.

Vulkanbet LoL.

Besides that, the LoL esports betting odds are very competitive; however, we have to note that smaller leagues and competitions won't have as many added betting markets.

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Dota 2 Betting

We don't have anything bad to say about Vulkanbet's offer of Dota 2 either. It covers all major and minor competitions, offers solid betting odds, and has more than enough betting markets to bet on whatever you want!

Vulkanbet Dota 2.

We must note that some second-division leagues or games in lesser tournaments won't have as many options, but that's completely fine. Very few esports bookies will go out of their way to offer props for games they know very little about, so we're only interested in the offer's quality on bigger and more important games.

Besides CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2, Vulkanbet also covers FIFA, Fortnite, NBA2k, Call of Duty, KOG, Rainbow Six, and Valorant. And it offers live betting on all esports titles! Even though we couldn't find any Rocket League or Overwatch odds during our testing, we have to note that Vulkanbet covers those two titles as well.

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User Experience (4.5/5)

Some negative reviews of Vulkanbet claimed that the site is slow and unresponsive, which we don't quite agree with. Is Vulkanbet the fastest site we have tested? No, but it works reasonably fast, considering all the features it has.

Vulkanbet live.

We like the design of Vulkanbet and all the bonus features – such as live streaming of the games – that you will be able to find. In fact, Vulkanbet looks almost exactly like GG.Bet, and it also offers the same odds, even though the two bookmakers are not owned by the same company.

We liked some smaller features on Vulkanbet, including how it approaches providing live streams of the games. If you happen to watch the game live and you scroll down the page to look for odds, a small pop-up window with the live stream will appear in the bottom right corner, allowing you to follow the action.

Vulkanbet live stream.

We must also comment on the live betting markets, which there are many, and are all neatly displayed under the live steam, making it very easy for anyone to bet in-play.

There was not a single thing we did not like about the user experience Vulkanbet provides. So it's only fair that we give it a high rating. But since it does not have a mobile betting app available, we can't give it five stars.

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Customer Support (4/5)

If you want to contact6 Vulkanbet customer support, you have two options – email and live chat. That isn't the most diverse offer, but it's often enough to get the answers you're looking for.

We tested Vulkanbet's live chat feature, and we don't have any big issues with it. We got contacted with the agents quickly, and we didn't need to wait long to get the answers we were after. All in all, we have nothing bad to say about Vulkanbet's customer support, but it is missing a FAQ section, which we would like to see before we can give it a better rating.

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Deposits & Withdrawal Options (4/5)

Depositing and withdrawing money from Vulkanbet is fairly straightforward as there are enough banking methods available to keep anyone satisfied. But before we go into how you can deposit and withdraw money from and into Vulkanbet, there is one rule we must touch on.

Vulkanbet banking terms.

Vulkanbet will require all users whose total deposit reaches €2000 to submit KYC and provide Source of Funds documentation. Furthermore, when your total deposit exceeds €50,000, you will also be required to provide Source of Wealth documentation. It's also important to note that all non-jackpot winnings from the casino are capped at €20,000 per month - €5,000 per week.

There are definitely some weird rules Vulkanbet has, but it does offer many withdrawal and deposit options. Note that some options will be location-limited, but you can expect to find: VISA, Maestro, MasterCard, NETELLER, Skrill, GiroPay, S€PA, Dotpay, Trustly, PaySafeCard, and Sofort, as some of the most used banking options.

Vulkanbet banking.

All money transactions with Vulkanbet are safe, so you can be sure that your money with this esports bookie is secure since it has to have systems in place to ensure that it keeps the MGA betting licence.

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Vulkanbet Casino (3/5)

Vulkanbet also has a casino offer, which is decent but far from the best. We could find only 291 casino games during our testing, which should be enough for any casual bettors but compared to other esports betting sides, such as Buff.Bet, Vulkanbet's casino is fairly mediocre.

Vulkanbet casino.

Still, all the casino games work smoothly, and they even have a demo version, allowing you to test them out before you risk your money. So although there aren't as many games available, we don't have any major issues with Vulkanbet's casino offer, which includes slots, card games, roulette, and more.

Vulkanbet casino offer.

Unfortunately, Vulkanbet does not deserve a good rating mainly because it does not have a provably fair system. We are certain that a gambling site with an MGA licence wouldn't scam its users, but we would like to see a provably fair system to give it a higher rating.

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Vulkanbet is a well-known bookie and a great choice for any esports bettor due to its generous selection of esports betting markets and competitive odds. So if you’re someone who bets on esports, we would advise you to check out Vulkanbet; just be aware of the dangers of gambling addiction!
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