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How good is VyprVPN for gaming? [VyprVPN Review]

Can VyprVPN work as a gaming VPN? Let’s check that out.
How good is VyprVPN for gaming? [VyprVPN Review]

VPN (Virtual Private Network) software providers are becoming increasingly popular among online gaming enthusiasts, mainly for security reasons and the need to have stable DDoS protection and a tool to change an IP Address. This time we checked out VyprVPN, a VPN service provider that has been on the market for over a decade, to see if it can also work for gamers.

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5/ 5

VyprVPN doesn't seem good for anything, and certainly not for gaming.

1/ 5
Reputation among gamers
1/ 5
Gaming Performance
1/ 5
Numbers of locations
2/ 5
5/ 5
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Before reading this review, we want you to know that the games we tasted VyprVPN with were Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG, Rocket League, Halo Infinite, Warzone, World Of Tanks, Minecraft, League Of Legends, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, Dota 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Fortnite, Overwatch and Rust  2.

Pricing (2/5)

Let's start with pricing, and here, unfortunately, we have one of the worst deals on the market. We have access to only two plans, and both are pretty expensive. 

VyprVPN Gaming Pricing

If we wanted to compare them to the offer of e.g., Surfshark VPN or Cyberghost VPN, that is, VPN service providers with which (theoretically) VyprVPN has quite a lot in common when it comes to features, this offer looks simply terrible, and it's not affordable at all

Note that gamers don't really want to pay so much for a VPN service, mainly that we often use it for really minor tasks, and so that's the maximum price for the yearly plan, in our opinion, is $5.

VyprVPN theoretically offers a 30-day money-back guarantee (like ZenMate), but there is a lot of feedback on the internet that users have a hard time getting a refund, so it's difficult for us to give even here any extra points to our rating for it.

VyprVPN Gaming Refund

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Reputation Among Gamers (1/5)

So, VyprVPN doesn't actually have numerous reviews from gamers on the internet, but we can say that as we researched what people write about them, they are relatively not satisfied with their services

First of all, a common bug that people report is the lack of IP address change even after connecting to the VPN server. And second, VyprVPN doesn't have a reputation for being the fastest VPN out there, but rather the opposite. Also, looking at their offer, we think it's hard to find any positives that gamers could benefit from

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Performance in Video Games (1/5)

We wouldn't recommend VyprVPN to our worst enemy, seriously. Actually, maybe if the enemy team guy needed a good VPN fast, we would recommend VyprVPN to him. But jokes aside, we had no worse performance than any other VPN service provider we tested, including TorGuard.

Our ping went from 20 to 200 using the nearest server location, and unfortunately, we had that famous bug where our actual IP address was still visible on some websites. We would not recommend VyprVPN to anyone, certainly not to gamers.

Numbers of locations (2/5)

As we mentioned above, VyprVPN is a pretty expensive VPN provider, so we’d expect a large number of server locations. Well, not this time. 

VyprVPN Gaming Locations

VyprVPN's offering is a mere 700 servers (less than ProtonVPN) in about 73 locations, and while to someone not in the know about VPN providers, these may seem like big numbers - they are not; we would even say they are far from big.

Moreover, most servers (especially European) are absolutely unstable, and we would not recommend using them. For example, a server in London that you might want to connect to access some gambling or esports betting sites not only runs slowly, but it also does not change your IP address. 

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Customer Support (5/5)

Although many people on the internet complain about VyprVPN not working, we personally were quite satisfied when we tested it. VyprVPN offers 24/7 live chat support and tons of helpful articles covering the most popular issues

VyprVPN Gaming FAQ

Testing live chat support, we connected with an employee named Dan, who gave us answers to all our questions in a matter of seconds. When we asked him about bugs on the London server mentioned above, he gave us tips on fixing them. 

Moreover, even a few hours after our chat, we got an email from Dan, giving us additional ideas on how we could solve our problem. That's some dedication!

VyprVPN Gaming Live Chat Support

It's hard to blame the support staff for the software not working, but we 100% appreciate the staff member's speed of response and competence, and that’s why we rate their support as high as 5/5; they deserve it. 

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VyprVPN is one of the worst VPNs we tested, not just for gaming but in general. They don't really meet any of the standards we would expect from a VPN provider; therefore, we wouldn't recommend it to gamers who primarily need stable security features and as few disconnects as possible.
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