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Is Z2U Legit? [Z2U Review]

Is Z2U a safe website to buy currencies and game services at? We tested it for you!
Is Z2U Legit? [Z2U Review]

Is Z2U Legit?

Z2U is a legit marketplace where you can buy accounts, in-game currency, and boosting. The website is mainly known for meager prices and a wide variety of games and services covered.

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3.2 / 5

3 / 5
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Item Variability
4 / 5
Customer Support
2.5 / 5
Payment Options
3 / 5
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Another thing that confirms their legitimacy is the pretty high website traffic, which you can check on sites like similarweb. However, even though we wouldn’t consider Z2U one of these online scams, let’s ask ourselves – is it worth it?

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Z2U Promo Code

Z2U has no available bonus code at the moment. However, by going on the site through this link, you will be rediracted to the best deals that are currently out there (Christmas, Black Friday, etc):

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Reputation (3/5)

Z2U has a pretty mixed reputation. While researching the internet, we saw that its users are generally satisfied with its prices, but are less happy about the delivery speed aspect.

So, this is usually the case – reasonable prices and slow deliveries. After reading a couple of user reviews on websites like Trustpilot or Reddit, we can say that users generally recommend the website if they need to save money and don’t really care about getting your item as fast as possible.

Still, even though Z2U has a bunch of positive reviews on the internet and the site is considered as one of the reputable sellers, users definitely spot their downsides.

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Prices (3.5/5)

But are prices on Z2U really that good? Well, it depends on what game we are talking about. For example, we bought Lost Ark gold relatively cheap, but when it comes to Rocket League Credits, we would rather go to other legit shopping sites(like RL. Exchange or Aoeah).

And it works the same for all the services on Z2U, not only for game gold; it all depends on the game you are interested in and the number of active sellers for it. However, we noticed that account prices are pretty high and lose out a bit to other legit account shopping sites like G2G, which definitely has more sellers than Z2U.

However, what we also appreciate on Z2U is that there are no hidden fees, so the price you see is the final price you pay for your item.

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Item Variability (4/5)

Z2U covers a variety of games and platforms. For example, some of the supported games and services with a decent stock on this site include:

Supported Games

Supported Gift Cards

Elden Ring


Diablo: Immortal

Riot Games



Genshin Impact


World of Warcraft

Windows Keys

The biggest two sections on the website are definitely currency and account selling, so if you are interested in these services, you might want to check out if Z2U doesn’t support your game as in practice, the site supports more than 100 games in total.

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User Experience (3/5)

Z2U has a pretty straightforward interface to use, and everything is quite clear, even if you don’t use such sites too often. However, the transaction process (which is the most important thing on the site) takes forever, and the estimated time of receiving our order is almost never correct.

Moreover, even though we are informed to receive our order number on our e-mail immediately, sometimes we haven’t got it at all, even though we received the order. But stil, sometimes you would need to wait 1-3 days to get your item, even if the estimated delivery time shows a couple of hours. That’s a bit long, and in current standards, some users may be afraid that their lost money to a scam website.

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Customer Support (2.5/5)

Customer support is another slow part of this site, which is not always that helpful. Support aspect is handled mainly by Chinese, and as some of you may know, English is a complex language for them to master, so be aware of that.

To access Z2U’s customer support, you need to go to their contact details and select a problem you have trouble with. Another minus of this site’s customer support is that it works on a ticket system, which is a pretty outdated solution compared to a live chat.

At best, you will get your answer after several hours, but as we already mentioned, it won’t always be so helpful.

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Payment Options (3/5)

At the time of writing this review, Z2U supports 8 payment methods:

  • Skrill

  • Credit Cards (Visa & Master Card)

  • Web Money

  • GCash


  • Neteller

  • Sofort

  • Qiwi

And even though some of them are quite popular, we can’t rate it too high because of the lack of PayPal and G2A Pay paywall. Still, there are some nice methods available, and using a credit card is probably the most common payment method used on the internet to pay securely, so our rating can’t be too low either.

Still, if Z2U would have PayPal alone, we would definitely boost our rating by at least 0.5, as this is one of the methods that buyers really want to see on such sites.

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Z2U is not the best marketplace on the internet, but it’s not impossible to find a good deal out there, especially if you are into currencies and buying game accounts.

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