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How Good Is ZenMate VPN For Gaming? [ZenMate Review]

We tested ZenMate VPN Review to see how good it is for gaming and whether it can deliver a good experience for gamers.
How Good Is ZenMate VPN For Gaming? [ZenMate Review]

Even though ZenMate is not the most popular VPN (Virtual Private Network) service provider, it doesn’t mean it can be good for gaming. In our ZenMate VPN review, we will check how good their software is from the perspective of gamers, a group that more and more often needs even a simple change of IP address in order to protect themselves from DDoS attacks, ISP tracking their online activity, or to unblock geo-restricted content (like Amazon Prime Gaming goodies).

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5/ 5

ZenMate is an affordable VPN service provider, but it’s definitely not the best option for gaming due to its slow connection and server instability.

3/ 5
Reputation among gamers
3/ 5
Performance in Games
1/ 5
Server locations
5/ 5
4/ 5
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Before reading this review, we want you to know that the games we used to test ZenMate VPN’s performance were League of Legends, CS:GO, Rocket League, Halo Infinite, Call of Duty Warzone, WOT, Minecraft, Rainbow Six:Siege, Dota 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Fortnite, Valorant, Overwatch, Teamfight Tactics, Hearthstone, and Rust 2.

Pricing (5/5)

ZenMate VPN has three plans in their pricing offer – monthly ($10.99/mo), yearly ($4.49/mo), and three-yearly ($1.51/mo + 30 days money-back guarantee).

ZenMate Gaming Pricing

We have to admit that this is a really nice offer. However, it is a pity that only one of the three plans has access to the free trial, and for that, we will deduct half a point from our rating. We gamers want to have access to the cheapest VPN possible, especially since we often need this type of software to unblock some Amazon Prime Gaming region-locked goodies. 

ZenMate Prime Gaming

In such cases, it's just not worth spending more than $5 a month for a VPN service provider, which is why we find ZenMate's offer attractive

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Reputation Among Gamers (3/5)

In theory, there aren't many ZenMate VPN reviews from gamers on the internet. And what do we do in these situations? We look at how people rate features that might be of interest to the gaming community, and here we have one concern. 

ZenMate Gaming Reputation

There are some reviews on the internet that suggest that when using ZenMate, they have a problem accessing services like Netflix US or Hulu and hiding their IP address. This issue mainly (or even "only") affects US servers, so if you would like to use ZenMate for those locations, you might want to be a little careful. And unfortunately, it kind of clashes with the use we wrote about above, which is unlocking Amazon Prime Gaming goodies. 

Other than that, there are also plenty of positive reviews on ZenMate, and it's hard to say that their VPN app has a bad reputation overall. A big part of users feels good about this VPN provider and praise features like Kill Switch, 256-bit AES encryption and a free Google Chrome browser extension, which you can download on the google chrome extension store.

ZenMate Gaming Browser Extension

Performance in Video Games (1/5)

If we're being honest, ZenMate did not perform well in our gaming tests

Let's start with the fact that it's a VPN provider offering an average speed of 22 Mbps, and that's already quite slow.  

ZenMate Gaming Test

Moreover, US servers were highly unstable, and the result was far from perfect when it came to gaming performance. For example, an Epic Games client continued to detect our standard IP address regardless of our chosen server location, which was quite strange and did not happen with any VPN app we previously tested. 

ZenMate League Of Legends Test

The only server location that actually worked well in our testing was the United Kingdom and Germany, but besides these two, we always encountered some stability issues

Moreover, ZenMate doesn’t support a split tunnelling feature, which is also a big minus for gamers specifically. With that said, we wouldn’t recommend ZenMate for gaming

Even though they have numerous features on offer, and they are quite affordable, they’re just not stable enough – and we, gamers, want stable connection in all of our games, right?

Numbers of server locations (5/5)

At the time of writing this review (January 2022), ZenMate has 4100 servers in over 80 countries (even more than TorGuard) That is a really attractive offer; they theoretically beat providers like Cyberghost VPN in this aspect. 

ZenMate Gaming Locations

For this price, such access to a broad base of IP addresses is just perfect – eh, if only it were stable… But still, we have already punished them for their performance, and here, well, we will give it a 5/5 rating because the offer is theoretically ideal.

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Customer Support (4/5)

ZenMate's customer support would be ideal if only they had access to live chat. You can contact them via their support email ([email protected]) or, where they replied back to us twice after just about 30 minutes, or send them a ticket. 

ZenMate Gaming Customer Support

Besides, they also have tons of troubleshooting articles and step-by-step guides, which can really help you with even the most complex problems, seriously. Unfortunately, we still have to take away this 1 rating point for the lack of live chat, but it's really hard to complain about anything here.

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It seems that ZenMate has it all; great pricing, lots of available server locations, browser extension, and super helpful customer support. However, they lack one thing - stability.

And unfortunately, for gamers, this stability aspect is a priority, which is why we can't recommend this VPN service provider for gaming.
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