How to enable 2FA on Rocket League for trading

How to enable 2FA on Rocket League for trading

With the arrival of the update to version 1.93 of Rocket League, several changes have been made to the title. In addition to various adjustments that increase players' quality of life, solving multiple bugs and problems, one of the most interesting changes concerns the feature that allows players to exchange items with each other. From the release this  version , two-factor authentication will be required for Rocket League gamers on the Epic Games Store. Fortunately, activating Rocket League 2FA is a relatively easy process, so you'll be able to get back to trading reasonably quickly. 

How to enable 2FA on Rocket League for trading

To enable two-factor authentication on the Epic Games Store, a series of simple steps will be required:

  1. Visit 
  2. Sign in to your account. 
  3. You need an Epic Games account to trade, so you should already have an account set up here. If no, make one. 
  4. Click on "Account".
  5. Select the "Password & Security" button on the left-hand menu.
  6. Scroll down on this tab, and you should see a "Two Factor Authentication" section at the bottom of the page. 
  7. From here, you can choose three different options, all of which are pretty self-explanatory. To turn any of them on, click the switch next to it and follow the instructions:
  • The Authenticator App option will require you to use something like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator to log in. If you don't have any of them, simply go to Play Store or Apple store and download one of them. You'll need to scan a QR code with the app, and this will generate a new code every thirty seconds that will let you prove you are you.
  • The SMS Authentication option requires you to enter a mobile phone number in order to receive an OTP (One-Time-Password). Epic Games will then send a six-digit code to your phone to verify that you're you.
  • The Email Authentication option is similar to SMS verification, but codes will be sent to your email address instead.

All players must enable two-step verification to continue trading on rocket league. I am often asked if players should activate all three options of two-factor authentication. The answer is no! Activating one of the methods listed above is enough. Choose one or two methods that are most comfortable for you to use. A little note needs to be added for players who have started playing from the "free-to-play" version of the game. If you bought the game and you are, for example, a Steam player, you only need to activate two-factor authentication to be able to trade. Different speech for new players, who, in addition to activating the two-factor authentication, also needs to buy 500 credits from the game shop to trade in-game items with other players. Despite these precautions, it may happen that you have carried out all the steps but still find problems in trading.

2FA troubleshooting

I have enabled 2FA, but I still can't trade.

Suppose you've turned on two-factor authentication but still can't trade. In that case, you may have turned on two-factor authentication on a different epic account. To make sure you have activated two-factor authentication on the correct account, go to the epic games website and click "Sign in", and select the platform you play Rocket League from. Let's assume you play from a Playstation Network account, and once you click on this option, it doesn't take you to your main account; simply enter your PlayStation sign in details. Then you can go to your account details. Once you are in here, you can see all the account information on your epic games account. To verify that you have enabled two-factor authentication on the correct account, go to the "Connections" section then "Accounts". You should be to see your PlayStation account user ID. If the user ID is the same one you usually use to play Rocket League. If yes, go to "Security" tab and check if the 2FA is enabled. If you cannot see your PSN ID, you activated the 2FA on the wrong account.

I forgot my email address.

If you are a Star Trek fan, you may have used the Klingon language to create an email and later forget it. But don't worry, Spock is here to help you out! On the epic website, go to "Sign in" and select "Sign in with Google" then, you'll get a google mail screen with all your Gmail accounts. Either choose one of them or select "use another account". Two things will happen when you try to log in with your Gmail. Suppose there is no epic account linked to that email address. In that case, you will see a screen saying, "We were not able to find a linked Epic Games account", so you can just close the window and try another email address until you find the right one.

Impact on Trading

The impact on the trading world has been enormous. In the past, there have been numerous websites that promised through fake giveaways to give away items simply by entering your username and password of your game accounts. Through two-factor authentication, all unknown login attempts will be blocked. While the level of security has significantly improved, new players are forced to make a purchase of 500 credits in the game shop to be able to trade. This system allows avoiding creating scam accounts making the world of Rocket League trading safer for all users.