The Backfire: car stats and the best designs

The Backfire is a bulky car built for controlling the midfield. In this guide, you can find top Backfire Designs and key Infos [stats & hitbox]

What Is The Backfire In Rocket League?

The Backfire is a playable car type present in Rocket League. This car which was released in July 2015 is a very aesthetically pleasing design. Based on the typical American 50’s muscle car, this vehicle offers a visible engine effect and a stylish grill at the front of the car body.The inspiration for this model comes from the popular Ford model, the Rat Rod. This car is more desirable when it has a rusty frame and worn textures. Allowing the car to wear its experience as a badge of honor.

Backfire – Car Statistics

Now to help understand how this baby runs in-game. Giving you an idea of the in-game statistics that will make this model differ from other choices.This model runs off the octane car type, sharing the same hitbox with this standard car type. Listed below are the stats concerning the Backfire:

  • LENGTH: 118,01
  • WIDTH: 84,20
  • HEIGHT: 36,16
  • SURFACE AREA: 34.495
  • 0% BOOST SPEED: 2,323
  • 100% BOOST SPEED: 1,967

Octane is the ruler of competitive matches. With most professional players using this car type. The reason being that it has the most consistent shot impact, aerial ball control, and is the most effective car type for dribbling also.Not only is this an ideal design for pros but also the ideal design for beginners and casual players. With this well-rounded skill set, it has a low difficulty level entry. Making it suitable for all player types and giving it a certain versatility that makes it easy to change tactics on the fly.


The Backfire comes compatible with a number of very stylish decals that will really add to the overall aesthetic of your Rat Rod racer. These are only the common decals but this car can also be equipped with any universal decal. Here is a list of the common decals on offer.

  • Flames
  • Lightning
  • Skulls
  • Stars
  • Stripes
  • Tech
  • Wings

It’s the most likely list of common decals to find within Rocket League. Though this isn’t to say that this list is without merit. These designs all go quite nicely with the Rat Rod inspired model but if we were to choose the best fit, it would have to be the flames decal. It’s a no brainer to choose a radical design for this rugged frame. Here is the decal below:

Best Backfire Designs

Design 1: Trigon on Fire

This design uses the animated trigon decal along with pale blue and clean white overtones to create a really slick aesthetic. This geometric pattern is further complimented by the Illuminata wheels which also have a dynamic effect of flashing triangles.

  • Decal: Trigon (primary color : cyan, accent color : white)
  • Wheels: Illuminata (painted titanium white)
  • Boost: Fractal fire (painted titanium white)

This is then finished off with a fractal fire boost in titanium white to keep in line with the colour scheme. This Illuminati inspired car may be themed around a secret society, though there is no hiding the fact that this one is beautifully put together.

Design 2: Flying backfire

This design uses a bold blue colour for its wing decals alongside a backdrop of a grey, metallic body. The razzle wheels are a nice touch that keeps in line with that chromatic style and this one is finished off with the very classy magic missile boost trail in sky blue.

  • Decal: Wings (primary color: sky blue (semigloss), accent color: dark grey (anodized pearl)
  • Wheels: Razzle (painted sky blue)
  • Boost: Magic missile (painted sky blue)

It’s a simple design that just about any player will have most if not all of the items for. So if you want to stick some wings on your Backfire and take to the field in style, this design is a top choice.

Design 3: Straight Backfire | Standard Backfire

This design is a classic supercar design that just screams American Hot rod. The classy crimson red and pure white contrasting colour scheme makes this one look like the car from the Dukes of Hazard, with a bulkier frame of course.

  • Decal: Stripes (primary color: dark red (anodized, accent color: white (glossy)
  • Wheels: ‘70 Dodge Charger R/T
  • Boost: Super Manga-Bolt I

Then the super manga bolt II boost trail and beautiful 70’s Dodge Charger wheels tie this one together to give a fully realised design. So if you’re looking for a design that lets the other players know you’re ready to race for every ball, then check this one out.

Muscle Cars Make Soccer stars

Overall, this design is a really rugged and masculine design. Perfect for the classic car buff that wants to bring that to the field of play. With solid stats and fun decals to personalize your Rat Rod inspired model further.Along with a set of stats that makes it so easily accessible for new and experienced players alike. Plus an ability to switch your tactical emphasis on the fly due to the all-rounded nature of the model. It’s a phenomenal model that you just need to try out for yourself.