What is Batmobile in Rocket League?

The Batmobile is a car model present in Rocket League. This car comes in a number of different variants, two to be exact. There is the ’16 Batmobile and then there is the’ 89 Batmobile. These are both premium cars that would only be obtainable by the purchase of the Batman vs Superman justice DLC or the DC superheroes pack, respectively.

The 2016 Batmobile was the first to be released to the public with the car first arriving in Rocket League in March 2016. Whilst the more retro version of the iconic car became available two years later in March of 2018.

Sadly for players looking to purchase either of these vehicles on the market. They are currently unavailable as all DLC packs including these models have been removed. Though fear not because these items often find themselves available as spotlight items in the marketplace. So remain vigilant and you may get your hands on these yet.

The 2016 Batmobile is the more modern example of the two. Clearly taking its design from the Batman vs Superman movie and Batman Arkham video game series. Its detail perfectly represents the subject matter. With massive back wheels, sleek design details, and a spoiler that symbolizes wings of a bat. A truly outstanding piece that replicates everything that there is to love about the modern Batman series. Fans will love this model.

Then alternatively, perhaps more appealing to those who grew up in a different era, aspiring to be a different Batman. You have the 89′ Batmobile. The model is a complete replication of the iconic 1989 Batmobile driven around by one Michael Keaton whilst he chased Jack Nicholson who played the Joker. Its edges are much more sloped and forgiving than the 16′ model but it still maintains the batwing spoiler and sleek design qualities. It’s an instantly recognizable vehicle and one you can take to the field with if you so choose.

89′ Batmobile

We begin with the 89′ Batmobile which runs the stats and hitbox of a dominus body type. This is due to its low frame and bulky exterior. This makes this the more viable option competitively out of the two Batmobiles, at least as far as the community goes. Here is a rundown of the 89′ Batmobile stats.

  • Length – 127.93
  • Width – 83.28
  • Height – 31.30
  • Surface area – 34529
  • 0% boosting – 2.336
  • 100% Boosting – 2.031
  • Turning average – 2.22

The Dominus body type offers a number of attributes that are very desirable for players who like playing in behind the striker or in an attacking midfield role. These attributes allow for a number of beneficial opportunities.

One is the ability to strike from long range with great force and accuracy. Plus due to the lower frame, the ability to dribble while in the air is increased significantly. However what suffers is your ability to get in the air, to dribble on the ground, and tackles are less likely to be successful due to the low hitbox. Overall, it’s a rather accessible model which probably goes to show why the community has taken to it massively.

’16 Batmobile

Then moving onto the 2016 iteration of the Batmobile. This model runs on the significantly less popular plank body type. This perhaps makes this less widely considered. However, the plank body type still finds a decent amount of use in competitive play. Here is a rundown of the 2016 Batmobile stats.

  • Length – 128.82
  • Width – 84.67
  • Height – 29.39
  • Surface area – 34365
  • 0% Boosting – 2.342
  • 100% Boosting – 2.014
  • Turning average – 2.25

What these stats indicate in terms of playability for the 2016 Batmobile is that this vehicle offers certain pros and cons. The pros to expect are a superior shot power to most other types. Plus an aerial dribbling ability that is unmatched.

However, for these attributes, the player is likely to lose a lot of 50-50 challenges due to the low frame and this model is prone to a more common near miss or misplaced pass/shot. Overall, this model is not for a casual player, it takes time and practice to get good with this one. However, when the player truly understands this model’s potential, the rewards are plentiful.

The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler

It is also relevant to mention that there is a third premium vehicle that ties into the Batman universe. This third variant is the Dark Knight Rises Tumbler. This car is reminiscent of the car present in the Dark Knight trilogy with special reference to the critically acclaimed second entry in the series, The Dark Knight. This vehicle is exquisitely designed and bears a striking resemblance to the Batmobile present in the movie. This car also comes in painted variants and cannot be equipped with any decals.

Decals – Batmobiles

The Batmobile models are completely unique in that, apart from the painted variants. There is no form of painted customisation in the form of decals. The developers clearly think that the default design is far too sacred and beautiful to taint with other aspects and in all honesty, you can see exactly what they are getting at.

Fun Facts – Batmobiles

Just because these models are such interesting and unique ones within Rocket League, we’ve found some excellent little facts about the cars. Here they are below:

The 89′ version is referred to in the game’s code as eggplant, whilst the 16′ model is referred to as nightcar. Quite aptly named I suppose.

When demolished in a collision, these models will show a batman insignia instead of a ‘Boom’ effect.

The batmobile has a black Plunger in rumble matches.

Become The Night

Although the two cars offer two very different experiences both on and off the field of play. As a collective, these cars are a fantastic addition, even if it is simply for the purpose of collecting and showing them off in casual play. On the field, the 2016 Batmobile is the less popular body type of the two though it isn’t without its plaudits.

What it does offer is an unrivaled shot power and accuracy and brilliant aerial dribbling ability. So for that reason, if you can get past the poor tackling ability and its error-prone nature, it can still be a competitively viable car.

Then design wide, if you prefer a more modern look, the 16′ model is definitely the way to go. It’s a quintessential Batman model within the franchise and if you’re a big fan you’d be a fool to pass up the chance to ride around in it.

As for the 89′ model. It’s, for the majority of the player base, a much more accessible and competitively viable body type. Offering a wicked shot, aerial dribbling mastery and works excellently in the attacking midfield position in particular.

Then the design brings us back to the retro stylings of Michael Keaton’s role as Batman. Plus reminiscent of the Mark Hammill animated show’s car. It’s a wonderful design that allows the older player to feel at home in their Batmobile. So pick your favorite and become the night. They aren’t the cars that Rocket League want but they are the cars that Rocket League deserves.

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