Best Rocket League Betting sites [2020 Ranking]

E-Sports and betting have always gone hand in hand. Why would Rocket League be any different? Here are the best legit RL betting sites.

Despite the lack of Rocket League betting websites, we've carefully checked them all and picked out the best three ones in existence. If you're looking to make a few bets then these websites are the safest and the best for it. They all include eSport betting for other games as well so there's a good chance you've used some of these in the past as a result. Other websites do exist of course and might include other gambling aspects such as casino games but our focus is on Rocket League eSport betting. Some websites listed here might also include casino games alongside the eSport and sport betting sections.For the most part, the new Credits system in Rocket League hasn't changed the eSport betting websites. Most websites use real money for betting so it's very rare that Credits will ever get involved here. If Credits do somehow get involved then keep in mind that there is a 3-day Trade Hold period after buying then from the in-game store and you will be unable to use any Credits on your account. Credits can be traded to other players in exchange for an item but not for other Credits. For more information from the official Rocket League website on Credits, click here.


Rivalry is a known betting website for a variety of eSport games including CSGO, Street Fighter, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch and also Rocket League. If you've been betting on games in the past then it was most likely on this website. This website also allows for betting on certain Twitch streamers and sports events too.

The website is simple to navigate thanks to the clean UI. It almost looks minimalistic despite the number of options it holds. Rivalry has a variety of social media platforms including Twitter and Youtube where users can mix with the community. The website has a Chat Support option to assist users with problems and also a support email. For newcomers to betting, the website has an Academy to provide advice, strategies and more to help you learn about how it works,It has some house limits with a standard $15 minimum deposit fee and different maximums according to your membership level. Deposits are possible from a variety of payment gateways including Visa, Skrill and AstroPay. Unverified users cannot withdraw money and the minimum for withdrawals is $15 for other users via the same payment gateways.


Loot.Bet covers a wide range of games including Rocket League however, this part of the website is often rather slow and quiet due to a limited number of competitions. Luckily for the betting community, this website has a lot of mini-games to take part in with demos using fake money and versions with real money too.The UI is relatively simple though it's very difficult to click anything in the footer on the Bets page due to the page loading more betting options as you scroll down. This means you must be very fast or need to click on the main menu to go to another page. The footer includes details such as the Support email and phone number, the FAW, details on the Affiliate program and also a section for Security & Privacy.

This website only allows you to withdraw money through that payment gateway you deposited it which is why there looks to be only a few withdrawal options here. It's also only possible to deposit on this website using accounts or cards that are issued in your name meaning you cannot use someone else's card or account. Withdrawal requests also need to be verified which can take up to 72-hours and payments are processed between 13:00 and 18:00 (GMT+5) weekdays only so there can be delays outside of these hours including on weekends and local holidays.


This is a known website not just for Rocket League betting but Unikrn also betting for a lot of other games and has other benefits too. Users can take part in virtual betting as well so users can bet on never-ending fresh rounds of different games. The website also has a casino and even has a shop where users can buy game codes.

Navigation wise, the UI is simple though from the home page though it does tell you to sign up with the website first. However, users can also scroll down to select "Esports" from the "Bet" section of the footer which leads to the betting section for video games and also sports. Finding Rocket League here is easy thanks to the long menu on the left and selecting it will show the eSport games available for betting on.In terms of a social media presence, Unikrn is on a variety of platforms including Twitter, Twitch and has a Discord community as well. The website has a great Help Center which can be found at the bottom of the page in the footer and there's also a Contact option. There are full explanations for most parts of the website including what the special currencies for Unikrn are. The site uses a currency called UnikoinGold and UnikoinSilver for betting on the website which is converted real cash.

How to use betting sites safely

When it comes to betting websites, the safety aspect is the same regardless of which game it's for and most of this is good practice for any online websites you intend to pay money to. These are pretty standard so there's nothing unique to do for Rocket League betting websites. It doesn't matter where you find the website it's still a good idea to check these things:

  • Social media presence
  • Reviews
  • Payment options
  • Customer Support
  • Withdrawal and Deposit options

How to avoid RL Scam betting websites

It's a good idea to take a closer look at any website you consider betting on or buying from in general. Scams are becoming more elaborate in modern times so also check reviews carefully to see if they look like they were written by real people and by different people also. If the amount of reviews doesn't look like it matches the social media presence then you need to wonder why this is the case, especially for a website with high positive reviews but a small community.Another important thing to check is what payment options are available. Being able to use Paypal is a huge bonus as you'll be more protected using that payment gateway. Paypal makes it easier to get a refund if there is trouble. Checking what options are available before signing up and putting your account details also means you don't get caught off guard if the company doesn't list any payment gateways you use.


Rocket League betting is nowhere near as popular here as it is for other eSport games but that doesn't mean the scene doesn't exist. If you want to bet on other esports, make sure to check out this list of the best esport betting sites. There are various good Rocket League betting websites available for use. The ones listed above are some of our favorites and they offer eSport betting for other games too. We also really liked Unikrn due to their inclusion of casino mini-games with demos which is a great way to spend some extra time without needing to part with real cash, however, it also allows users to spend money they won through betting. These websites can offer good entertainment for a time but do remember that eSport betting is still gambling.Like with all gambling, you need to be mindful of your behaviors to avoid negative repercussions such as addition. Some of the Rocket League betting websites listed above have information there about techniques and help sources regarding addiction issues. While some are more vulnerable to this than others, everyone is vulnerable to scams without proper protection.Keep the basic rules for online safety in mind and always do your checks regardless of who recommended the website.The new Credits system shouldn't get in the way of Rocket League betting due to most websites using cash. If Credits do come into it, however, remember there is a 3-day Trade Hold period on all Credits in your account after purchasing new ones.