Best Bone Shaker Designs to get inspired in Rocket League

Rebuild the scariest & most intimidating vehicles in Rocket League by examining Our best Bone Shaker Designs.

Numerous vehicles have been incorporated into Rocket League by Epic Games and Psyonix. However, we’ve found that the Bone Shaker is amongst the most feared vehicles in Rocket League. This prompted TheGlobalGaming into listing our three Best Car Designs for the Bone Shaker. 

#1 The Reapers Minion with Rizer Decal

Harbor the darkness & impose fear into your opponents by unlocking the Reapers Minion. You’ll need to purchase cosmetic features for your Bone Shaker Battle-Car, including the Hanasha JRL Wheels and Candyfloss Rocket Boost. These cosmetic features aren’t expensive & are popular amongst players, with Candyfloss being amongst the Best Boosts in Rocket League.

  • Body: Bone Shaker
  • Decal: Rizer (Black)
  • Wheels: Hanasha JRL (Black)
  • Rocket Boost: Candyfloss (Black)
  • Goal Explosion: Reaper (Black)
  • Topper: Player’s Choice
  • Antenna: Player’s Choice
  • 1st Paint Finish: G8 Row G/Color 8
  • 2nd Paint Finish: G1 Row G/Color 1

Opposing teams would avoid TheGlobalGaming’s group as we approached their net. We hadn’t foreseen how intimidating & fearful the Reapers Minion would be against our opponents. In turn, we’d found ourselves ranking this vehicle amongst the Best Bone Shaker Designs in Rocket League. 

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#2 The Spectral Ghost with Supersonic Legend Decal

Supernatural environments are unlocked with the Spectral Ghost Car Design, including the Bone Shaker Hitbox and Supersonic Legend Decal. That means you’ll be acquiring what thousands of players considered the Best Decal in Rocket League. Moreover, this design retains the Hot Wheels Goal Explosion.

  • Body: Bone Shaker
  • Decal: S1 – Supersonic Legend
  • Wheels: OH5
  • Rocket Boost: Gold Rush
  • Goal Explosion: Hot Wheels
  • Topper: Player’s Choice
  • Antenna: Player’s Choice
  • 1st Paint Finish: D6 Row D/Color 6
  • 2nd Paint Finish: A1 Row A/Color 1

Thanks to the Hot Wheels Goal Explosion, we’d found ourselves impressing enemy teams & our teammates whenever goals were acquired. In turn, this vehicle model should improve your online matches and expand your total area throughout the arena.  

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#3 The Night Robber with Spider Boogie Decal

The undead are reborn with the Night Robber Car Design in Rocket League. You’ll need to purchase cosmetic components for your Bone Shaker. However, the associated cost isn’t beyond the reach of average consumers. You’ll unlock components like the Grave Robber Topper, which is ranked amongst the Best Toppers in Rocket League.

  • Body: Bone Shaker
  • Decal: Spider Boogie
  • Wheels: Hamster (Black)
  • Rocket Boost: Night Terror
  • Goal Explosion: Vampire Bat (Purple)
  • Topper: Grave Robber
  • Antenna: Flower – Orchid 
  • 1st Paint Finish: A10 Row A/Color 10
  • 2nd Paint Finish: D13 Row D/Color 13

This design is positioned alongside the Best Rocket League Car Hitboxes. You’ll be hard pressed to locate another DLC Car as frightening & imposing as the Bone Shaker. As such, you’ll find this design has become a popular choice amongst professional players. 

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You’re never limited in Rocket League. That’s the greatest thing about this video game. Customization is never-ending. However, some vehicles are ranked higher than others. For those not favoring the Bone Shaker Car Designs we’ve listed, you could also advise our best X-Devil Designs in Rocket League. This will provide you with more choices with your selection.