Best Rocket League Rank Boosting Services

Best Rocket League Rank Boosting Services

Ranks are an important thing to many multiplayer-focused gamers and for those dedicated to Rocket League, there's not much else besides casual play. If you're not someone who plays with friends or maybe someone who competes for rank with friends then ranking can be the only thing you care about in this game. It's nothing unique to Rocket League and many online multiplayer games have this as well. It's more common in games like CSGO or League of Legends where there is a stronger competitive community but Rocket League isn't immune to this either.

What is Rocket League Rank Boosting?

Rank boosting is the term for paying another player to boost your rank by playing on your account to increase your ranking level. A rank boosting service usually belongs to a company of some kind which has a team of different players available for rank boosting. These players are usually skilled at the game as it means they can boost the rank faster which also gives the rank boosting service better reviews overall.

Rocket League Rank boosting

Essentially then, this is the practice of paying a significantly skilled player to either complete matches using your account or play on your team. This allows your account to quickly advance up in rank. Common options include paying for a set rank boost or a certain number of guaranteed wins. Prices will depend on what type of service you're looking to get and the company you're buying from as well. High skilled boosters might cost extra depending on the company and the amount you're looking to have done.

Who is using Rocket League Rank Boosting and why?

Rank boosting is used by people for various reasons. For many players, simply getting a massive leg up on the competition is valuable. Others use rank-boosting to subvert the difficulty in ranking up during the early levels. For a game that emphasizes teamwork, you can imagine having an uncommitted team could be incredibly frustrating and makes it hard to advance. Cheating in Rocket League can get someone permanently banned, so rank boosting allows players to advance without using aim-hacks or other software hacks.

Rocket League Rank boosting

While jumping up a few rank levels is important to players, there are rewards for reaching different goals. These were introduced in Season 5 and while the Season Reward Level is independent on the matchmaking ranking, winning matches is crucial for this. You need 10 wins to progress up each rank and where you finish at the end of the season gives you an appropriate reward. For players who can't spend much time to complete all 70 wins to finally reach the top reward level, it can get very frustrating. Losing matches doesn't count against you, even if it means you go down in the matchmaking ranking. Having another player play on your account means you will get the reward tier you want.For competitive, however, the ranking tiers constantly change. They're adjusted depending on how many players are currently competing. One solution players may use is rank boosting services on the final few days to ensure you don't lose their place.

What to look for when using Rocket League Rank Boosting services

What you need to be mindful of is the fact that not all websites are legit. Since Rank Boosting often isn't allowed as it goes against the EULA players sign to play the game, it's very unlikely the developer or publisher would help you. Due to the concerns of legitimacy, you must always do your research into a company and don't just trust a recommendation. It's your account be put at risk!It's a good idea to do a proper social media presence check to see how many platforms they're on, how active they are, what their community is like and what people are saying about them. This doesn't mean people who they sponsor but you want to see what the general vibe is from the community. If they don't have an online presence then there's a good chance this company isn't one you want to trust.

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The company reviews will tell you what kind of experience customers had with this service and you can also see if those are legit or not. Some online companies will pay for fake reviews or post fake reviews themselves. Be careful with this and checking in conjunction with the social media presence will tell you how real the reviews are.It's also a good idea to check and see if they offer PayPal as a payment gateway. Using PayPal gives you an added level of security for if there is a case of fraud as it's much easier to get a refund through PayPal than most other payment platforms. This is especially true for websites using G2A as the payment gateway and is something you want to aim to avoid.

Downsides and Risks of Rocket League Rank Boosting

There is a reason for caution when considering rank-boosting in Rocket League. There is a very real risk of having your account stolen since you may need to give the booster your account details. Depending on the type of boosting you've signed up for, another player may need to log into your account so they can play on your behalf. There are other types of boosting where the booster will join your party and play with you which doesn't usually require giving up account details.An experienced player using a new or under-ranked account, aka “smurfing,” is looked upon negatively by the competitive community. Very few players like to see a smurf account in their game which can result in reports being made against the account. Developers usually watch for this kind of thing as well and will issue some kind of punishment if caught.Many of the major Rocket League rank boosting companies use G2A as a payment gateway, a company well known for its shady business practices. This isn't great since G2A isn't good at helping you out if there is an issue of fraud or any other problem. The best thing to do is to use PayPal if the option is there or skip that website if it's not.

Best Rocket League Rank Boosting services

We've decided to help you out with your research and get you started. Finding a good Rocket League Rank Boosting service can be tricky since there's a lot to consider but we've found three of the best ones. While we try to be as accurate as possible, websites and services can change over time. Sometimes they make sudden changes that might make some information obsolete within the next week after this was uploaded. This is why it's critical you do your research and checks of these regardless.


G2G features a lot of games with a variety of services for each one. For Rocket League it's also possible to buy items, accounts and coaching from this website too. They also have a strong social media presence with an active Facebook and Twitter page where other users leave comments.

Rocket League Rank boosting G2G

Each seller offers different prices and services though most are for small rank boosts from Bronze to Silver 1 for example. Others allow smaller boosts inside ranks such as Diamond 2 to Diamond and others are priced per division. They all have a guaranteed time for delivery and allow you to purchase multiple at once which is useful depending on what the seller offers.

Rocket League Rank boosting G2G

The bottom right of the page has a pop-up box for G2G Support with plenty of FAQs to help answer questions and to search for specific help as well. This is the limited version of the Support Center however and if you scroll to the bottom of the page then click “support”, it will take you to the Support website.

Pro Boosting

Pro Boosting doesn't show what users will be boosting your account, instead, it tells you how many players are available for boosting. The Rocket League section currently has 26 Boosters in total and the website updates this if new boosters join their team and list how many are available for work.

Rocket League Rank boosting Proboosting

The purchase form gives you the option to select between different platforms, any special additions, the mode and more. It gives you some good options but the inability to select the booster is one that many won't be happy with. If you scroll down the page it also lists the different boosters that work with Rocket League and you can also see personal reviews for each booster.

Rocket League Rank boosting Proboosting

However, there are no working social media links on this website. They have a Facebook account that was linked to this website but that no longer works. To get full access to everything then you'll need to make an account to get entry to the Members Area. The bottom right does have a tab for help and quick access to support. There is also a dedicated Rocket League FAQ on the rank-boosting page.

Buy Boosting

This website offers different services such as Rocket League Rank Boosting, win boosting and some others too. They offer a purchase form where users can select your current rank and then your desired rank, the platform you play on, the type of matches and any additional factors such as them live-streaming it. Websites with this allow for extra security as you can watch the player boosting your account play the game for you or you could even play with the booster.

BuyBoosting Review Rocket League Ranks

It's also possible to buy Priority so your request is raised higher in the queue.Buy Boosting allows buyers to use different payment gateways including Bitcoin, Visa and ones specific to different regions. This gives users a lot of variety and options to choose from so they can stay as safe as possible.

BuyBoosting Review Rocket League Ranks

There is a Live Support option and FAQ on the website to help clear up any confusion regarding how the website works. The top of the page also provides a link to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account along with their Skype for an alternative support option.

Our favorite Rocket League Rank Boosting Service

From the ones we looked at and the best ones we listed above, our favorite was Buy Boosting. On this company has a lot of great reviews which support the services and also the customer service.  It's possible to filter by the most helpful reviews and to see if Buy Boosting responded to which is good. Seeing how they handle the lower-rated reviews is also important as it's a reflection on the company in regards to how willing to compensate and help buyers.Overall, Buy Boosting contains a good amount of options when it comes to making the purchase and with the support options too. The additional bonus of good social media options and lots of reviews makes them a perfect Rocket League Rank Boosting service.

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Overall, rank-boosting seems like an interesting way for experienced players to make money and a quick way to level up your account if you can't do so for some reason. More experienced players can smurf on other players’ accounts while earning money and players who want to get a step up with the game get guaranteed results. Boosting services offer a quick turnaround time with guaranteed results and while a new player being boosted up to the top won't survive long, there are other benefits. Being able to play with an experienced and high skill player means they can improve their skill at the game for a long-term gain as well.