Best Current Rocket League Giveaways Available

Are you looking for Rocket League giveaways but can't seem to find them? We've compiled them for you!
Best Current Rocket League Giveaways Available

Looking for the best Rocket League giveaways? You've come to the right place! Here you'll find a comprehensive list of all legit Rocket League giveaways. This article has rounded up all the giveaways you can use to get free items in the game, so you can rock the ball with style!

Rocket League giveaways provide you with the opportunity to get all kinds of cosmetic items, Credits, and even a Rocket Pass (which can be worth it). We'll also provide some useful tips and tricks for finding the best giveaways for you, so you can always find what you're looking for.

Our Rocket League Giveaway

That's why we decided to host a giveaway that renews, so make sure to use this opportunity and join our Rocket League giveaway for the chance to win fantastic rewards!

Once you enter our giveaway, be sure to enter all the other giveaways we're about to reveal because this will increase your chances of winning. The competition is huge, but don't let that discourage you - anyone can win the Rocket League giveaway!

Giveaways On Other Platforms

Current Rocket League Giveaways On Twitter

First things first, let's start with Twitter. This is one of the best places to find any gaming giveaway, including Rocket League giveaways. That's because these fan-made giveaways are hosted by streamers and content creators who use them to promote their streams or content.

You'll need to have a Twitter account if you want to enter any of these giveaways, as most of the time, you'll need to follow the accounts and retweet or like tweets in order to enter. We've managed to find some Twitter accounts that actively host Rocket League giveaways, so be sure to follow all of the accounts from this list below.

Twitter Handle

Giveaway Link


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway

Current Rocket League Giveaways On Reddit

Reddit may not have that many Rocket League giveaways like Twitter does, but it's still certainly worth checking out, especially since the official RL subreddit has over one million subscribers (or Rocketeers, as they call it). In addition, these giveaways are usually hosted on various platforms, which means you'll need to perform several tasks in order to join.

These tasks may include following someone on social media accounts, watching some YouTube video, or anything of a similar difficulty level. We've also included an additional Rocket League subreddit for exchanges, as well as a few other subreddits that often host gaming giveaways.















Current Rocket League Giveaways On Discord

Like many other online games these days, Rocket League has an official Discord server. However, this game also has a few fan-made servers on this platform that have hundreds of thousands of members, making them a fruitful place for giveaways.

In some cases, server members will be notified of any potential giveaways in advance. However, giveaways may appear without warning at other times. That's why you should join these Rocket League servers on discord and follow the server notifications, so you don't miss out on anything.

Discord Server


Rocket League (Official server)

Join the server

Rocket League Garage

Join the server

Rocket Planet

Join the server

Rocket League Hub

Join the server

Rocket League Germany

Join the server

Current Rocket League Giveaways From Other Sources

In addition to all the giveaway sources we've listed so far, we also managed to find Rocket League giveaways in various other places. The first three links include Rocket League trading and marketplace websites, where players can exchange their in-game items and much more, while the other links include TikTok discover page and Facebook groups - which are surprisingly large!



Game marketplace website


Rocket League fan site

Rocket League Garage

Rocket league trading site

Rocket League Exchange


TikTok discovery page

Facebook group

Rocket League Community

Facebook group

Rocket League Trades

Facebook group

Rocket League Nation

Tips & Tricks For Finding The Rocket League Giveaways

If you can't seem to find an active Rocket League giveaway, the solution is to look for the platform gift cards instead. For instance, if you play Rocket League on Steam, look for the Steam gift cards. The reason is quite simple - you can use these gift cards to top up your account and, using that balance, purchase anything Rocket League-related.

And if you do manage to find Rocket League giveaways that aren't listed in our article that look very generous, keep in mind that these are most likely scams, so you should stay away from these websites at all costs.

Finally, you need to keep in mind that nearly every bigger Rocket League giveaway will have way too many joined users, which is why you should look for the less popular ones, such as those found on Twitter or Facebook.

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