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Best Mods That Are Worth Trying Out In Rocket League

Want to have some customized fun in Rocket League? Here are some of the best mods, Rocket League Edition!

Published on Dec 05, 2022
Best Mods That Are Worth Trying Out In Rocket League

Rocket League Mods are fun additions you can download to make the game more enjoyable. This means that the mods alter aspects of the game such as the map, game mode, skin and so on, in order to customise the game to make it more enjoyable than it already is. 

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The Obstacle Course Workshop Map

The Obstacle course mod is one of the best Rocket League mods because it is a very beginner friendly Workshop Map. Rocket League is a very difficult game if you are a beginner because of its insane mechanics. A lot of players usually quit the game because of this reason. The Obstacle course is an insanely fun training map with crazy obstacles to overcome, which helps beginners learn the different mechanics of the game such as the driving, handling and boosting mechanics.

Obstacle Course Mod
Obstacle Course Mod

This is one of the oldest and best Rocket League mods out there. This game mode has a lot of levels to grind which will make you spend a ton of hours getting better at the game. This mod has a very trippy map, so make sure to complement the map by making your car look cool with some amazing decals.

To start the installation process you first need to replace the default training map with the workshop map. Here's how you do it:

  1. Navigate to the CookedPCConsole folder in your rocket league install folder [C:Program Files (x86)]
  2. Save a backup of the current Freeplay mode "Park_P.upk" eg "Park_P_backup.upk"
  3. Download the file Obstacle Course Mod file and rename to "Park_P.upk" and move it to the CookedPCConsole folder.
  4. Restart Rocket League and go into training. Click on Freeplay and it should load the workshop map.

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Dominus NEON mod+ glowengine 2.0 + var decal Mod

This Mod is by HurricaneModding which was released in 2021. This is a very cool mod as it can make your Rocket League a hundred times more enjoyable than it already is. This mod makes the Dominus and other cars look fantastic with bright neon and futuristic aspects, and these cosmetic changes and bound to make you feel like you're playing a different game with amazing visuals. 

Dominus NEON mod+ glowengine 2.0 + var decal Mod
Dominus NEON mod+ glowengine 2.0 + var decal Mod

Here's how you can download this mod: 

  1. To start off you need to install the following applications and plugins-  winrar/winzip/7zip or any other un/packign app, Bakkesmod and the AlphaConsole plugin. 
  2. Open bakkesmod, go to  “File”, then click on “Open BakkesMod folder”
  3. Open the “Data” folder and click on the “acplugin” folder
  4. Open the related mod folder and click on DecalTextures
  5. Extract the .rar/.zip file there
  6. Start Rocket League and open the AlphaConsole by pressing "F5"
  7. Now select, if required, the needed item/decal/wheel.

These Mods can sometimes make the game very laggy and unplayable, so make sure you have the right requirements in order to fix the lag and have a smooth gaming experience.

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The Quidditch Workshop Map

If you're a fan of Harry Potter and Rocket League then boy, this is the mod for you! Inspired by the famous game played in the popular Harry Potter series, this mod has the mechanics of Rocket League mixed with the rules of Quidditch.

Quidditch Mod
Quidditch Mod

Get all your friends for a fun-packed night even if they're not a fan of the franchise. The Quidditch game mode is actually a really fun game on its own, so you're friends will probably have a fun time playing the game once they understand the rules.

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The Race Night Workshop Map

The Race Night Mod is a very cool-looking obstacle course map where you can compete with your friends. As this is an Online Mode (Exhibition mode), you will find leaderboards, a built-in timer and of course a lot of fun obstacles.

Race Night Mod
Race Night Mod

This is an amazing way to keep Rocket League fresh amongst you and your friends. A lot of players get bored of the normal vanilla version of Rocket League game modes and move to other games. Fortunately, there are fun mods to keep things interesting. Competing with your friends can also become boring if you don't have anything to show off. So, try out different wheels and boosts to stand out compared to your friends! Here's how you can install this mod:

  1. Open C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonrocketleagueTAGameCookedPCConsole
  2. Backup Park_P file inside
  3. Extract, open race_night folder and drag all contents into CookedPCConsole and replace all files if asked
  4. Restart Rocket League and go to "Exhibition Match"
  5. Set Unlimited Time Mutator and you're ready to go
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