Best Trading Website to get new Rocket League Items [2021]

Looking for a Rocket League trading site that is legit, safe, supports a variety of platforms and offers good customer support? Check out our list!

Keys in Rocket League have been replaced by Credits now. These are used to purchase Featured items from the Item Shop, build Blueprint items, upgrade your Rocket Pass and to trade. After making a purchase there will be a 3-day holding time for trading with effects all your Credits. So this means you can't trade these things:

  • Credits
  • Any item built from Blueprints during the Trade Hold period
  • Pro Tier items from the Rocket Pass purchased with Credits during the Trade Hold

Credits can be traded for items with other players. It's only possible to trade Credits for an item but you cannot trade them for other Credits or a combination of items and Credits.

Rocket League Garage

The Rocket League Garage is a website where players can trade items with other fans of the game to get the one they want. While trading is not the main purpose of the website, it's become a core feature. Rocket League Garage was the first fan website created for the game and covers all things Rocket League including news, item lists, fantasy and trading.

RLGarage Review Rocket League

Trading here is simple, there's a good filter for searching through trades quickly so you can find the best one for you. It also includes the platform that the user is using and the ability to contact that user on their platform of choice. Trades are 100% through other users and only for in-game items. The website does have Trading Rules though this page can be easy to miss even when looking for it due to the text being small. There are clear rules for what will result in a warning and what will result in a ban for users.

RLGarage Review Rocket League

While there is limited information about how to report users on the website, Rocket League Garage does have a Discord where users can receive help quickly.While most trades here are item-for-item trades, Credits are popular for trading since this is the most common currency for Rocket League. Cash trades are not advertised on this website, however, since this is a user-to-user trading website there is still a potential for this. The most common way to advertise a potential willingness to cash trades is to request “Offers”.


Aoeah is a known trading site for various games including Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76 and also Rocket League. In addition to this, there's also the currency for sale from a much wider range of games including World of Warcraft and Warframe. Aoeah offers a wide variety of Rocket League items at the "lowest price on the market". Users can trade items, sell and buy various Rocket League items from this website.

Aoeah Review Rocket League

It allows for easy filtering at all stages of the item search so users can find what they need for their chosen platform. The clear UI system makes it obvious how to find items for certain platforms before filtering the search further. The item filter allows user to be as specific as they like including with options for rarity and name searches too. Once the item has been purchased users will be sent it very quickly from another user. The website also has a Crate Simulator which gives Aoeah account holders a chance to win Credits daily.

Aoeah Review Rocket League

To make the trade you'll need to include your Xbox Tag, PSN Online ID or Steam URL according to the platform you're purchasing for. It has a wide variety of payment options including PayPal, bitcoin and Visa. The website also clearly displays if there are any fees for each payment option which is good to know.


Traderflip is a known trading website for a handful of popular games including CSGO, Fortnite and Rocket League. It's related to the Gameflip website which is specific to item-for-cash trades whereas Traderflip is focused on item-for-item trades. If you're only looking to trade items for other items or Credits then this is the one you want to be using.

Traderflip Review Rocket League

While the UI is simple, it works as a list of trades for users to scroll through giving it more of a classifieds feels than some others on this list. Individual users can post trade offers to the website for others to contact them later if they're interested. The filter system works well so users can select specific item model they're looking for and the platform they're on. Unlike the other websites here though, Traderflip allows users to trade Rocket League items for items from other games such as CSGO. Since these trades are user-to-user, it's possible to set-up any trade you like.

Traderflip Review Rocket League

Trading rules can be found at the bottom of the page in the footer of the website but users can also leave notes on their trade offers to give more details. It notes that trading for money is not allowed on this website and is purely at the risk of the user. Tradeflip does lack a community on Twitter but it has a Discord group. There is also no obvious support on this website so it's advised to go through the Discord if help is needed.


RLTracker is a Rocket League website with news, rank tiers information, giveaways and also item trading. This is a great website for Rocket League fans even if you don't intend to do any trading with others. It also displays recent posts to the Rocket League Reddit and lists what the most highly demanded items are on the home page.

RlTracker Review Rocket League

Trading here is between individual players so users need to communicate directly with each other to agree on a trade. RLTrackers also lists if the user is online and when they were last online which is handy for dealing with real people. Clicking on an individual's username will show their profile page for this website including all of their open trade offers, Discord name, reputation and more. It's also possible to search by platform and to search for specific items here.

RlTracker Review Rocket League

Due to the risk involved with user-to-user trading, RLTracker has a Scammer List available on the website do users can check to see if their potential trading partner is safe. The website has created a list using reports from various independent databases which have been centralized to make trading as safe as possible. They recommend taking video or photographic proof of all trades made for Rocket League and other games.


Rocket League might have a strong trading scene but it's not as popular as other large games like CSGO which means most trading will be done through other individuals. Unlike a lot of the trading websites for games, most Rocket League websites don't use automated bots to control the exchanges. They're completed manually and privately between players. The website can monitor messages on their websites however most of them also encourage users to speak privately. When speaking privately be sure to take screenshots of the conversation as a safety net.The Credit system might be useful and a great trading option for Rocket League but it does come with a downside. The Trade Hold blocks users from trading items for three days after buying an item from the store. After the period is over then users can go back to trading with other players like normal.Trading Rocket League items is simple for all platforms and you shouldn't have much trouble here if you do some due diligence first. Always be sure to check about reviews for the website and also if it lists payment options too.