The Ultimate Guide On Black Market Items in Rocket League

What are black market items

Rocket League Black Market decals are a type of in-game item that all Rocket League players want to get. They are unique, and unlike standard decals, Black Market decals (once called mystery decals) are applicable on all cars. Until December 2019, it was possible to drop these black markets in some crates. The crates contained special items such as bodies, decals, goal explosions, boosts, trails and wheels. After patch v1.70 of December 2019, the crate system has been removed in favour of Blueprints. Blueprints can be randomly obtained at the end of online matches. You can then craft the item from the blueprint by spending credits, trade the blueprint with another player, or keeping it in your inventory. 

How to get black market items?

You can get Black Market Items via drops, on 3rd party sites like RL.Exchange, by trading them with other players or buying them in the in-game item shop (only on rare occasions).

With the new challenge system introduced with the free-to-play version, Psyonix has added weekly and seasonal challenges. Each week, players have the opportunity to complete three free weekly challenges. When the week updates (Wednesday), three new challenges replace the previous week's challenges. In addition, users who have purchased the Rocket Pass Premium with credits receive three additional challenges. The weekly challenges are pretty easy to complete and require little effort. These weekly challenges may need the player to make five assists in online matches or perform ten saves. Weekly Challenges must be completed within the week in which they are posted. On the other hand, the Season Challenges last throughout the Season and are much more complicated to complete but give better rewards than the weekly challenges. Rewards include customization items, XP, or drops. 

Drops are a "free-to-open" version of old crates. When a drop is opened, the items are immediately added to your inventory. Drops come in every rarity type and offer all kinds of items starting with uncommon, including black market items. As I just mentioned, drops are divided into three different categories (Rare, Very Rare and Import), but you have a small chance to drop a black market if you are lucky enough for each of them. Of course, you can still trade black markets in the form of blueprint or crafted item with other players for credits, blueprints or even different items in your inventory. But remember! If you get a blueprint of a black market, you still have to pay some credits to craft the item. For the first time, those who start playing Rocket League will see new pilots' challenges in their challenges menu. This is how new players get the chance to unlock items that were included in the base game before the free-to-play game version. The new accounts will only have access to Octane, Breakout and Merc, but, thanks to the challenges for new drivers, they will be able to expand their garage and unlock some common cars and items that were already unlocked in the paid version of Rocket League. Complete the challenges for new pilots or reach level 20 to be able to access the weekly challenges.

Another way to get Black Markets is through Trade-ups. Trade-ups allow the player to trade 5 items for 1 item with a higher rarity. All 5 items must share the same rarity ( 5 uncommon or 5 rare, for example). Once the trade-up has been made, it will no longer be possible to obtain the five used items again.

Item Trade-in Breakdown:  

  • 5 Uncommon = 1 Rare
  • 5 Rare Items = 1 Very Rare
  • 5 Very Rare = 1 Import 
  • 5 Imports = 1 Exotic 
  • 5 Exotics = 1 Black Market 

You can trade in the following Items:

  • Free post-game drops
  • Revealed Blueprints 
  • Free Items that share the same rarity received after Free to Play

You can not trade items if they were received from the following sources: 

  • Item Shop 
  • Esports Shop  
  • Golden Items
  • Rocket Pass 
  • Event Stores 
  • Fan Rewards

How are black market items categorized?

Rocket league black markets are divided into two categories: Goal explosions and Decals. There are a total of twenty-six decals and twenty Goal explosions obtainable in Rocket League. Every black market can be certified, but only some of them can be painted. 

The paintings are thirteen: Black, White, Grey, Crimson, Pink, Cobalt, Sky Blue, Sienna, Saffron, Lime, Green, Orange and Purple. A non-painted item is called "Default". 

On the other hand, certifications are fifteen: Acrobat, Aviator, Goalkeeper, Guardian, Juggler, Paragon, Playmaker, Scorer, Show-Off, Sniper, Striker, Sweeper, Tactician, Turtle and Victor.

The paint and certification system can increase the price of the Black Market. Only the most recent black markets can be painted. Also, you can trade them with other players or buy them for real money from the in-game shop. Since they are some of the rarest items in the game, many players try to get their hands on these items and consequently, their value is very high, reaching prices close to twenty thousand credits. Their price, however, depends a lot on the platform you play on.