Rocket League Blueprints: everything you need to know

To get the most premium items, you'll need to know the blueprint system. We have you covered: Trade-in Blueprints, Blueprint Series & more.

What are Rocket League Blueprints?

When it comes to rocket league items, there are a multitude of them that come ready-made and simply pop into your inventory ready for use. However, there are a number of items that require a special procedure to obtain. Items that are usually high in rarity and value. They will come in the form of blueprints, giving the player the tools to construct this item if they so choose.The way the player can act on these blueprints and build these luxury items is through the use of credits. These are of course the currency that you use in-game on the marketplace and also to purchase the Rocket Pass. The acquired blueprint will give you a value of credits needed to make the item and if you have that available then you can obtain that item.

The new Keys and Crates

This system replaces the older crate and keys system that was present to get luxury items. These items that can be obtained through the blueprint system tend to be of a very valuable nature. With some items on offer being painted variants, certified or special edition items.These blueprints come in two main variants: one of which is revealed and the other being unrevealed.Unrevealed blueprints are those that have been converted from another currency. For example, the old crates and keys system was removed and those with keys remaining had those converted to credits and the crates were made into unrevealed blueprints. These can be revealed and the process has no cost or penalty.It is also worth noting that although revealed blueprints are tradable, you will have to convert your unrevealed blueprints in order to use them as bargaining chips in trades.

How to get Rocket League Blueprints

The way you get blueprints in Rocket League is no different from the way that players used to receive crates. There are multiple avenues in which these can be granted to you. Whether that be through tournaments or playing online matches. However, there is little known about the algorithm linked to the frequency in which you receive these blueprints.What is known is that at the end of completed online matches, you have a chance to obtain a blueprint (you can use credits to build them).The reason why this occurs when it does is not clear. These will appear on screen after matches along with the rewards such as XP and event currency (during an event period).

How do you use Blueprints in Rocket League?

Although many worried at the time crates were being replaced. Blueprints are so simple to use and retain a lot of the same charm that the previous system had.If you have acquired an unrevealed blueprint before it is usable you will have to reveal the item that the blueprint corresponds to. This costs you nothing. Once you have done this, the possibilities are essentially cut into two options.If you receive a blueprint for a very desired item, you will most likely want to obtain it.To do so the player must select the blueprint in their inventory. From there it will be clear how much they will cost to unlock and build. If you are happy with the valuation and have enough credits, then simply build the item and it will appear in your inventory. Although an important caveat to bear in mind is that once you redeem these items they become untradable. So make sure you want to spend your hard-earned credits before you commit.However, it is also possible that you receive a blueprint that is out of your price range or the item is not your style at all. What you can do is trade the blueprint for more desirable items. There are many ways to trade your items, that’s why we wrote a list of the best ways to trade your Rocket League items. This allows you to offload unwanted goodies for something that’s more your speed.

Trade-in Blueprints

Moreover, Psyonix released an update where you can trade-in the blueprints you don’t like for higher-quality ones. The blueprint trade-in system works just as the old trade-in system does, where five items of the same quality will result in one item of a higher quality. This is a useful feature to get rid of those low-quality blueprints and to keep your garage clean.

What Blueprints are available?

So you may be wondering what Blueprints can be obtained in Rocket League. The blueprints themselves all belong to a series that follows a specific theme. These come in normal, special event and champion varieties. Here is a quick list of the various blueprint series that you may earn in online matches.

Standard blueprint series:

  • Accelerator series
  • Elevation series
  • Ferocity series
  • Ignition series
  • Impact series
  • Nitro series
  • Overdrive series
  • Revival series
  • Player’s Choice series
  • Triumph series
  • Turbo series
  • Velocity series
  • Victory series
  • Vindicator series
  • Zephyr series

Then we have the special events blueprints listed below.

  • Haunted hallows series
  • Secret santa series
  • Spring fever series
  • Beach blast series
  • Totally awesome series

Then lastly we have the champion series blueprints listed here

  • Champion 1
  • Champion 2
  • Champion 3
  • Champion 4

Please notice that Psyonix adds new blueprints on a regular basis, so make sure to write us in the comments if we forgot one!

Build Your Perfect Ride

Overall, the switch from the crate system to the blueprint system has been a smooth one. Thanks to the system remaining accessible and easy to understand, plus retaining a number of the old systems’ core qualities. It has allowed players to transition easily to this new method.It is also a move that is more in line with ESRB guidelines as the franchise moved away from loot boxes. This is a positive move to make.The system allows players to pick and choose the items that they want to obtain after earning through play. This is rather than a randomized nature that was present previously and in general, the community has responded positively to the change. Plus it compliments the trading aspect of the game perfectly. So now that you are clued up on blueprints, go earn some in online games and build your perfect car!