Learn everything about the Bubbly Decal in Rocket League [Price, Prediction, etc...]

Everything you need to know about the popular black market item in Rocket League!
Learn everything about the Bubbly Decal in Rocket League [Price, Prediction, etc...]

In this article we will look into the present value of Bubbly. We will discuss its current price and the reason behind it. We will also discuss the historical price of bubbly. Furthermore, we will evaluate what we can expect from the future.

How to get the Bubbly in Rocket League?

The Bubbly is a black market decal and it was initially released in the Nitro series wi in May 2017. 


Bubbly is one of the only decals that have never been released in any additional series. This is obviously other than the golden series where it is featured. You can also trade it with other players as well. The Bubbly is unfortunately not released in painted versions, which is a shame because it is a great black market decal. The Bubbly is one of the all-time favorite black markets historically but has not quite managed to hold this position in the last few years. 

What is the current value of Bubbly?

  • PC: 250 Rocket League credits ≈ 1,5$
  • PlayStation: 250 Rocket League credits ≈ 1,5$
  • Xbox: 500 Rocket League credits ≈ 1,5$

Bubbly is worth the same on all platforms. Even though it cost twice as much on Xbox, the credits are worth twice as little making Bubbly worth the same. The Bubbly has dropped a lot on all platforms. It has been significantly worse on PS and PC where the decal dropped by around 75% in a couple of years. This is not unusual. Most black market decals have lost a lot of value recently. Even though the decal has performed the best on Xbox, it has lost around 60% of its value. It’s a good Rocket League decal for the price.


The huge change regarding most black markets is a result of a lot of new black markets being added. This reduces the uniqueness and demand for each black market. 

This makes each black market decal drop a lot. Since Bubbly is quite unique and has always been super popular it is a bit of a shock that it has dropped with that much. On top of that, no painted variants have been added to Bubbly. Therefore it is a bit surprising that it has not managed to do better. Furthermore, it has not been added to a lot of new series. Therefore the supply of Bubbly has not increased by a lot. Therefore it is also surprising that it dropped so much.

What can we expect from the future?

The future for many black markets is not bright. Why is that the case and how will Bubbly react?


Bubbly is expected to perform averagely compared to other black markets. It has been doing bad so far but make no mistake it is still a super cool and good-looking black market. We can’t look past and ignore its recent history and therefore can only give it a rating of average for an investment.


We expect Bubbly to have the same value on all platforms in the future, We expect Bubbly to drop to 1$ on all platforms. This means we expect it to drop a little bit on all platforms. This is because we expect the average black market decal to drop in value. However, there is potential for more since it still looks super good and the demand could very well return in the future.

What could drastically change the value of Bubbly?

Now we would like to shortly evaluate the potential for huge price fluctuations. Which events could lead to this? 


Many older black markets have received painted variants after a lot of years. Not even that long ago. An example of this is 20xx. Therefore it is possible that Psyonix is going to add painted variants of Bubbly. This would drastically change the value of the Bubbly decal (which is already happening for some items in the Rocket League economy). 

If this happens we expect the unpainted version to increase in price because of the hype. Then we anticipate the demand to drop as a result of the new variants afterward. 

However, not as much as it increases because of the hype. This is because we believe players will once again remember how good the decal actually looks. It has been left out in the cold for too long. We think this will have a positive result for the decal.