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The Best Places to Sell or Buy your Rocket League Items

The Best Places to Sell or Buy your Rocket League Items

Updated on Dec 03, 2022
The Best Places to Sell or Buy your Rocket League Items

Buying and Selling Rocket League Items is quite straight forwards. Just like with other multiplayer games, trading, selling and buying is very common.Rocket League sell and buy websites are a good way to get items that are hard to find for different reasons. Some items can be difficult to trade normally so sell and buy websites are the perfect platforms for dealing with these items.While all of these Rocket League websites use cash, some might include Credits (and formally key for crates) as a form of currency for exchanges between individual players.Credits can be bought through the game itself. When purchasing them, however, you can’t use them because there is a 3-day Trade Hold period on your account (so it's not possible to use them until that time is over).It can make it tricky to find the right website to use in terms of the most options, the best prices, and the safest platforms. We've created this list to help you with this problem so it's faster to find the best Rocket League selling and buying websites.


Lolga is a Rocket League Buy and Sell website primarily but it does include some other games too. It covers all Rocket League platforms so users can buy or sell items for whatever platform they prefer. Once the platform is selected, it's possible to filter the options further or search for a specific name. The UI is simple and navigating the website is easy so that users can add whatever they'd like to buy to their cart or buy instantly.The FAQ is easy to find and gives plenty of information regarding the website. To use this site, you'll need to send over proof of your ID and you will need to accept a telephone call from the website for information confirmation.  These measures are in place to ensure account safety and also cuts down on scammers attempting to use the website. It's also very easy to contact Support thanks to a Live Chat option, Email and also social media support due to the site having a strong online presence. Support can also be gained through Discord where it's possible to speak with a wider community too.While you can sell items to Lolga, the items they need changes according to what's selling the most at the current time. Generally, Credits are always needed so if you have extra Credits from trades or ones you don't need then it's possible to sell them to this website. In terms of payment gateways, Lolga allows for quite a few different ones including PayPal, Visa, G2A and Pay Safe. For buying items, however, there's a wide variety of items to purchase which makes it easy to find whatever you want. It's also very easy to purchase a large number of Credits for Rocket League using Lolga.


While also an item trading website, Aoeah allows for buying and selling items using real cash for the currency. The website is simple to navigate thanks to the handy games list on the website. This website covers much more than just Rocket League but it also has a great section for Rocket League Sell and Buy options. It allows users to sell items for cash or sell items for Credits which are the main in-game currency. Aoeah makes it easy to select the exact type of trade you're looking for and the filters make it simple to search by platforms and specific items too.When you're looking to sell items, Aoeah also makes it easy to select what game platform you're on and also what type of item you have for sale. It also makes it obvious how much each item will get you to give you a better idea of how much you'll get from the sale. Selling comes with two payment options being Paypal and Skrill with the sign-up process also requiring other contact means such as Discord. Buying items is also very simple here as it allows many payment methods including PayPal, Visa, Skrill, Bitcoin and more. Thankfully the website also makes it obvious what the fees are for each option.Support is easy to find here thanks to an email address and a live chat support option. Aoeah also has a telephone number for USA citizens and have social media presence also means users can contact them through those as well.


Tradeflip is a website and Android app dedicated to letting users, trade, sell and buy in-game items from several popular games. The UI is easy to navigate and very clean making it easy to find the correct area for Rocket League. It's also possible to search according to the category, rarity or for specific items using the filter to limit results to your gaming platform.This site is a trading platform where users deal directly with other players to make arrangements for trades. It works like a forum almost and is specific to items. Cash trades can take place here though it's less common. The sister site Gameflip is exclusively for cash-item exchanges.


This website covers quite a few games as well but the Rocket League section is a popular one due to there being a strong Rocket League sell and buy industry. The UI is different from Tradeflip but it's simple to navigate and use. Finding the Rocket League sell and buy area is easy and there's a lot of purchase options here. There are regular special deals which rotate so it's possible to grab an item cheaper than expected here.Individual users make up the various sellers and clicking onto an option will bring up information on that trade including any region restrictions and the delivery method. Clicking on a username will also open their profile page which includes feedback ratings, their listings, an About section and the languages they speak. This makes it easy to check each seller before you purchase from them.Selling is also easy through this website making it a good item sales platform. There are a few payout options here including Skrill and Bitcoin. For payments, users can deposit money onto Gameflip, make direct payments using different gateways including Skrill and Google Pay, Gameflip Credits and FLP which is the websites own cryptocurrency.The website has a very detailed help centre to guide uses through any issues they might have. If this doesn't help there is also a live chat and a form that can be used to ask questions through. Gameflip also has a mobile app and several social media accounts.

Rocket Prices

Rocket Prices is dedicated to the Rocket League sell and buy industry. It might look a bit busier than some others on this list but the navigation is simple thanks to a clean UI making it easy to locate what you need. Selecting the platform you need is easy however, there are some typos on this website which makes it seem a little unprofessional. This does nothing to limit the amount of buying options on this websiteItems to purchase can be filtered to find specific optics or with more general searches to find a range of options. There are also sales so prices can be reduced at different times and the website does display “hot sales” at the checkout to encourage more purchases. There's a great variety of payment options here including PayPal, Skrill and Bitcoin. Selling items also shouldn't cause any problems but do keep in mind the items they purchase from you do change according to demand and the stockpile for the website. So not all items will be accepted. To sell, users do need to contact the website through Discord or Skype to be given information about who to trade the items to and money will be paid instantly through PayPal.While Rocket Prices does have a FAQ, it's not that easy to navigate due to the lack of links leading to specific questions. For specific questions not on the FAQ, there are good support options here thanks to the 24/7 Live Chat but the site also lists an email and makes it clear how to contact them on social media including Discord.There are lots of Rocket League sell and buy websites but we've got the best ones listed above for you. When evaluating websites it's a good idea to do your checks and not to just go with a recommendation from a friend or article. Updates to the website could make information obsolete and the website might not have had the time to update the article yet. So it's always a good idea to confirm the facts are still correct and that the website is the one you want to use.When selling and buying like this, the only risk you'll face is the potential for scams. This can be avoided by checking the websites social media accounts for messages from angry scam victims and the reviews on various websites too. Always remember to use a different password than on your gaming accounts or email when signing up to these websites otherwise there is a risk of someone hacking your accounts if the data is ever compromised. This is a basic internet security tactic and it's advised you have different passwords for anything important. Password managers exist which can help you with this as well.If you're buying with cash then Credits shouldn't be an issue but keep in mind that if you have spare Credits from a recent purchase then you might not be able to sell them online yet. There's a 3-day Trade Hold period on all Credits on your account once you've purchased new ones. So ensure this won't be an issue before looking to sell or buy Rocket League items if you intend to include Credits in the process.

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