Can you get Banned for Buying, Selling or Trading Rocket League Items?

Like all popular games, Rocket League has a big trading scene between players.
Can you get Banned for Buying, Selling or Trading Rocket League Items?

The option to trade with other players in the game makes it possible for outside trading as well. Outside trading means organising the trade away from Rocket League on other platforms instead. Trading like this isn't recommended by Psyonix and the developer refuses to get involved with any trading disputes for Rocket League. Whether your trades are organised in Rocket League or outside the game, Psyonix will not get involved.

While Psyonix doesn't approve of outside trading, the developer doesn't do much to prevent or stop it from taking place. Outside trading has been made more difficult however with the addition of 2FA. The Two-Factor Authentication ( is required for players to trade with each other and both players need to have this enabled on their Epic Game accounts. Psyonix introduced this as a safety measure so it's more difficult for hackers or scammers to steal everything if they somehow get into your account. While a useful safety measure, it can make trading, buying or selling items annoying at times.

Can you get Banned for Trading Rocket League Items?

In short: Outside trading is 'banned' but it's very unlikely you will ever be banned for doing this.

Psyonix doesn't like outside trading but it's very rare they get involved. So technically, outside trading is banned according to the terms all players agree to when they start playing the game but it's unlikely you will be banned for this.
While there is an official Rocket League outside trading ban, Psyonix will not chase you if you do trading outside of the game. The few exceptions to this are when players are especially vocal about making outside trades or if they get a lot of complaints about specific websites. In the second case though Psyonix would be more likely to focus on the website or platform instead of the individual players.
Sadly, trading bots don't exist for Rocket League anymore (Insert Trading Bot article link here). The developer banned them since they technically aren't supposed to exist for Rocket League and almost all other games too. They do break the terms of service but the players who used the trading bot were not banned for using it.

Can you get Banned for Buying Rocket League Items?

In short: Buying items for real money and outside of the game is 'banned' but it's extremely unlikely you will ever be banned for it.

Buying Rocket League items for real money outside the game is common but it's not exactly in line with the terms of service. It's easy to find buyers for items in-game as many players will offer credits in exchange for items and trading like this through the game is allowed. In-game trades such as trading items for other items or credit is perfectly fine when organised through the game. Credits are a popular option for buying and selling items through Rocket League itself due to this.

Looking to buy Rocket League items (Insert How to Buy RL article link here)outside of the game can also be an easy process using credits or real money. Deciding to buy these items can be the best way to obtain specific rare items such as the Titanium White Octane car (Insert TWO article link here) which are highly desired. However, it's not something that Psyonix approves or 'allows' players to take part in.

It's technically banned but just like with outside trading, Psyonix has no desire to chase you for buying items outside of the game. You could get banned for buying Rocket League items but it's extremely unlikely the developer will ever ban you for this. Various buy and sell websites ( exist for Rocket League and if Psyonix wanted to stop them from operating, they would.

The reality is that there's only a ban risk if you're being extremely vocal about buying items. It's also possible the developer will target specific platforms if they've received a lot of complaints from players about it. If you're a content creator then it's possible someone in your community might report your account for some reason.

Can you get Banned for Selling Rocket League Items?

In short: Selling items outside of the game is banned (including for credits) but Psyonix probably won't ban you for it.

The official statement from Psyonix is that will not help with any trade disputes ( While selling in-game items for real-world money is not permitted at all, selling for credits much more of a 'grey' are in Rocket League. Selling items for cash could get you banned since this does break the terms all players agree to when playing the game for the first time and attempting to sell items personally or through third-party platforms is included. Trying to sell items for credits outside of the game is also banned since Psyonix doesn't allow any outside trading.

Selling items for credits through the game is the easiest way to legally sell your Rocket League items. Trading outside of the game might give you more credits for your item but it also gives you the option to sell them for real money too. Selling items outside the game isn't something that Psyonix approves of and this is technically banned for all other games too. Like most other developers, however, Psyonix will not chase you for selling items in the game. It is very unlikely you will get banned for selling Rocket League items.

Using buy and sell websites ( will make the experience much easier and safer for you. Sellers can also be scammed and if this happens, Psyonix will not get involved. Various selling websites have seller protections in place so it's a good idea to do some research before trying to sell anything.

How to Avoid getting Banned

These things won't necessarily get you banned but some things increase the ban risk. Posting about selling items on your social media with your Rocket League ID attached is a good way to get yourself banned. Including your Rocket League account details anywhere on social media makes it easy for Psyonix to find your account and then ban you if they want to. It's common for traders, sellers especially to have a second account they make the trades from. This helps to protect the main account if something did go wrong.
It's also a good idea to have a different email linked to any sale websites so it doesn't match the one you've attached to your Rocket League accounts or the game platform you're on. This makes it harder for the developer to link your accounts and ban your main account as well. Some players also prefer to use different payment accounts for the selling or buying websites and Rocket League or their gaming platform(s).
If you're looking to sell items then ensure you're responding to players timely. Having poor communication skills through the trade can result in complaints and some users could report you to Psyonix if they feel you're trying to scam them or have scammed them. The developer doesn't get involved with trading disputes but there's always a chance they might look to ban certain players if there's a lot of negative reports about them.

Can you get Banned for using certain websites or platforms?

It's very unlikely. The only time Psyonix might chase a website, platform or community is if they receive a lot of negative reports about it. If the developer did try to block or ban a website or platform from operating then they probably won't also try to ban the users. It would take a lot more work to try and ban all the users. This means it costs them much more time and money to track down individual player accounts making it a worthless endeavour.

There might be some cases where an exception is made and some players are banned too. This is why having a different Rocket League account for trading is a good idea.

Final Thoughts

It's difficult to get banned from Rocket League for trading, selling or buying items outside the game. Exchanges like this might not be allowed within the terms all players gave agreed to, but Psyonix has no real interest in chasing you for it. They will also not help you with any in-game trading disputes or problems either.
There's still a chance however that you could be banned since the developer can follow through with it if they wish. The reality however is that players who are trading, buying or selling outside of the game are a minor concern to the games overall health. Hackers and matchmaking abuse are much bigger concerns for Psyonix since they're more likely to damage the overall health of the game. The general rule however is that as long as you're not constantly advertising your activities, Psyonix won't be bringing down the ban hammer anytime soon.