The Rocket League Credit System explained and how to get Credits for free

The Rocket League Credit System explained and how to get Credits for free

If you’ve played Rocket League since it released in 2015 and before the introduction of the credit system, you may be familiar with a loot and reward system which used keys and crates to give players new and interesting items.Players would use real-life currency to buy keys which would open crates that were earned through completing online matches.This system was not mechanically flawed. However, it didn’t offer transparency for players to see what items they were paying for. Making the system most similar to that of a loot box system.

These systems have landed other titles in a world on controversy and have even led to the ESRB cracking down on the laws around these systems. Their similarities to gambling have forced many games to change their games, moving towards more clear and transparent reward systems.Rocket League was one of these titles, opting to move to the blueprint and credit system.Credits would become the new form of currency within the game, while crates would be changed to blueprints. Those that were in possession of keys would see their collection be converted to the fair equivalent amount of credits and vice versa with crates and blueprints.

How many credits is a key

Those that were in possession of one key would have been awarded 100 credits. Though this can rise to up to 130 per key, depending on how many you have or had in your inventory. Here is how many credits you would get per key depending on how much keys you have:

  • 1-9 Keys = 100 Credits
  • 10-19 Keys = 110 Credits
  • 20-49 Keys = 120 Credits
  • 50 or more Keys = 130 Credits

How the community reacted to this new system

Some members of the community have taken to the idea. Seeing it as a way forward from a loot box approach. However, as a whole, the community is not in love with this system. It offers almost no natural way to make credits without some kind of cash injection.You can earn some credits through the rocket pass but only on the paid version. Then you can earn credits through trading which can be hard to do without trustworthy friends.So collectively, the community still feels there is a lot of room for improvement.Recommended: how to get free in-game items in rocket league

How to get Rocket League credits for free

As mentioned, earning Rocket league credits is a tough thing to do without reaching into your wallet. Though, despite the lack of credit-earning options presented to the player, there are a few chances for players to get their hands on the in-game currency without any purchases.

Live Tournaments

Live tournaments often have a cash prize for coming out on top. These are usually hosted by Twitch streamers who host the event in the hope of bringing more views to their channel and potentially increase their following.To make players interested in playing the tournament though, they usually have to put a price on the line to entice participants to play.There is always a possibility that players will simply make empty promises to gather players. So when you win their tournament, they don’t payout. So it’s always best to check out their stream and see if their claims are legitimate. If the player is a well-established steamer with a big following, you can be pretty sure they’re good for a few credits.Players who have a few views a stream and more likely to be changing their arm to get you in for more views. If you enter the right tournaments, you count to make quite a sizable profit.


Another way to get your hands on credits is through clever business and trade deals.Players are able to use the items awarded to them for completing online games to their advantage. If these items aren’t worth keeping, then why not find someone who wants them?You can make a handful of credits in the process and use them to buy something worthwhile, or maybe unlock a blueprint you have collected.You could keep this process going indefinitely. Using negotiation skills and smart trade deals to have players trade more and more luxurious items. If you’re clever and make the right decisions, you could take a small amount of seemingly useless items and transform your inventory into a rare item empire.We aren’t saying this is easy by any means. Though, if you have an entrepreneurial brain, it’s possible and that’s why created an ultimate guide about trading profitably in Rocket League.

Participate in Giveaways

Another way to get free credits in Rocket League is through giveaways that can be done across different websites. To join one, you just need to complete some kind of task to enter such as liking a post, placing a comment to sign up, or by some other means. The best ones to join are held by small communities which can include Twitch streamers, Youtube content creators, Discord Channels and in-game communities as well. You can probably find a few to get involved with on Steam without needing to look too hard!To make things easier for you we created a list of the best RL Giveaways to join.Then, of course, you have the methods that require you to invest your real-world currency.

Use the Rocket Pass

The more reasonably priced and value for money option is the Rocket Pass. However, there is only a small selection of premium items to be earned within this. For players to reap the rewards of all the pass has to offer, they will need to invest 1000 credits, which is approximately worth $9.99.Through the paid version of the pass, not only will players be treated to a much more healthy selection of premium items, car bodies, and decals. They will also have the ability to earn credits through climbing the ranks.Usually, there are about 500 credits scattered across the 100 levels of the pass. This allows players to save money on their pass for the next season, unlock new blueprint items, or alternatively, shop on the market for premium items.

Buy Credits

This brings us onto the most obvious and costly method which is simply paying for credits outright.Most items featured on the Rocket League storefront are the cream of the crop. They are of high value and very rare items. Meaning that players will need to invest a great deal of money just to get enough credits to buy them.Unless you are very skilled or have saved a long time with the previous methods, it’s very unlikely that you will have enough to purchase these items without adding more credits to your in-game wallet.All these methods have their place and meet different preferences. Though the biggest gripe fans have is the inability to earn credits naturally. It’s certainly something that Psyonix should consider going forward if they want to keep the community happy.

How much do credits cost on Rocket League?

The price varies on how much credits you buy in total. Here is a pricing table where we also broke down the cost per 100 credits depending on how much credits you buy:[wpdatatable id=39]

What are Rocket League credits useful for?

So let’s say you get credits through your preferred method and you have a reasonable amount to work with.You may be wondering what you can use them for and what way is going to offer you the best value. Well, there are a number of ways credits can be used. Offering a variety of different benefits which will suit different types of players.

Use them for trading

The first benefits players that are avid traders within the Rocket League community. With a decent number of credits at your disposal, this offers another bargaining chip that can be used to make your trade offers more enticing. If you want an item from a player that is very rare and can’t quite meet their demands with the items you have in your inventory. With credits, you can add those to your item offer and bridge the gap in value. Allowing you to get items that would have previously been out of your grasp.

Build Blueprints

The second way that credits can be used is to build blueprints items that you have gathered through completing online matches. These items sit in your inventory and they can only be equipped through buying them with credits. Their prices will vary depending on the item type and the rarity of the blueprint.Once you have enough credits to purchase these blueprints. You simply enter your inventory, select the blueprint that you wish you build and agree to part with your credits for a new and exciting item.You can then equip this item and show it off in matches, being the envy of all your opponents. These items are also tradable so you can always get credits back for it or use it to get another item if you ever get bored of the item, so it is more of an investment than a purchase.

Use them on the Marketplace

Then lastly you have the marketplace items. You can use your credits to purchase a series of very luxurious items that can usually not be obtained elsewhere. These items are occasionally ones that have been discontinued due to being part of old DLC packs or other timed events. Meaning that missing the opportunity to purchase them means possibly missing out on them forever.The downside to this, however, is usually the extortionate pricing of these DLC’s. Most items will cost you upwards of 2000 credits. Though, if this is in your price range, you do get some sweet items. It’s a matter of preference we suppose.

Credit where credit is due

The system that Rocket League has replaced it’s keys and crates system with is admittedly, not perfect. Much of the community are still waiting for a change that will offer an outright and easy way to earn credits through rewards, whether that be online tournaments, matches, unpaid rocket pass levels or perhaps free rewards in events. Though it does deserve some credit if you’ll pardon the pun.It is more transparent than the previous system, allowing players to know exactly what they are spending their credits on, rather than offering a blind lottery as to what players will receive.It’s a step in the right direction that allows players to pick and choose what they feel is worth spending their credits on. The only issue is the difficulty to gather those credits.It is admirable that the big names in the Rocket League community often host tournaments to allow for lower-ranked players to have a shot earning credits. Plus the trading system offers another avenue for earning in-game currency. Arguably though, the accountability to offer more options should be on the developers and we hope that more improvements are being worked on for this system which is a step forward from the last one but has room for improvement.