[Solved] How to trade cross-platform in Rocket League

Cross-Platform trading was announced after the release of Rocket League in its Free-To-Play version through its official channels. Old Rocket League players are well aware of this feature. The advent of Cross-Platform has complicated things a bit, especially for new players.

After the Cross-Platform version, many users wondered if it would also be possible to trade their items with friends who played from other platforms.

The Cross-Platform feature allows the user to link their accounts across platforms. Suppose you are a PS4 player and decide to buy a computer to play Rocket League. All you have to do is to link your Rocket League account on PS4 to your Epic or Steam profile to be able to use the same decals or wheels you have on your PS4 on your PC as well.

Many players are asking whether they can trade their items regardless of which platform they come from. 

Can you trade cross-platform on Rocket League?

The answer to this question is simply no, at least for now. But inventory can be shared across platforms! 

Purchased items can only be traded on the platform where they were purchased. For example, if you craft a goal explosion from a blueprint with credits on PS4, you can only trade it on PS4. If, for example, you buy the rocket pass with credits, the credits you get back levelling up the pass can be transferred between the various platforms.

The chance to trade an item comes from which platform that item was found. Suppose a player finds a pair of wheels on PS4; those wheels will be tradable on PS4 only.

To make it easier to understand, we can divide the cross platform inventory's items into two categories:

Items Shared Across Platforms

  • All earned free drops (Common Items, Event Items)
  • Season Rewards & Titles
  • Rocket Pass Items
  • Item Shop Purchases
  • Blueprints and items built from blueprints
  • All Rocket League-branded DLC included in the Legacy Pack
  • Items purchased from the Esports Shop, Fan Rewards, and RLCS attendee items

Not Shared Items

  • Platform-Exclusive Items: e.g., Sweet Tooth, Hogsticker, Armadillo, Mario and Luigi NSR, and Samus' Gunship
  • Credits and Esports tokens balances 

The new Cross-Platform trading system certainly has some interesting features, even if it can be a bit complicated for players accustomed to the old trading system to get used to this change.

How to link an Epic Games account with Rocket League on different platforms ?

As previously mentioned, in order to recover all your In-Game Items from the various platforms, you will need to link all the different accounts to a single Epic account. Let's say you have a sky blue octane on PS4 and are about to link your account to the PC through Epic. That sky blue octane will also appear in your PC version of the game.

Let's see how to do it:

  1. Rocket League’s cross-platform progression is made possible with an Epic Games Account. Creating or Signing into an existing Epic Games Account is the first step of the process. 
  2. Launch Rocket League for the first time 
  3. Select the Sign-in button to sign in to your Epic Games Account
  4. Go to epicgames.com/activate and enter the provided code

No matter the platform you play from, you’ll need to link your main account to an Epic Games account by visiting the Epic Games account portal. 

Once logged in, you will be asked to set up a primary platform. Your primary platform will be your source of in-game progress for all of your connected platforms. 

Success! Your Primary Platform has been confirmed.

The new update has brought much exciting news; Psyonix has finally solved a problem that has long been present in rocket league. The Cross-Platform trading feature has allowed many users to use their items regardless of the platform they play on. On the other hand, the danger of being scammed is concrete. This new update has increased the numbers of accounts used to steal items from players new into trading. As an anti-fraud measure, both players who will be involved in any trade must have purchased at least 500 Credits (players who played Rocket League before the free version are exempt from this requirement). Hopefully, the future will bring new updates and new content to rocket league players to keep progressing in the game!