What is Delorean in Rocket League?

Delorean is a car model present in Rocket League. This car was released in October 2015 and a premium model that was first made available by purchasing the Back To The Future DLC.

This car model is based on the famous time-traveling machine from the Back to the Future franchise. Which in turn was based on the actual real life model which was designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom.

The design is detailed and a perfect representation of the movie model, Even within the gameplay. When Boosting, the car will show flame tracks and electrical current forming around the vehicle. Much like the iconic clock tower scene from the first instalment.

Then to compliment that, although the model doesn’t naturally hover. When you get to a certain altitude when playing matches, the wheels will rotate to face downwards and do a pulsing animation. If you’re a fan of the BTTF series, you have to love those subtle touches.

Car Statistics

The Delorean model runs off the lower framed body type, the dominous. Which means that although not the most popular of all body types, the Delorean as a close contender and offers a great deal within the competitive scene. Here is a quick guide to the dominous’ stats.

  • Length – 127.93
  • Width – 83.28
  • Height – 31.30
  • Surface area – 34529
  • 0% boosting – 2.336
  • 100% Boosting – 2.031
  • Turning average – 2.22

The Dominus body type offers a number of attributes that are very desirable for players who like playing in behind the striker or in an attacking midfield role. These attributes allow for a number of beneficial opportunities.

One is the ability to strike from long range with great force and accuracy. Plus due to the lower frame, the ability to dribble while in the air is increased significantly. However what suffers is your ability to get in the air, to dribble on the ground, and tackles are less likely to be successful due to the low hitbox. Overall, it’s a rather accessible model that probably shows why the community has taken to it massively.

What this means for competitive players is that they have a viable premium option for matches. Which can be a luxury in most cases.

Decals – Delorean

Like much of the premium grade models within Rocket League, it is not compatible with any decal designs. The reason being that the design is so impressive and specific that decals would only distract and devalue the aesthetic.

Though there is the ability to personalize the future bound vehicle with different painted variations. So you can still have your personal touch in a more subtle sense.

Fun Facts – Delorean

Due to this car being a premium vehicle, there happen to be a number of interesting facts about the model. So we thought you’d get a kick out of those too. Here is a quick list:

In the code of the game, this car is referred as “greycar”.

The date that the car was released corresponds with the date that Marty Mcfly arrives in the future in Back to the Future part 2.

Instead of the Boom animation that appears when you collide with another car, this shows the phrase “outta time” instead.

Great Scott, Marty!

Overall, this model is a wonderful way to wear your love of 80’s sci-fi on your sleeve. With a well-rendered design that is true to the source material, fans and non-fans will find aspects that they really enjoy about this one.

Then for competitive players, they will have the opportunity to use a body type that is still very popular and viable. All the while being able to use a premium model, which is not always an available option without going for a less effective body type.

Decals are a non-starter for this one but there is still the ability to use painted variables which still allows for a personal touch, even if that is slightly more subdued. This is a brilliant design, a call back to an all-time great franchise and plays excellent on the pitch. Give it a try.

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