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Diamond 3 | Rocket League Ranks | MMR & is it good?

Find out everything You need to know about the Diamond 3 rank in Rocket League (MMR & is Diamond 3 good?)

Updated on Sep 30, 2022
Diamond 3 | Rocket League Ranks | MMR & is it good?

What is Diamond III in Rocket League?

Diamond III is the highest diamond ranking placement within Rocket League located between Diamond 2 and Champion 1. This rank is the best that Diamond has to offer, with balanced players that can communicate very well in stressful situations, can excel in any area of the field, make few mistakes that are unprompted and have the ability to perform some very advanced moves depending on how much they train in between online matches. In short, this is a set of players that will provide a real challenge for anyone that aims to rise above them and make it to champ.

What is The MMR For Diamond III?

To become a Diamond III player in Rocket League your MMR needs to be approximately between 994 – 1060 MMR depending on the game mode you play in matchmaking. Below you can find the range of Diamond III players and their various MMR rankings depending on which game mode they are playing:

1V1935 - 987
2V2995 - 1061
3V3995 - 1060

Diamond III is divided into four divisions and makes up about 2.13% of all Rocket League players. 

Is Diamond III a Good rank?

Yes, Diamond III is a good rank. Including the ranks below, this makes Diamond III players rank in the top 6,61% of all ranked players. If you happen to find yourself on the verge of becoming a champ player, then you are doing a lot of things right. At this stage, aerials are second nature, more technical moves like pinches, tactical bumps and alley-oops are part of your skillset and in terms of game sense, you know exactly where you need to be and what you need to do most of the time. Most of the mistakes you make will be prompted by good play from the opposition with the exception of a few moments. So yes, Diamond is a good rank to have and is just shy of being great.

How Many Hours to Achieve Diamond III?

If you want to position yourself so that you are within touching distance of the champion ranks, you’ll need to have put a lot of hours in to get there. The top end of diamond represents players that aren’t just good players, these are players who have developed unique play styles and favoured tactics to use to their advantage. Plus, a lot of these players are adaptable and can alter their playstyle on the fly. So you’ll have to do the same and to allow for that. We reckon that a minimum of 1000-1200 hours is required.

How to Improve from Diamond III

Here are a number of things that players can do to rank up in rocket league when ranked in Diamond III:

  • Focus on being an all-rounder. Players in this rank have a tendency to specialise in one particular niche like aerial dribbles or flip resets. However, those that are competent in all areas rather than excellent at just a few will soar through the ranks faster.
  • Play workshop maps and custom training packs to learn and hone specific skills. Even fifteen minutes of training before every session will improve your skill level drastically over time.
  • Up your playtime. Only serious players make it out of Diamond ranks, so if you want to be a major player, you’ll have to dedicate at least a few hours a day to this.
  • Use your brain. Try to assess the game are anticipate rather than react. You’ll need to learn how to position yourself correctly and play more complex shots/passes to outwit your opponent.
  • Don’t let the trash talk get to you. In this rank and all those higher, the stakes are high. So players will get emotional. However, just stick to your game plan and have fun.

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