Learn everything about the Dissolver decal in Rocket League [Price, Prediction, etc...]

Everything you need to know about one of the most extraordinary black market items in Rocket League!
Learn everything about the Dissolver decal in Rocket League [Price, Prediction, etc...]

In this article we will look into the present value of the Dissolver Rocket League decal. We will discuss its current price and the reason behind that. We will also discuss its history and what we can expect from the future.

How to get the Dissolver in Rocket League?

The Dissolver is a Black Market decal and was initially possible to obtain in the Triumph series in April 2018. Since then it has always been a fan favorite.


Since then it is possible to obtain it through many series. More specifically you can obtain it in the Haunted Hallows series, Secret Santa series, Spring Fever series, Golden Gift series, RL Beach Blast series & Players Choice blueprints series 1. You can sometimes buy it in the item shop. When blueprints were crates it was available in the Triumph crate.

 You can also trade it with other players on the open market, and it is sometimes available in the Rocket League items shop. Trades can’t be made with items bought from the shop. If you are lucky a Dissolver blueprint might drop while you are playing a match. The Dissolver Rocket League decal is unfortunately not released in painted versions. This is a shame because it is one of the most popular black markets that many players want in their account. This is also why the Dissolver black market decal blueprint has been featured in so many other blueprint series after its original release.

What is the current value of Dissolver?

  • PC: 600 Rocket League credits ≈ 3$
  • PlayStation: 600 Rocket League credits ≈ 3$
  • Xbox: 1200 Rocket League credits ≈ 3$

The Dissolver decal is worth the same on all platforms. Don’t be fooled, even though it cost twice as much on Xbox, the credits are worth twice as little making them worth the same. On all platforms, the decal has lost a lot of value. However, it has been worse on PS and PC. The decal has lost around 66% of its inventory value in a few years. That has generally been the case for most black market decals in the last few years. However, on Xbox the Rocket League item has only dropped by around 50%.


The significant change for most black markets is a result of many new black markets being added. This is reducing the uniqueness and demand for each unique black market making them cheaper. One could have thought that the Dissolver decal would have done better. After all,  the Dissolver is the only very popular black market decal with no painted variants. However, Dissolver has done just as bad. This is also a result of it being added to so many blueprints series, there are simply put a lot of dissolvers!

What can we expect from the future?

The future for many black markets is not bright. Why is that, and how will the Dissolver decal change in value?


The Dissolver could be expected to do better than most black markets. This is because it is so popular among Rocket League players and doesn’t have any painted variants. This means all demand is concentrated on the unpainted Dissolver version. This means the Dissolver decal will have a lot more demand than most black markets. Therefore it will have a better chance to increase in value and is worth purchasing for your account.


We expect the Dissolver Rocket League decal to develop in the same way on all platforms, just as it has done so far. We expect the black market to stay at around 3$ on all platforms.  However, with potential for upside if it is not added to new series and the demand stays at the same level. If you are looking to invest in a black market item, Dissolver is a good bet. Looking for other Rocket League items? For alternative investments check out our top investment suggestions.

What Could drastically change the value of Dissolver?

In the end, we would like to shortly evaluate the potential for big price fluctuations. Which events could lead to such a result? 


Many older black markets have received painted variants years later, not even too long ago. An example of this is 20xx. Therefore it is possible that Psyonix is considering adding a painted Dissolver blueprint to Rocket League, which would drastically change the price of the decal. If this happens we expect the unpainted version of Dissolver to first increase in price because of the hype. Then drastically drop as a result of new Dissolver variants.