Do Tournament Credits Expire in Rocket League

Here's everything you need to know about Tournament Credits reset in Rocket League!
Do Tournament Credits Expire in Rocket League

What are Rocket league Tournaments?

The Tournaments mode is an earning-based game mode in Rocket League. It allows Rocket League players to compete in automatically scheduled 3v3 brackets, in order to earn rewards. Tournaments are scheduled daily; throughout each season. Players are awarded points that earn them a tournament rank. Players are granted Tournament Credits if they perform well in the brackets, which can be spent on Cups (the Tournament equivalent of Drops) which give players exclusive in-game items from a pool of Tournament Rewards each season.

How do tournament credits work in Rocket League?

Tournament Credit in Rocket Leagueis a currency that can be earned from participating in Psyonix-scheduled Tournaments. You'll get different amounts of tournament credit depending on your tournament rank (that you can check by the way). The higher you rank in a tournament, the more points you will earn. Each week players who finish Tournaments are granted a Weekly Reward in addition to the placement reward which is awarded for Top Placements. You can only receive 3 Weekly Rewards per week, for your highest 3 placements.

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There are eight tournament ranks in Rocket League: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Champion, Grand Champion, and Supersonic Champion. There is only one player who can get awarded the title of Supersonic Legend in a given tournament. This is more like an MVP of the tournament award. You can also get the highest level reward if you finish the tournament as a Supersonic Legend.

When do tournament credits reset in Rocket League?

Your Tournament Credits reset at the end of every season. Psyonix schedules tournaments at the beginning of each season. The prize pool is also available only for that specific season. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that your tournament credit balance will reset at the end of each season. So, try to spend your tournament credits by the end of the season.

So, if you want to grab your favorite decal from the prize pool, keep an eye out for the end date of the season as you can't carry them to the next season.

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Where can I spend tournament credits?

There's only one use of tournament credits. You can spend these credits on tournament cups. Tournament cups are pretty much similar to drops. The only difference is that tournament cups reward you with special items that are available in the specific season. You can't get items from any of the previous seasons.

There are 4 types of tournament cups: Prospect, Challenger, All-Star, and Chromatic. They cost 1200, 4000, 12000, and 20000 tournament credits respectively. The more credits you spend on a cup, the better the rewards will be. You can find details on these cups if you visit the tournament shop or ask the community.

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