Does Rocket League Finally Have A Proper Voice Chat That Actually Works

With the recent Rocket League Voice Chat update, you can finally properly communicate with your teammates in real time.
Does Rocket League Finally Have A Proper Voice Chat That Actually Works

What’s the deal with Rocket League voice chat? Does it even exist? Up until recently, if you wanted to talk to your teammates live during a game, you had to use Discord or a similar app. But with a recent update from Psyonix, voice chat is indeed built into the game, and it is allowed by default, which means all you have to do is plug, play and talk.

While updates of this nature are frequently welcomed by online communities, not everyone in the case of Rocket League is delighted with the latest version. Some community members are concerned that voice chat now makes it easier for toxicity to propagate. Fortunately, you can disable this option. Voice Chat, not the toxicity.

Voice Chat Update Reactions

Voice Chat Update By Psyonix: Great Option Or Not Worth It

Rocket League is not a game you play in solitude. In fact, even if you play 1 on 1, you still have an active human opponent on the other side, and communication is even more prominent in 2s and 3s. Think how many times you’ve wanted to tell your teammate that you’re going for the ball, or that you’re going to rotate, or go for a demo. 

Split Screen

Well with the most recent May 2022 update, communication levels previously only possible on LAN and via split screen are possible, without having to suffer half of your visibility for it.

What Is Voice Chat

The voice chat function in Rocket League allows gamers to speak and interact with other game players via the microphone on their device of choice. You should communicate with the other players in your game as it makes it more entertaining and interactive. Voice chat has been added to Rocket League to address the problem of interruptions caused by texting or chatting during games, which can upset your entire game style and attitude. 

Do I Need To Enable Voice Chat Myself

No. Voice chat option is enabled by default, which means you can expect to hear your teammates as soon as you enter a match, provided they talk of course. You might be hesitant due to the toxicity that is running rampant in Rocket League (somewhat surprisingly considering it is a tame car soccer game at its core), but in our experience, people flame significantly less in voice chat, possibly because there is less anonymity. In fact, in almost all of our games, virtually every teammate who used voice chat was actively using it as a productive communication tool to improve our gameplay. 

How Turn The Voice Chat Off In Rocket League

Yes. it absolutely can, and all you need to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Launch Rocket League: Locate the Rocket League game on your smartphone, and then open the game's application.
  2. Open the Settings menu: From the main menu, you may access the game's settings.
  3. Select the Audio/Chat tab: Scroll through the many choices. Choose the audio or chat tab.
  4. Locate the Voice Chat Enable button: In the chat/audio tab, uncheck the box next to allow voice chat.

Now you will have disabled the voice chat feature. This will prevent you from being able to hear other players, and they will also be unable to hear you. Consequently, if you change your mind and decide that you actually want to re-enable Voice Chat, you would follow the same steps, and simply check the box next to allow voice chat.

Is It Possible To Talk To Opponents

At this point, it’s not. Voice chat is only enabled in the team voice channel. There is a chance that Psyonix decides to enable this option to players as well, but as of right now, it’s not there. As things currently stand, the only way you can communicate with your opponents is either quick chat or simply typing a message to the opposing side for everyone to see. If you want to say something to the opposing team, make sure to not use team chat, but rather send a message or use a quick chat command that everyone can see.

Quick Chat Only For Opponents

Is Voice Chat Recommended

This depends on your preference. Some players prefer to play in silence without distractions, as it improves their focus and they simply play better. On the other hand, unless you’re playing 1s, there is definitely a benefit to having voice chat enabled as it allows for much faster communication with your teammates, no matter how much experience or how many hours played you have. 

Quick Chat Is Suboptimal

Rocket League is a very fast-paced game, with a single match lasting only 5 minutes, and these precious seconds saved while communicating make all the difference in the world. You are able to talk to your teammates and play the game at the same time. This is obviously impossible if you type your messages, and while this can be done via quick chat commands as well, these commands are very limited, as you can only say specific things. In addition, you have to remember each quick chat command and its shortcut, as sending a wrong message can create confusion on your team and cost you goals. 

Does Voice Chat Work Cross Platform

Yes, voice chat works cross platform too. As long as they are on your team, you can talk to other players in the match, no matter what device they’re using to play the game.

Cross Platform

To Voice Chat, Or Not To Voice Chat

We think you should definitely give it a try. It might not be to everyone’s liking, and that’s completely understandable, but the benefits are undeniable, and there is no reason to not at least try when playing with teammates, and see if it improves your gameplay. You might be surprised and find that it allows you to rank up faster than ever before. If you find that it does not and it only bothers you, you can always disable it later.