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Learn everything about the Fire God Decal in Rocket League [Price, Prediction, etc...]

Everything you need to know about the popular black market item Fire God in Rocket League!
Learn everything about the Fire God Decal in Rocket League [Price, Prediction, etc...]

In this article, we will look into the present value of the Fire God Rocket League decal. We will discuss its current price and the reason behind that. We will also discuss its historical price and what we can expect from the future.

How to get the Fire God in Rocket League?

The Fire God Rocket League decal is a black market decal and it was initially released in the salty shores update with the Impact series in May 2018. 


Since then it has been added to one other series. More specifically you can obtain it in the Haunted Hallows series, Secret Santa series, Spring Fever series, many golden series, RL Beach Blast series, Zephyr Crate & Players Choice blueprints series 1. 

You can also trade it with other players as well. 

Sometimes, it is available through the Rocket League item shop The Fire God is unfortunately not released in painted versions, which is a shame because it is one of the best black market decals. It goes well with any antenna/antennas and topper/toppers. It is also great with any wheels, boosts, and cars. On top of that, almost all colors look great with the Fire God. This makes it a great decal to play with and win games with.

What is the current value of Fire God in Rocket League?

  • PC: 400 Rocket League credits ≈ 2$
  • PlayStation: 400 Rocket League credits ≈ 2$
  • Xbox: 600 Rocket League credits ≈ 1,5$
Firegod Red

The Fire God Rocket League decal is not worth the same on all platforms. The PS & PC versions are more expensive, even though they are worth less. This is because the value of the credits on these two platforms is bigger in $. However, the pattern is the same. It has lost a lot of value during the last few years. The worst result is however on PS4 where the decal lost 75% of its value in a few years. This is not unusual. Most black market decals have lost a lot of value in the last few years. Even though the decal has performed the best on Xbox, the decals have lost around 50% of their value. The value of the PC version can be found somewhat in between the other two platforms.

Firegod Violet

‍The huge change for most black markets is a result of many new black markets being added, which reduces the uniqueness and demand for each black market. This makes each black market decal drop a lot. Since the Rocket League Fire God is not particularly special even though it looks super cool, the demand for this decal has dropped a lot too. However, no painted variants have been added to the Fire God Rocket League decal. 

Therefore it is a bit surprising that it has not managed to do better. At the same time, it has been added to a lot of series because of its popularity. This increased the supply of Fire God a lot which also contributes to the big drop.

What can we expect from the future?

The future for many black markets is not bright. Why is that, and how will the Fire God change in value?

firegod blue

Fire God is expected to perform averagely compared to other black markets. It has been doing average so far. It is common for many black markets to drop this much. We don’t expect the supply to change for Fire God. We only expect the demand to further decrease, at the same rate as it has done so far.

FIreGod Orange

We expect the Fire God to have the same value on all platforms in the future, even though it is not the case as of now. We expect Fire God to hit 1,5$ on all platforms. This means we expect it to drop on PS and PC and stay at the same level on Xbox. The Fire God has been quite volatile in the past. We anticipate platform preferences to align in the future as the demand is not as significant. 

What could drastically change the value of Fire God?

Now we would like to shortly evaluate the potential for huge price fluctuations. Which events could lead to this? 

Many older black markets have received painted variants years later, not even that long ago. An example of this is 20xx. Therefore it is possible that Psyonix is going to add painted variants of the Fire God. This would drastically change the value of the Fire God decal blueprints. 

If this happens we expect the unpainted version to increase in price because of the hype. Then we anticipate the demand to drop as a result of the new variants afterward. This will result in the Fire God dropping even further. A positive event could be if it is featured in a big Youtube Video, or another platform on the internet. Any items that are used as a primary item by famous Rocket League players deliver well for players that invested in them.

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