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The best places for Rocket League Giveaways on the Internet

The best places for Rocket League Giveaways on the Internet
The best places for Rocket League Giveaways on the Internet

Rocket League might not be that well-known when it comes to giveaways but there are plenty of ways to get things for free. There are different items you can win by signing up to giveaways and a wide variety of giveaway types too. If an item can be traded then they can be added into winner pools for giveaways.Keep in mind that giveaways that sound too good to be true are probably just that. Rocket League isn't immune to the problems seen in other game communities like CSGO. Scammers will leap at any opportunity to make some quick cash at the expense of another person. There are a few things you should be aware of to limit your risk and to stay safe when joining giveaways.

What websites to avoid

The best giveaway websites and locations are free for all but there are some in closed communities or have payment gates. We advise avoiding those with payment gates since there's a good chance that it is not a legitimate website. The users behind those websites don't usually intend to do any giveaways and are just looking to take your money. In some cases, they might do a "giveaway" where their friend or a team member wins the item(s) instead. So only sign-up for the free giveaways such as the ones we have listed below.Another important thing to remember is that fake giveaway links can pop up on different websites and platforms including Steam. Bots or malicious users will send you phishing scam links to websites where you're encouraged to log into Steam through it where they then steam your account information.

How people are Scamming other people through giveaways

These things can happen if you click on malicious links or log into scam websites through Steam:

  • They will steal your account by changing the password and email linked to it
  • Can steal any payment details attached to the account
  • Trade your valuable in-game items to other accounts
  • Will send spam links to your Steam friends
  • Use the password against other website log-ins you use including accounts linked to your Steam account
  • May even hold the account for ransom

Always do your research about a website first and don't just click links people send to you without warning. The accounts of your friends can be compromised so you can also be sent these links by friends.

Giveaways List

These are some of the best places to find legitimate Rocket League Giveaways to sign-up to and follow. Keep in mind giveaways might not be consistent but there will be new ones announced throughout the year.Rocket League Giveaways are a result of how incredibly popular the game is and how strong the overall community is for Rocket League. The game might have been an accidental monster hit but the popularity hasn't faded much over the years. Finding legitimate giveaways isn't too hard and our Giveaway List above is full of safe websites and places to join for a chance to get some sweet Rocket League items.What you need to remember, however, is that not all websites and links are legitimate. This is nothing new as it's always a bad idea to click on unknown links or log in to your other accounts. Always do your research and you'll be as safe as possible.Feel free to drop other giveaways we missed in the comments below and we will check them and then we may include them on our list.

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