The Gizmo in Rocket league is a wacky but powerful vehicle. In this guide, you can find top Gizmo designs and key infos [stats & hitbox]

What is the Gizmo in Rocket League

Gizmo is a car model within rocket league that is available to the player as one of the four options from the outset. This car takes a more comic style in its approach, looking somewhat reminiscent of an awkwardly shaped RC car. Perhaps it shouldn’t work but you can’t help but be drawn in by its light-heartedness and charm.

This car was released on the 7th of July 2015 (which you may have guessed based on it being one of the beginning car options).

Car Statistics

This car model runs off the octane hitbox stats, making it amongst one of the most popular choices, especially since it is available to players right from the outset. Here’s a rundown of those stats for you:

  • LENGTH: 118,01
  • WIDTH: 84,20
  • HEIGHT: 36,16
  • SURFACE AREA: 34,495
  • 0% BOOST SPEED: 2,323
  • 100% BOOST SPEED: 1,967

This set of stats is easily the most commonly chosen model on offer. This translates to both casual play and professional games also. The reason being that this hitbox and set of stats provides the most well rounded car on the roster.The high point of this design is the aerial control players' report with this vehicle type. Not to mention the ability to use tight dribbling techniques. Plus the model provides a high-quality shot impact that really packs a punch despite the small frame. If you’re struggling to pick a starting point, octane hitbox vehicles usually provide a great way to get your bearings.

Gizmo – Decals

Seeing that this is a starter car for a number of players, this car shares a number of common decals with other car models. Here’s a quick rundown of the common decals:

  • Flames
  • Lightning
  • Skulls
  • Stars
  • Stripe
  • Tech
  • Wings

These options completely mirror models such as the Backfire for example. However, different decals work better for different shapes of vehicles. For the Gizmo, in particular, our pick of the bunch is flames. Because of its comedic shape, flames go a long way to hamming up that style. Here it is so you can make up your own mind.Then we only have one other decal on offer for this model. This one is marked as a rare design. Here it is listed below:

  • Mean streak

This design offers an alternate style to the comic effect of the flame design. This decal offers a sleek striped design that offers a little more detail than the actual stripe design. It goes a long way to making the Gizmo be taken seriously as a fearsome option. Here’s the look right here.

Best Gizmo Designs


This design uses a yellow and black color scheme along with a hex tide decal to make the car body look scaly and reptilian. Then keeps to the yellow theme with emerald wheels painted saffron and a PowerShot boost painted the same color.

  • Decal: Hex Tide (primary color: light yellow, accent color: black)
  • Wheels: Emerald (painted saffron)
  • Boost: Powershot (painted saffron)
  • Topper: Stegosaur (painted saffron)

This design is finished off with a stegosaurus topper, showcasing the inspiration for the design of this vehicle. This one is for dinosaur lovers and fans of vibrant designs alike. So if you fit into this bracket, consider this design for your next game.

Sky Blue Mirror

This one is quite similar to the previous entry due to its use of the stegosaurus topper. However, this one uses the saisson 12 decals for a different dynamic effect and zefram infinite wheels to play well with the teal primary color. Choice.

  • Decal: Saison 12: platinum
  • Wheels: Zefram: Infinite
  • Boost: Cirrus
  • Topper: Stegosaur (painted Titanium White)

This car also uses a cirrus boost trail to play into this green-focused color scheme. These parts all culminate to give yet another design that looks like a little dinosaur you can take to your next match.

Natural Artwork

This design is a beautiful forest green color that is combined with a specter decal to give the impression that the car is full of radioactive ooze or gunge from a Japanese game show. You take your pick on what you prefer.

  • Decal: Spectre (primary color: forest green, accent color: dark grey)
  • Wheels: Chakram (painted black)
  • Boost: Ion (painted black)

The design is completed with black chakram wheels and a black ion boost trail. Keeping the color muted so that the main body of the car stands out. If you want to ride around, scoring goals in a car filled with gunge, then this design lets you live that fantasy.

An RC Car Aesthetic, A Rocket Car Performance

This octane hitbox based car model is a great example of fun meets functionality. The Gizmo within matches offers a well rounded and tightly controlled performance. Providing slick shooting, aerial control, and dribbling abilities.

This along with a fun, RC car (radio-controlled car) design and a concise yet clever decal selection make this one of the most excellent models on the roster. Plus the fact that you can select it right from the word go leaves you with no excuse to not give it a try.