Gold 3 | Rocket League Ranks | MMR & is it good? | TGG

Gold 3 | Rocket League Ranks | MMR & is it good?

Find out everything You need to know about the Gold 3 rank in Rocket League (MMR & is Gold 3 good?)
Gold 3 | Rocket League Ranks | MMR & is it good?

What is Gold III in Rocket League?

Gold III is the top of the gold ranking placements within Rocket League located between Gold 2 and Platinum 1. This ranking contains players that have mastered the basics of Rocket League and features a number of players that are able to do more advanced moves such as aerials and wall shots on a semi consistent basis. Players will make occasional mistakes here and there is still a lack of consistency in terms of overall performance. However, this is where you begin to see players carve out a personal playstyle and players will need to carve out their own to fit in.

What is The MMR For Gold III?

To become a Gold III player in Rocket League your MMR needs to be approximately between 590-645 MMR depending on the game mode you play in matchmaking. Below you can find the range of Gold III players and their various MMR rankings depending on which game mode they are playing:

1V1575 - 634
2V2595 - 645
3V3595 - 644

Gold 3 is divided into four divisions and makes up about 9.62% of all Rocket League players.

Is Gold III a Good rank?

We would say that gold III in our books, is the average player's rank. Including the ranks below, this makes Silver I players rank in the top 62,50% of all players. Here, you will find the most naturally talented rookies, experienced players who simply can’t crack platinum and Yo-yo players that jump between platinum and gold. These players represent decent players that we wouldn’t exactly call good, but are much better than the bad players ranked below them. In short, if you rank in gold III, you are an average player. However, it’s up to you to decide if this is enough for you, as the dedication needed to climb higher is immense, as it gets much steeper from here.

How Many Hours to Achieve Gold III?

Gold III is where players begin to earn their RL ranking rather than simply be thrown into a vague batch of players that don’t really know what they are doing. To achieve gold one, you’ll need to have the basics mastered, some advanced tricks up your sleeve and you’ll need to know how to play the game mode of choice in a tactical fashion. So we reckon anywhere between 50-80 hours will warrant a spot in gold III.

How to Improve from Gold III

Here are a number of things that players can do to rank up in Rocket League and improve their game when ranked in Gold II:

  • Rotation is key. This is when rotation will make the difference between hitting Platinum and staying in gold. Try to be in the right place at the right time
  • Don’t be scared to aerial. This is the rank where players will attempt to dominate in the air, so be there first and dictate the play.
  • Read the direction of the ball. Don’t chase it and don’t fly in trying to hit shots that won't end in a goal. Take a step back and bide your time.
  • Watch your replays, this is a good time to start analysing your errors and understanding how to approach the same situation if it arises again.
  • Pick the body type that works best for you, these small changes could unlock your Potential.
  • Be sure to utilize training and workshops to practice intermediate moves.
  • Play all game modes to get a better understanding of the game.

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