Grand Champion 1 | Rocket League Ranks | MMR & is it good?

Find out everything You need to know about the Grand Champion 1 rank in Rocket League (MMR & is Grand Champion 1 good?)

Updated on Aug 21, 2023
Grand Champion 1 | Rocket League Ranks | MMR & is it good?

What is Grand Champion I in Rocket League?

Grand Champion I is the first of the three Grand Champion ranking placements within Rocket League located between Champion 3 and Grand Champion 2. This is in our opinion, where elite level Rocket league begins. The players that occupy this space are individuals that have the game on lock. They have completely mastered the mechanics of the game, have excellent game sense, can perform amazing feats if given the opportunity and also have the ability to defend, attack and be a playmaker at the highest level. There are definitely players that are more skilled in the ranks above but GC is where the margins separating players become very thin.

What is The MMR For Grand Champion I?

To become a Grand Champion I player in Rocket League your MMR needs to be approximately between 1439-1559 MMR depending on the game mode you play in matchmaking. Below you can find the range of Champion III players and their various MMR rankings depending on which game mode they are playing:

1166 - 1225
1435 - 1558
1435 - 1559

Grand Champion I is divided into four divisions and makes up about 0.26% of all Rocket League players. Including the ranks below, this makes Grand Champion I players rank in the top 0,26% of all ranked players.


Is Grand Champion I a Good rank?

Grand Champion I is the first elite-level rank one can acquire in Rocket League. Players within this rank are part of the 1% and play with a certain level of flair and confidence that players below this rank can’t match or even fathom. Players of this calibre could play against two or even three average players and still perhaps come out on top. So in short, yes this rank is a good rank and if you ever get to this level, then we commend you for your efforts.


How Many Hours to Achieve Grand Champion I?

To break into the ranks reserved for grand champions, you will unsurprisingly need to have donated a huge chunk of your free time to Rocket League. This rank is elite level gamers exclusively and you will need to have complete mastery of all the mechanics, tactical approaches and communicative skills needed for this title to break into this small collective of players. So for this reason, you will need to have donated an absolute minimum of 2000-2500 hours of your time to this game.

How to Improve from Grand Champion I

Here are tips on how to rank up in Rocket League when ranked in Grand Champion I:

  • Games at this level become games of very speedy chess. Not only must you be mechanically perfect. You need to read the game and know how to outsmart your opponent, so have a strategy before the game even begins and adapt as needed.
  • Only play with players that you truly trust. You need to commit to your strategies and trust that your team will be in place to commit that plan to action and vice versa. So pick your team carefully.
  • While this sounds harsh, you cannot make mistakes anymore as you will be punished almost every time. So understand how to play every role and when put into tricky positions, understand how to play your way out of them without causing detriment to your side.
  • You need to flawlessly rotate. The pace of the game at this level is blistering. So you need to communicate and know where you need to be at all times. Being reactive rather than proactive will result in a heavy loss almost every time.
  • Take risks and be creative. At this level, if you are being conservative and not thinking of new ways to destroy your opposition, you might as well give them the win before you start.

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