Highest level in Rocket League

On double XP weekends you feel like you level up very quickly and you may ask yourself how long it will take you to get to the highest level in Rocket league? Well, it might take you some time, because the people with the highest level in Rocket League is an exclusive circle.

Difference between Levels and Ranks

The Level reveals how much someone plays Rocket League while the RL rank is focused on skill. Of course, there is a correlation between those two: it takes a long time to reach a high level so it can certainly reflect someone’s experience level.

What’s the highest level in Rocket League?

The short answer is: there is no limit to the number of levels you can obtain. Indeed it goes forever but the last level that means something is LVL 1000 where you are honored with the Rocket Demigod title. There aren’t a lot of players with this title in Rocket League.

Since the exact level of all the players isn’t available publicly, there is no leaderboard of the highest leveled players.

The highest leveled rocket league player we found was lvl 3700 and he was one of the firsts to achieve level 1000. So we assume that the highest leveled player is at around 5000.

How much time does it take to achieve Level 1000 in Rocket League

It depends, some pros don’t have such a high level because they are not focussing on it. It’s possible to achieve LVL 1000 in approximately 1500 hours if you constantly grind on the weekly challenges and play a lot during double XP weekends. 3040+ hours is a more realistic timeframe.

What rewards do you get at level 1000?

When you finally reach level 1000 in Rocket League you will receive the title Rocket Demigod. There is no other special reward beyond level 1000.