Rocket League Hitboxes explained

In rocket league, you may think that no matter what car you choose, it won’t really affect your game too much on the field. However, the fact of the matter is that your choice of vehicle can really alter your playstyle, your effectiveness in different scenarios and your level of success in matches. In a game like Rocket league with such small margins for error and fast placed, frantic gameplay, you can’t afford to put yourself at a disadvantage. So it’s important to educate yourself on car body types and hitboxes for each car in Rocket League.

What is a Body Type in Rocket League?

Firstly, you will need to understand what a car body type is. These are essentially a range of preset stats that are applied to a certain category of car. These body types come in five varieties which are the Dominus, plank, octane, hybrid and breakout body types. Each body type has its own set of stats that make them better in certain scenarios than others. For example, the octane has a higher roof and will, therefore, win more kickoffs than a lot of other body types. Whereas the Dominus has a much lower and flatter shape meaning that it will lose most 50/50 challenges. However, this shape makes it much better at air dribbling and flicks than other cars.

In short, each body type has its own positives and negatives. In terms of how popular each body type is within the community, the octane is widely regarded as the best body type to play with, with the dominus body type still seeing some use within the pro circuit as well. While this is the case, it really depends on your playstyle whether you will gel with a certain body type, so it is best to try them all before settling down and mastering one.

These presets give you a general idea of what to expect in terms of performance from each car. However, not all cars with the same body type will perform identically. There are small details that will affect how these cars perform in contrast to other cars with the same body type and this relates to their respective hitboxes.

What is a Hitbox in Rocket League?

A hitbox is essentially a collision box that is set up around your car of choice that will dictate when you make impact with the ball, ground, wall, ceiling and other cars when playing matches. While body types give a general scope of how a cars hitbox will look, each car has its own unique hitbox that will depend on the shape of the vehicle in question. For example, the Batmobile car still gets the occasional use within the competitive community due to it’s excessively long and flat hitbox making it incredibly good at flicks.

For this reason, it is worth perusing the options at your disposal and making sure that the car you choose is best suited to your playstyle. So here is a rundown of the cars available within rocket league and their respective hitboxes.

Batmobile 2016

As mentioned, this hitbox is low to the ground, flat and long, making it brilliant at air dribbling and flicks. However, this also makes this one pretty poor at kickoffs and 50/50’s so be mindful of that.

’70 Dodge Charger R/T

This hitbox is a typical dominus style shape. The wide and flat shape allows for precision dribbling in the air or on the ground. However, it won’t be winning too many 50/50 challenges due to the low roof.

’99 Nissan Skyline GTR R34

The Skyline has a more compact hitbox than those listed above. It still has a quite low and flat hitbox but sacrificing some of that length for a higher roof. Overall, it’s a blend of the best parts of a dominus and octane hitbox.


The jet plane inspired vehicle unsurprisingly has a very low to the ground and sleek frame. It’s perfect for winning aerial duels and dribbling when airborne.

Animus GP

This car uses the quintessential breakout shape which makes this car great for dribbling and also packs a punch with that notorious power shot that breakout vehicles are known for.


Now we have the rugged-looking Backfire. This one has a chunky hitbox making it decent at winning tackles, tending goal and has a pretty powerful shot too.

Bone shaker

Speaking of rugged cars, the boneshaker also has a chunky frame. So in this vehicle tacking, demolishing and shooting are its strong suits. However, aerial dribbling will be a challenge in this vehicle.


The breakout unsurprisingly has exactly the same hitbox as the preset body type. So expect a powerful long shot and decent aerial dribbling qualities.

Breakout Type-S

This version of the breakout also sticks to the preset stats. So once again, big impact shots and good aerial dribbling.

Centio V17

The Centio V17 uses a very flat and wide hit box, meaning that it’s super at dribbling with added control and has a decent rolling side shot that can generate a lot of power.


The Back To The Future inspired car uses a chunky hitbox to win challenges, be great at dribbling along the ground and also great at tending goal.

Dominus GT

This one runs the same stats as the Dominous preset. You’ll get a car that’s brilliant in the air, can control the ball with ease but also a car that struggles to win tackles or juke the ball around players.


Same as what you just read above. It thrives in the air but is much less effective on the ground and engaging in tackles.


The endo has enough bulk to win challenges, be a reasonable keeper, dribble on the ground and in the air and also hit a decent shot. It’s an all-rounder but doesn’t really excel at anything.


The esper has a hit box that is capable in most scenarios. It’s a medium height, width and length meaning that it can compete on the ground, in the air and in 50/50’s. However, you’ll only get mixed results at best.


Now one of the original vehicles, the Gizmo. This one has a more narrow but high frame meaning it’s best used on the ground as an enforcer, to beat defenders or can make a decent goalkeeper too.


Next up is the grog. This vehicle is the definition of a bulky enforcer with a narrow but high frame capable of smashing any incoming vehicle to smithereens.


Now we have the hotshot. This car is brilliant at aerial dribbling, freestyling and flicks due to its low, long frame. However, when on the ground and challenging for the ball, you’ll be at a disadvantage.

Ice Charger

Another car that takes notes from the dominus preset stats. It’s an ideal hit box for those more comfortable when propelling themselves through the air rather than staying with their wheels on the ground.

Imperator DT5

The imperator DT5 makes winning balls in the air a breeze thanks to its long frame. Not to mention it’s ability to flick the ball very competently.

Jager 619 RTS

The Jager 619 RTS is a jack of all trades. It can win some tackles, dribble competently in the air and on the ground, it can hit a decent shot and it can play in goal. The only issue is that there is always a car that can do one of these things better than you.


Now we have the Mantis. This car has an extremely low and flat hitbox which makes this one amazing at aerial dribbles and rolling side shots. However, it’s poor when engaging the ball when on the ground.


Next up is the Maurader. This is a classic case of an enforcer vehicle. It’s very capable on the ground, fantastic at demolitions and can tend goal pretty competently. However, there are many cars that are more competent when airborne.


Now we have the merc. This car has quite easily one of the biggest hit boxes in the game. Making this one the perfect fit for new players struggling to make an impact with the ball. It’s also good at tending goal and dealing out demolitions.


Now we have the granddaddy of them all, the octane. This car is the most popular of all the cars available and it’s down to its versatility. It’s got incredible ground dribbling skills, a fast turning radius, works great in tackles and isn’t too bad in the air either. Overall, it’s the ideal vehicle.

Octane ZSR

This one runs the same stats as the octane. It’s great at tackling, good on the air and on the ground and unrivalled at beating defenders on the floor.


Next up is the Paladin. This car uses a wide and flat hit box to make itself a great asset in the air and when hitting side rolling shots. It won’t win many tackles or kick offs but in the right hands, it’s not a bad car at all.


Next is the Proteus. This car runs a hit box that is nice and chunky, making it a decent car for beginners, enforcers and those who like to play passes from midfield.


Now we have the Ripper. This dangerous looking vehicle uses a long, flat frame, making it decent in solos, in the air when dribbling and it isn’t too bad at freestyling either.

Road Hogg

This one is the demolition expert thanks to its huge hit box. It’s perfect for beginners, those who are no-nonsense defenders and those who fancy themselves as a midfield general. It’s not all that impressive in the air but that’s no surprise.

Road Hogg XL

What about the Road Hogg but even bigger and bulkier. This thing packs a punch with it’s huge frame. It can deliver impressive long shots, demolish anything in it’s path and makes a great starter car for new players.


Now we have the ultimate troll vehicle, the scarab. This one uses a hit box very similar to the octane. So you’ll be able to ground dribble with precision and win tackles most of the time in this vehicle.


Now we have the Takumi. This vehicle has a slightly more chunky frame than the octane, making it somewhere between an enforcer and an all-rounder. It’s good for tackling, ground dribbles, aerial battles and makes an excellent goalkeeper.

Takumi RXT

Pretty much the same as above. This car is an all-rounder with its strong points being goalkeeping, ground dribbles and shooting from long range.


Next, we have the Triton. This one has a chunky frame with a shape that bulks out at the rear end. This makes this car good at flip shots and reverse goals. It’s a pretty niche skill but you never know when it will come in handy.

Twin Mill III

This car uses a wide and flat hitbox to give the player a great deal of control in the air and when hitting side rolling shots. However, you will struggle to win tackles and kick offs in this vehicle.


The venom is the ultimate car for those stuck between Dominus and octane. This car offers the best of both worlds, allow you to compete on the ground, in the air and in tackles. Just bear in mind that there will usually be a car on the field with an advantage over you.


Here we have the Vulcan. This car uses a hitbox that’s like an octane but a little longer, meaning you can occasionally pull off a flick or two in the one and it’s slightly better an aerial dribbles.


Probably the least popular of all the common car types on the roster. The hitbox accommodates both the octane and dominus players style and can compete in most areas of the field. Just not with the same capabilities as the other cars mentioned.

X-Devil MK2

Same as above, a car that can compete in all areas of the field with decent ground and air dribbling and tackling skills but will be outclassed by more specifically tailored vehicles.


Then lastly we have the Zippy. This one runs a hitbox quite like the octane but with a lower and longer frame. Making this one able to compete better in the air at the cost of tackling and ground dribbling capabilities.

What Hitboxes do Cars Use In Rocket League?

While each of the cars we listed above to technically all have their own individual hitboxes with their own little tweaks and quirks. They will all stay within the parameters of the five main car body archetypes. We have taken the time to list each car with its respective car body archetype so you can get an idea of what the car you intend to use will play like. Here is the list below:

Breakout Hitbox

  • Animus GP
  • Breakout
  • Breakout Type S
  • Cyclone
  • Komodo
  • Samurai

Dominus Hitbox

  • ’70 Dodge Charger R/T
  • ‘89 Batmobile
  • Aftershock
  • Chikara/Chikara G1/Chikara GXT
  • DeLorean
  • Diestro
  • Dominus
  • Dominus GT
  • Ecto-1 (Ghostbusters)
  • Gazella GT (Hot Wheels)
  • Guardian/Guardian G1/Guardian GXT
  • Hotshot
  • Ice Charger
  • Imperator DT5
  • K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider)
  • Masamune
  • Maverick/Maverick G1/Maverick GXT
  • McLaren 570S
  • MR11 (Hot Wheels)
  • Nemesis
  • Peregrine TT
  • Ripper
  • Ronin/Ronin G1/Ronin GXT
  • Werewolf
  • Hybrid Hitbox
  • Endo
  • Esper
  • Jäger 618 RS
  • Nimbus
  • 99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
  • Venom
  • X-Devil
  • X-Devil MK2

Octane Hitbox

  • Backfire
  • Bone Shaker
  • Fast 4WD (Hot Wheels)
  • Fennec
  • Gizmo
  • Grog
  • Jurassic Jeep Wrangler
  • Marauder
  • Merc
  • Mudcat/Mudcat G1/Mudcat GXT
  • Octane
  • Octane ZSR
  • Proteus
  • Road Hog
  • Road Hog XL
  • Scarab
  • Takumi
  • Takumi RX-T
  • Triton
  • The Dark
  • Knight Rises Tumbler
  • Twinzer
  • Vulcan
  • Zippy

Plank Hitbox

  • ‘16 Batmobile
  • Artemis/Artemis G1/Artemis GXT
  • Centio
  • Mantis
  • Paladin
  • Sentinel
  • Twin Mill III

Think outside the box

Picking the right car may not be super important at the beginning of your Rocket League journey. However, when you begin trying your luck in the higher ranks and playing with the best of the best, the littlest margins can be the difference between winning and losing. So be sure to try out every car that catches your eye and master its finer details so that you can dominate the field and make your way to the rank of grand champion!

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