What is hotshot in Rocket League?

Hotshot is a car model present in Rocket League. Released in July 2015, the hotshot has a very interesting shape and design. With a dome shaped drivers area and aggressive details in the grill and spoiler. This design gives an overall feel of a sort of anti hero feel. It wouldn’t be too out of place seeing The Punisher or Batman driving around in this one.

Car Statistics and Hitbox

The hotshot model takes the statistics from the dominus body type. Making it one of the more specialist models that will be useful for select players rather than the holistic player base. Here’s a stat analysis:

  • Length – 127,93
  • Width – 83,28
  • Height – 31,30
  • Surface area – 34.529
  • 0% boosting – 2,336
  • 100% Boosting – 2,031
  • Turning average – 2,22

This body type is usually the closest competition to the octane in terms of popularity and in comparison offers a number of varied benefits. One being a very powerful shot impact and better aiming of said shots is possible. The car is hard to get in the air but when it’s up is great for aerial dribbles. Plus redirects are much easier with the dominus body type.

In general, this car is perfect for an attacking minded midfielder or shadow striker type of playstyle. Though using this vehicle in a defensive setting will often show it’s weaknesses. So if this is the way you play then you should consider the hotshot for your next match up.

Hotshot – Decals

The hotshot decals offer a few unique features alongside the typical common options. Though as different cars offer different aesthetics, the decals often change from vehicle to vehicle because of it. So here is a list of the common options for the hotshot.

  • Flames
  • Lightning
  • Stripe
  • Stars
  • Skulls
  • Tech
  • Wings

Although these are the default decals for most models. The feel for each really adapts depending on the model in question. For the hotshot, our standout has to be skulls. Like we mentioned, the car’s shape and details offer an aesthetic that wouldn’t feel out of place in the Punisher franchise. One that happens to be synonymous with skull designs. So it has to be shown below.

Next up we have the rare decals, here is a list of the options:

  • High tech

With only one option at our disposal, high tech is our winner by default. Despite this, it is a wonderful design. It’s sharp visuals, clean cuts and intricate details make for a great step up from the group of common decals. Here is the high tech decal right here.

Then lastly, we have the premium grade decals. Here is a list of those:

  • Green Arrow

Perhaps based on the DC hero, the green arrow. This design plays host to a slick and well-rendered arrowhead design. It’s an excellent design to paste on your vehicle if you want to symbolize your speed and accuracy on the pitch. Here’s the classy design below:

Bring The Heat with Hotshot

The hotshot is a brilliant model for beginners and professionally experienced players alike. With a wicked shot impact, great aiming abilities and aerial dribbling are ideal in this vehicle.

This along with an aggressive, anti-hero aesthetic, and brilliant decal options also makes this a stylish as well as functional for your next match up. So if you want to turn up the heat on the competition, hotshot is the way to go.

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