How Many Tiers Does The Rocket Pass Have In Rocket League?

Find out how many tiers the free and the premium battle pass have.
How Many Tiers Does The Rocket Pass Have In Rocket League?

How do the Rocket Pass Tiers work

The Rocket Pass is a progression system limited to a certain period of time (called a season), with which you can unlock new content in Rocket League. The Battle Pass is always available for as long as the season lasts in the game. Each new season corresponds to a special theme. It's also worth mentioning that the Rocket Pass doesn't replace the previous XP system, but runs parallel to it.

How Many Tiers Does The Rocket Pass Have

The Rocket Pass has a total of 100 tiers. In the premium version, you get a reward for each tier you achieve. In the free version, rewards are much rarer. You can earn 900 credits during one season with the rocket pass

What are Pro Tiers?

Anything past Tier 70 is called a “Pro Tier” and reaching these will still reward you. There are no new rewards here but you will be rewarded with a painted and/or certified version of a previous Rocket Pass reward instead (related: the rocket league rarity chart explained). These rewards are given out from Tier 71 and on.

Pro Tiers purchase eligibility will depend on a player’s Rocket Pass Tier at the time of purchase

  • Players at Tiers 1 – 40 can purchase any Tier bundle
  • Players at Tiers 41 – 58 can purchase up to 12 Tiers
  • Players at Tiers 59 – 64 can purchase up to 6 Tiers
  • Players at Tiers 65 – 69 can purchase one Tier at a time
  • Players at Tiers 70 or above can still unlock Pro Tiers via progression

Not all of the Rocket Pass rewards from that season will be eligible for the Pro Tiers. The eligible items can change every season but there are no duplicate rewards here. Only once you've obtained the full sets of each Paint Color and Certification available in the Rocket Pass will you see duplicate rewards. All of these rewards can also be traded with other players.

The Free Rocket Pass will give you access to the Pro Tiers as well. You don't need the Premium Rocket Pass to reach the Pro Tiers but keep in mind you won’t get Pro Tier items unless you buy the premium Rocket Pass.

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You can Buy Rocket Pass Tiers

Unlike RL ranks, buying tiers is also an option. They can be bought as singles or in a bundle of up to 30. You can buy tiers at any Rocket Pass level but keep in mind that any items you get under RP level 70 can not be traded.