How to Buy Rocket League Items Without Getting Banned

Here are the only 3 methods You should use to buy Rocket League items!
How to Buy Rocket League Items Without Getting Banned

There are three main ways to buy Rocket League items. Buying an item can mean using Rocket League credits or using real money. Each option has its positives and negatives. 

#1 Buy Rocket League Items from the Item Shop

The most obvious way to get items in Rocket League is by using the in-game Item Shop. Not all items in the game can be found here but checking this store is still a good idea. It has some featured items and daily rotation and once that timer ends, new ones enter the shop to replace them. Keep in mind however that in-game-shop items can’t be traded or sold afterward.

If you’d rather follow along here are some simple steps to buying from the item store:

  1. Log into rocket league on whatever platform you have the game on.
  2. To the left of the screen there should be a menu. Just under the top “Play” choice you will see “Item Shop”. Select this option.
  3. Once you’re ready to purchase one of the items, click the item to see a preview of the item. In the middle-top left-hand corner of your screen, it will say “Purchase”. 
  4. If you have the credits and would like to purchase the item you can click “Yes” and the item will be added to your inventory. (This item will be untradable once purchased from the shop)

#2 Use Third Party Websites to Buy Rocket League Items

This option sounds riskier than it really is. Using a third-party website is usually a quick and easy way to buy Rocket League items. Using one of these websites means you're buying the item from the marketplace that buys the items in bulk or sometimes from another player with credits or real money. However, the sale prices are usually a little over the normal market prices of Discord or Reddit since these websites take a fee from all sales made.

There are two types of trading websites for Rocket League items but one of them isn't a true trading website (if we don’t count Rocket League Trading Bot sites). Marketplaces such as RL.Exchange don't usually let you buy directly from other players. 

When buying Rocket League items from these websites, you'll need to include your EPIC ID during the purchase so the item can be sent to you.

Buying from a Rocket League buy and sell website is a fast way to get the items you want in Rocket League. 

All Rocket League sell and buy websites have some kind of buyer protection in place to help if the sale doesn't go as planned. This also means the risk of being scammed is minimal so you can buy Rocket League items in peace.

Here are some simple steps to buying items off of a website:

  1. Pull up your web browser and go to one of the websites above.
  2. Click on the Rocket League portion of the website (if applicable).
  3. Click on buy rocket league items (for
  4. Make sure to select the correct platform you play on that you would like the items on.
  5. Select what items you want to purchase. (keep in mind hard to find items may take longer to deliver)
  6. Proceed to the cart.
  7. Make sure to enter all your information correctly INCLUDING your gamer tag for the correct platform (if they ask for your account name it's generally your epic ID name).
  8. Make sure you're logged in and follow the instructions you get after submitting payment. (Normally wait for a friend request from one of the employees that distribute the items)

Keep in mind sometimes they will deliver a partial order while they look for one of the items you ordered that they didn’t have in stock at the time of your order. RL.Exchange has pretty good customer service so if you have any questions feel free to contact them at any time.

Interested of what are the best websites to trade Rocket League items: we researched and tested the best places to buy and sell your Rocket League items.

#3 Buy Rocket League Items from Online Trading Communities

Deciding to buy Rocket League items from an online trading community can take a little longer to complete. When looking to buy Rocket League items from communities, the most popular locations include Reddit, Discord and Steam but you can buy them from Ebay and fan forums too.

If you're looking to buy Rocket League items, it's worth keeping in mind that many of these platforms don't allow users to buy or sell items for real money. A small number allow real money exchanges but almost all of them allow you to buy Rocket League items for credits instead. Credits are a very popular currency for selling or buying items. In the end, it’s relatively easy to exchange credits for real money.

Using or rl-trades can help find the right items. People use those websites as platforms to sell their Rocket League items. They usually list the items they have and what they're looking to get in exchange for making it easy to buy Rocket League items.

Need help with trading? Read our ultimate rocket league trading guide.

What is Community Reputation?

Reputation systems are popular for trading communities to help keep the community safe from scammers. Buyers should always be a bit more cautious with users that don't have any reviews. It's common for scammers to open new accounts and close them after making a trade to avoid repercussions.

The most trustworthy sellers will have hundreds or thousands of completed trades with positive reviews for most of them. There's no need to rush to pick a seller so take the time to scope the community out first.

What's a 'Middleman'?

Some communities may recommend using a 'middleman' for sales and trades.  We have a dedicated guide about the requirements and things to look for in a Middleman in Rocket League. In short: a middleman is a third-party person who will hold the item(s) until the exchange has been completed. If this is a trade for real money and you're too slow sending it, the item is returned to the seller instead and the trade is cancelled. They are usually used for transactions of high-valued RL items. It works the same with Rocket League credits too. Not all communities advocate the use of a middleman but some of the more popular Rocket League trading subreddits on Reddit will recommend them.

Can you get Banned from Buying Rocket League items?

While technically not allowed, Psyonix does not chase after outside traders. This means if you don't advertise buying or selling items, you should be fine. Handing out a ban is well within the rights of Psyonix since outside trading the game is not allowed.

In short, you could be banned for this but it's very unlikely. More information can be found here.

We have a precise analysis of trade bans in Rocket League.

Trying to buy Rocket League items is a very straight forwards event. It's a good idea to go through the in-game Item Store first just to check if the item(s) you want are for sale there and have the attributes you're looking for attached to them too. However, the official store is very limited and doesn't usually have the exact item you're looking to get. Looking to buy Rocket League items elsewhere is a fantastic way to ensure you get the item you want.


Is the Steam Marketplace and Steam Discussions good places to Buy Rocket League Items?

If you're looking for Rocket League items, it's unlikely you'll find them for sale on the Steam Marketplace. The Steam Rocket League Discussions is a great place to find and buy Rocket League items though. It has an active trading community section where other players are looking to exchange their unwanted items for credits.

Can I buy Rocket League Items from PlayStation or Xbox Discussions Boards?

Popular forums for specific platforms such as Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will probably have a Rocket League section on them where players can leave item requests. Your favourite forums for your platform will most likely already have a Rocket League item trading section.

Can Psyonic help me if I get scammed?

Psyonix does not get involved with trading disputes of any kind. They have various articles on their support website stating they will never get involved with trading disputes even in the case of a scam. This is for both outside trading and trading inside the game as well.

So, no. Psyonix will not help you if you get scammed. Depending on the trading platform you used, there might be help available there. Many buy and sell websites will offer buyer protections and using a middleman in trading communities can help to reduce the scam risk.